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. Re: Super Bug (sun dot over the car.) Question.

The sun burst overlay in my video is not the way it looks from Kee Games. The game didn't have a monitor in it so I put in a spare and created my own ...
MAME Artwork: Official blinddog 09/11/17 08:57 PM
. Re: PSE Desert Patrol airplane targets image

I already mentioned this to you gregf but I believe I got a good image of the parachute ROM. Here's what I see using the ripper program. I think I see ...
EmuChat blinddog 07/15/15 09:35 AM
. Re: Guided Missile revisited

very nice work. Guided Missile is a game that is enhanced a lot by the artwork.
MAME Artwork: Official blinddog 12/19/14 08:13 PM
. Re: Sky Raider

Thank you for checking for me.
MAME Artwork: Official blinddog 10/23/14 01:27 AM
. Re: Sky Raider

That would be cool. I understand if he doesn't want to sell it but it's good to know there is one out on the west coast somewhere. Love the black and ...
MAME Artwork: Official blinddog 10/22/14 08:39 PM
. Re: Sky Raider

Quote: Re: Cops & Robbers. By all means have at it. The only work MrDo! and I did on it recently was returning the interior artwork to my benefa ...
MAME Artwork: Official blinddog 10/22/14 06:27 PM
. Re: Drag Race

here are the pics I took of my shifter. Do they help.
MAME Artwork: Official blinddog 10/09/14 06:46 AM
. Re: Drag Race tachometer test

I have both control panels the one with the pin striping and without so I believe there are the two variations of that. The Tachs should be the Atari ...
MAME Artwork: Official blinddog 10/06/14 10:19 PM
. Re: Drag Race tachometer test

Here's a shot of the instructions and around the start button. The " 4 HEATS PER GAME" is a sticker on mine underneath it says "3 HEATS ...
MAME Artwork: Official blinddog 10/06/14 09:40 AM
. Re: Guided Missile

Here is a picture I took of the bezel.
MAME Artwork: Official blinddog 08/24/14 10:50 PM
. Re: Guided Missile

I didn't get to blue shark but here's the explosion. It looks like it picked up some fingerprints and it was a little bigger than 11x17 so I did some ...
MAME Artwork: Official blinddog 08/21/14 11:25 PM
. Re: Guided Missile

Your welcome and I happy to hear it will help @Mr. Do - When I get home tonight I'll work on taking a picture of Blue Shark and the explosion graphic ...
MAME Artwork: Official blinddog 08/20/14 08:06 PM
. Re: Guided Missile

I was going to see if this helps. I took a picture of the background in my cab. I tried to get a good picture of it.
MAME Artwork: Official blinddog 08/20/14 09:33 AM
. Re: Pin Pong cab photos

> Superb thank you for doing that. I will put it on the progetta snaps board. They will > be a great addition to his artwork files. I have high ...
News blinddog 02/25/14 07:37 PM
. Pin Pong cab photos

I did pull Pin Pong out and took a bunch of pictures of the cabinet I'll attach them in a zip file. I tried to get all the different parts in there.
News blinddog 02/24/14 07:42 AM
. Re: curious about history...

I don't really know anything of it's life before I owned it so the farthest I can go back is 2003 when I picked it up. If I remember the details cor ...
News blinddog 02/21/14 07:30 PM
. Re: Pin Pong sticker photos

> Thanks for uploading those pictures blinddog. If you get a chance can you take a few > pictures of the cabinet (from different angles)? The si ...
News blinddog 02/20/14 11:34 PM
. Pin Pong sticker photos

> A well done video clip that you did there of explaining all the details and > operation of Pin Pong gameplay. I made sure to mention that when ...
News blinddog 02/20/14 05:56 AM
. Re: btw: DICE 0.8

> > Found a better pic > > Interesting, seems to be the same resolution and image as the KLOV pic I linked but > did not embed. Wonde ...
News blinddog 02/19/14 10:29 PM

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