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. Re: The last time I donate.

I didn't send you money or PCB's so I guess when the IRS is reaming your butt you'll remember me fondly. You won't have to pay for me...
News Tingoes 02/01/13 07:01 PM
. Re: The last time I donate.

Gentlemens agreement. 1. Guru sold his own boards after smitdogg requested it. Funds went to DU. 2. Guru lent own money to the DU money to buy Wyvern ...
News Tingoes 02/01/13 01:00 PM
. Re: DU Update: No, bizimonki should not go unbanished..

Go ahead Smitdogg and make my day.
News Tingoes 01/30/13 03:32 PM
. Re: Download pix from iphone to mac?

I'm pretty sure you have to use iTunes on your computer to download the images from your phone to your computer, or you could send the photos as attac ...
The Loony Bin Tingoes 01/23/13 11:18 AM
. Is this the end of copyright?
The Loony Bin Tingoes 01/21/13 06:11 AM
. Metal or techno?

The Loony Bin Tingoes 01/07/13 08:58 AM
. Re: btw: old Donkey Kong bootleg threads

There must be plenty of people out there that regularly check the forums and check the dumping status of rare and undumped games that they own. Can I ...
News Tingoes 12/17/12 04:05 AM
. Which of you binners lost their dope in LA?
The Loony Bin Tingoes 12/07/12 08:43 AM
. Re: DU Update: And now, Weekend Update with Smitdogg Jones

I still see the value in buying these rare PCB's that have un~emulated protection devices when they come up for sale. We had a good percentage succes ...
News Tingoes 11/11/12 08:03 AM
. Re: So... Win 8 is out

I'll pay for the upgrade while it's cheap and I'm a new adopter. Chances are Multiple Sclerosis will bump up the price or stop offering cheap upgrades ...
The Loony Bin Tingoes 10/29/12 12:43 PM
. Possible evidence that we are living in a simulated universe according to physicists, and the Huff Post.

Life seems a little too random for me to subscribe to any of this. ...
The Loony Bin Tingoes 10/15/12 10:43 PM
. Kylie's bum!

The Loony Bin Tingoes 10/12/12 06:18 AM
. Here's the stuff Jop.
The Loony Bin Tingoes 10/08/12 01:39 AM
. Re: Dingleberries are in season year round in the bin.

The Loony Bin Tingoes 09/11/12 01:01 PM
. give me a hot bacon and egg hangover breakfast with an expresso

Don Walker and Jimmy Barnes - great songwriting partnership.
The Loony Bin Tingoes 08/19/12 03:45 PM
. Re: Personally, I like Saturday night better

The Loony Bin Tingoes 08/19/12 06:08 AM
. Re: Any advantage to mixing paint and primer?

Dont pay him and demand that he replace materials. Call police, take him to court if he doesn't pay. On interior and exterior walls and ceilings the ...
The Loony Bin Tingoes 08/16/12 02:48 AM
. Now I got the original spinning in mine!

The Loony Bin Tingoes 08/12/12 04:09 PM
. Congratulations!

Congratulations! Perfect! 10000 points
The Loony Bin Tingoes 08/06/12 07:12 PM
. Re: Choo choo! Haha!

The Loony Bin Tingoes 08/04/12 03:11 AM
. Dom and Adrian miss the London Olympic Opening Ceremony.

The Loony Bin Tingoes 08/03/12 05:43 PM
. Fifty Shades of Crap

Haven't read the book. This review confirms my suspicions.
The Loony Bin Tingoes 07/20/12 02:52 AM
. How to open things.

The Loony Bin Tingoes 06/12/12 06:58 AM
. I would be surprised if Andrew hasn't posted this already...

The Loony Bin Tingoes 06/10/12 04:08 AM
. Re: Damn, she's gorgeous, actually...

> Sorry no time. I have a busy day ahead of me. First I need to cut my dick and balls > off and put them in ziplock. Then it's time to hustle to ...
The Loony Bin Tingoes 05/22/12 12:11 PM

Search results for query: Tingoes (1 - 25 of 93)
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