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. Re: MAME 0.232

> I heard that the American version of Thrill Drive is finally emulated. I can't wait to play that! Is it working? Well, itís listed in the not wo ...
News Vas Crabb 06/05/21 12:48 PM
. Re: Im Trying to Run MAME on retroarch on a Playstation Classic

Besides MAME in RetroArch being a broken mess, thereís no way a PlayStation Classic has the CPU power needed to emulate SF Rush.
EmuChat Vas Crabb 05/31/21 04:38 AM
. Re: I am convinced a lot of MAME bootlegs clone games were from Kowloon Walled City, isn't it?

> I proposed to my wife in Hong Kong around Kowloon Walled City. Actually at the Peak > around 7 years ago. The peak is nowhere near the forme ...
EmuChat Vas Crabb 05/29/21 05:13 PM
. Re: MAME 0.232

> Nice to see the Namco System 2 fixes, are there any known remaining issues with > Suzuka 8 Hours series? There are still some graphics glitch ...
News Vas Crabb 05/29/21 08:54 AM
. Re: I am convinced a lot of MAME bootlegs clone games were from Kowloon Walled City, isn't it?

No, almost no hacks came from the Walled City. Japanese cyberpunk media derived a lot of its aesthetics from photos of the Walled City. This is part ...
EmuChat Vas Crabb 05/28/21 08:32 AM
. MAME 0.232

MAME†0.232 Itís time for MAME†0.232, and do we have a surprise for you! The incredibly rare Universal game Mrs.†Dynamite has finally been found and ...
News Vas Crabb 05/27/21 08:45 AM
. Re: Command.dat 0.230 out!

> I have tried to reach out to a few MAME devs about fixing the presentation of the > command.dat but absolutely no one has responded to my requ ...
News Vas Crabb 05/24/21 02:41 AM
. Re: History.xml 2.31

I donít think Cave Speeder was unreleased, it was just uncommon. It required the IDYA enclosed, two-player motion cabinet, and used LaserDisc video. ...
News Vas Crabb 05/03/21 09:08 PM
. Re: MAME 0.231

Thereís a difference between flattery and just being nice.
News Vas Crabb 05/02/21 12:56 PM
. MAME 0.231

MAME†0.231 MAME†0.231, our April release, is out now! The Yamaha FM synthesis rewrite is progressing, with the OPL family (including YM2413, YM3526 ...
News Vas Crabb 04/28/21 04:43 AM
. Re: MAME 0.230

> Historically, there are two documented instances of the MAME team removing game > support at the behest of rights-holders, both of which happe ...
News Vas Crabb 04/17/21 03:38 AM
. Re: Dev vs QA Engineer

> That's some funny shit. 😂 Watched it several times. Nothing against the > Mamedevs but that was a good one. Need to edit out the m ...
The Loony Bin Vas Crabb 04/15/21 01:03 PM
. MAME 0.230

MAME†0.230 Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for MAME†0.230! There are big changes this month, but before we get to that, letís highlight some of ...
News Vas Crabb 03/30/21 10:34 PM
. Re: Question about tranquillizer gun

> Is it normal that the screen flips upside down during attract mode? Cocktail not > selected! The ROM we have only supports cocktail mode. An ...
EmuChat Vas Crabb 03/25/21 11:24 AM
. Re: What's happening?

Were you actually in a coma? If so, why? A four-month coma sounds pretty serious.
Welcome to the War Room Vas Crabb 03/24/21 11:18 PM
. Re: Cooperative features in old arcade shmups?

It shouldnít be too hard to build the engine. Focus on keeping it clean, and making the code pluggable so there isnít too much effort adding addition ...
The Loony Bin Vas Crabb 03/09/21 12:18 AM
. Re: I-mode to shut down in 2026 Nothing has been dumped

Itís pretty hard to ďdumpĒ them given how dependent they are on the servers. You pretty much need to dump/emulate the server to preserve an i-mode ap ...
EmuChat Vas Crabb 03/05/21 11:20 AM
. MAME 0.229

MAME†0.229 Itís been an eventful month, culminating in the release of MAME†0.229 today. One change that youíll notice straight away is that the ď64 ...
News Vas Crabb 02/24/21 12:31 AM
. Re: progetto-SNAPS 0.228 update!

Please stop harassing him.
News Vas Crabb 02/22/21 03:16 PM
. Re: Cant get defender running right

Defender has a two-way joystick for vertical movement, and buttons for thrust and reversing horizontal direction. That's just the way the game works. ...
Programming Vas Crabb 02/20/21 11:34 PM
. Re: Where do mame .inp and .avi files go in Linux (Ubuntu)?

I donít know how itís configured on Ubuntu by default. Do something like: Code: mame -showconfig | egrep '^(input|snapshot)_directory\>' That s ...
EmuChat Vas Crabb 02/10/21 11:03 PM
. Re: MAME, title window has been chanched in 0.228

> > Was this a mistake or is it an accepted change? > > & ...
EmuChat Vas Crabb 01/31/21 08:39 PM
. Re: MAME programming starter pack?

> I want to do what it says I want to do in the OP: > > I want to write a program which traps controller-port reads and feeds it controller & ...
Programming Vas Crabb 01/28/21 10:04 AM
. Re: MAME programming starter pack?

> The first thing I wanted to do, assuming the idea doesn't exist already (if it does, > I could be saved much time) is to write a program which ...
Programming Vas Crabb 01/27/21 11:51 PM
. MAME 0.228

MAME†0.228 Has it already been an entire month? It must have been, because MAME†0.228 is ready today! Weíve added support for two very rare arcade ...
News Vas Crabb 01/26/21 11:57 AM

Search results for query: Vas Crabb (1 - 25 of 2608)
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