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. Re: TourVision

> ClawGrip dumped his TourVision bios (arcade board based on the TG-16) and an SCI game > card with some thanks to Charles McDonald and AUMAP. & ...
News TheGuru 12/13/11 09:41 AM
. Re: DU Update: Arcana Heart Full

> It's a different game technically but I guess people call it a patch since it's 90% > the same. It would be like someone calling a Black Label ...
News TheGuru 10/31/11 11:24 PM
. Re: midwunit.c

> My only hit comes up as a PCB-info from 1998 where that wording was used. Not > everything was known the moment MAME came into existence, so ...
EmuChat TheGuru 09/12/11 03:25 PM
. Re: midwunit.c

> > States this: > > > > Main processor(s)- seems the main processOr is made by Texas Instruments but does > > have Williams ...
EmuChat TheGuru 09/12/11 12:54 PM
. Re: Unwanted attention

> It's a game from 2002, there are games newer than that in MAME already. Seeing as the > game is 9 years old, it's unlikely to hurt sales of it ...
EmuChat TheGuru 08/22/11 09:03 AM
. Re: China Gate scambled graphics(possible bug)

check my decap page, item #105
EmuChat TheGuru 08/21/11 11:26 PM
. Re: Dumping question

Dumping PCs beyond a simple HDD or CDROM backup is usually not so simple. You should start with good pics of the hardware and post them here so *exper ...
EmuChat TheGuru 08/21/11 03:16 AM
. Re: How much will it cost to decap Sega Model 1?

> > What will be hard is figuring out what to do with all the bits that the typing > > monkeys produce from examining the photos. This see ...
EmuChat TheGuru 08/17/11 11:16 PM
. Re: MAME 0.143u2 is out

> > So the ROMs are dumped now? > > The game has been promoted to working. What do you think? you forgot the graemlin but I fixed it h ...
News TheGuru 08/14/11 07:56 AM
. Re: Decap Donations

> > well someone (not me) seemed to think it was worthwhile otherwise the chips would > not > > have been donated and it would not be o ...
News TheGuru 08/08/11 11:17 PM
. Re: Decap Donations

> I'm really looking for Konami Bubble System MCU emulation... that has absolutely nothing to do with decapping and is totally off topic. Plus I' ...
News TheGuru 08/08/11 09:16 AM
. Re: Decap Donations

> Yes coz if it's a waste of money to decap the raiden II chips then instead of getting > them decapped we can get other chips decapped in place ...
News TheGuru 08/07/11 02:02 PM
. Re: Decap Donations

> > and you know this and have evidence how? > > There's not. It's a sort of common function library baked into a gate array. > Decap ...
News TheGuru 08/07/11 03:50 AM
. Re: Decap Donations

> I seriously doubt that decapping the Raiden II chips is going to help with emulation > of that game. > > As others have said, there are ...
News TheGuru 08/06/11 10:08 AM
. Re: Decap Donations

> Is it possible to know what will be his next MAME related project? > > Maybe it well help attract more donations if we knew what was like ...
News TheGuru 08/05/11 02:00 PM
. Re: Question about discrete for MAME

> As for emulating Tank, two hurdles specifically concerning Tank. The roms are a > custom type rom and required someone (MAMEdev member?) visi ...
EmuChat TheGuru 08/02/11 10:24 AM
. Re: MAME 0.143u2 is out

> > it was caused by 1 billion dumb people that bought Windows. If everyone had just > said > > no to windows and stuck with DOS (or so ...
News TheGuru 07/31/11 05:20 AM
. Re: MAME 0.143u2 is out

> Well, that's Windows' handling a rename......however it's still a valid filename (it > won't be if you try to use for example \:|) it was cau ...
News TheGuru 07/29/11 11:27 PM
. Re: MAME 0.143u2 is out

> > even a comma would be a valid rom or setname......hehnhehhehehe > > Right. Ask no-intro ("Loco Roco (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl ...
News TheGuru 07/29/11 09:49 AM
. Re: Cruis'n Exotica U10

> No other ideas? if it works in MAME it should work on real h/w. Maybe re-read/re-verify your ROM has the same data. When reading use CRC32 to c ...
EmuChat TheGuru 07/28/11 03:40 PM
. Re: what racing game is this????

> im thinking of a game i played years ago, late 90's / early 00's > > it was a 3d racing game and whilst driving if the car went off the tr ...
EmuChat TheGuru 07/28/11 03:32 PM
. Re: MAME 0.143u2 is out

> > I have solved, but it's really strange that there is a special character in > > setnames... > > Indeed it shouldn't be there. ...
News TheGuru 07/28/11 03:27 PM
. Re: Cruis'n Exotica U10

you need to replace U10 and U11
EmuChat TheGuru 07/26/11 10:39 AM
. Re: DU Update: Smashing Drive

> There are lots of revisions to these era Gaelco games, like what happened with ATV > Track. I might send you this one unless you are planning ...
News TheGuru 07/20/11 09:08 AM
. Re: DU Update: Smashing Drive

> We got Smashing Drive, one of my favorites... > > > > > > I could use some help ...
News TheGuru 07/19/11 11:29 PM

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