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. Re: The state of C64 support

Firehawke, Haze I've been looking at this closer, and I'm concluding it'll be both easier and harder than I was initially thinking. On the easier si ...
EmuChat Rygar9 12/04/19 02:08 AM
. Re: The state of C64 support

I agree, and C64/C128 is probably one of the hardest platforms to tackle. Second only to PC. Gamebase64 has more than 25,000 known distinct games, i ...
EmuChat Rygar9 11/29/19 03:35 AM
. The state of C64 support

I'm curious about the state and direction of Commodore 64 support in MAME. I was looking over the files and noticed that there's only around 900 file ...
EmuChat Rygar9 11/27/19 11:36 PM
. Re: Darius 3 screens version and LFO channel !

I wouldn't phrase it as "Nothing more". It's called a transducer, it's a technology used in home theaters (Buttshaker, Buttkicker), some mo ...
EmuChat Rygar9 09/18/19 02:14 AM
. Re: [LASERDISC] What CPU is this? what machine language instruction set does it use?

I can't help with your question, but I do want to thank you for your efforts! I'm a big fan of the laser disc era and I'm really glad to hear the dis ...
EmuChat Rygar9 07/04/19 07:43 AM
. Re: HLSL changes by anikom15

Not half as absurd as thinking that you're entitled to play tens of thousands of games and that the developers have to cater to you. Retroarch brough ...
EmuChat Rygar9 05/08/19 01:56 AM
. Re: VICE emulator updated to 3.2

You really should take some time to check it out. While many of the titles on it are available on other platforms, in almost every case the C64 versi ...
EmuChat Rygar9 08/25/18 07:05 PM
. Re: 2017 is almost over what do you expect in 2018

I'm still holding out hope that laserdiscs get settled and working. I fear we're dangerously close to the point where they disappear forever.
EmuChat Rygar9 12/24/17 12:43 AM
. Re: Updated yet again, another $200 in pledges! *nt*

Hey Moogly, I couldn't really post last night when I PM'd you since I was using my phone, but I wanted to say- Thank you for putting this together. ...
News Rygar9 12/24/17 12:38 AM
. Re: can mame emulate 4 ways joystick ?

You really can't, not in a very satisfying way. The problem is this: Your 8-way has Left, Left and Up, & Up. The game doesn't recognize Left an ...
EmuChat Rygar9 10/07/17 12:36 AM
. Re: Question about ALG driver status

> > OK, let me pose this question in relation to the above: does this mean that MAME > > should also emulate the laserdisc players in thei ...
EmuChat Rygar9 07/20/17 12:21 AM
. Re: Question about ALG driver status

> IMHO here lies a problem. Nearly all capture cards, where not designed to capture the > "whole" frame. Even in the Firefox thread, y ...
EmuChat Rygar9 07/18/17 01:57 AM
. Re: Laser disc limbo

> > There is currently no way to > > dump its laser disc for mame as mame is in laser disc limbo. > > I detect no small bit of snar ...
News Rygar9 07/12/17 01:01 AM
. Re: DU: So many MCUs I don't know what to do's (updated with better categories and new game)

I too would like to offer my thanks and appreciation for this!
News Rygar9 06/21/17 04:23 AM
. Re: February is MAME's 20th anniversary month

I still remember when I discovered MAME. I was always the guy everyone went to for computer advice. Was at a friends house in the mid-90's and he ha ...
News Rygar9 02/05/17 09:45 AM
. Re: Emulation-related sources now up on GitHub

Is that the Laserdisc capture software that was going to be the archiving software for MAME? I'm very curious about how that was done and I would enj ...
News Rygar9 02/06/15 01:23 AM
. Re: Galaxian3 : Emulation? Who can help? Who can I help?

I think there's interest, I just think there are many facets to this topic. First, Digital Leisure is still selling the two most popular laserdisc ...
EmuChat Rygar9 11/04/14 01:11 AM
. Re: Guided Missile

Thank you! I never realized it was there, I never go directly to the news board, my interactions with it are just going to some specific thread li ...
MAME Artwork: Official Rygar9 08/21/14 12:17 AM
. Re: Guided Missile

I think some of that may be because it has become a lot harder to know how to donate to the project. I used to donate as often as I could (And almost ...
MAME Artwork: Official Rygar9 08/20/14 04:42 AM
. Arcade era memorabilia

Hi all, I just started down the road of arcade memorabilia for gameroom decorations. Discovered the 1982 world fair arcade tokens, the Namco pac man ...
The Loony Bin Rygar9 05/26/14 04:18 AM
. Re: Star Rider VideoGraphicGenerator timers finally solved after many hours :)

I agree, unbelievably cool! Laserdisc games were some of my favorites, I'm glad to see progress made in documenting them. They have to be moving i ...
EmuChat Rygar9 02/12/14 01:55 AM
. Re: Star Rider VideoGraphicGenerator timers finally solved after many hours :)

Very cool stuff! How did you get the readouts of the cycles? Did you Trojan a board or was it synced to some kind of meter? Getting RAS and CAS cou ...
EmuChat Rygar9 02/11/14 01:18 AM
. Re: Star Rider emulation progress

Really cool! Thanks for your work!
News Rygar9 01/21/14 01:14 AM
. Re: New Cave Games Added

I'm confused, weren't these removed at the request of the IP holder? Did things change? I'm not complaining mind you, just wondering if something ...
News Rygar9 01/01/14 12:25 AM
. Re: Reimagine classic arcade games. Ghosts 'N Goblins - Demon World.

I think your project is interesting, but there's a key problem that prevents me from pledging. Your platform focus. You're going to be developing f ...
News Rygar9 11/02/13 04:39 PM

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