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. Re: U360 install - buttons don't match up to wiring diagram?

Have you checked the wiring harness and confirmed the 10-pin header is wired correctly ie red going to 4, blue going to 8 etc ? One of the adapter bo ...
Ultimarc bodger319 11/14/15 11:11 PM
. Re: Building a MAME PC

For what it is worth, my advice would be not to build a MAME PC. Instead, when you decide that you need a new desktop PC because the present one is n ...
Hardware bodger319 08/21/15 08:46 PM
. Re: Only 1 button working on i-pac 4 with win-ipac

What result does it give ? If a "5" then the Shift function is activated. By default the other P1 buttons dont have a shift code assigned t ...
Ultimarc bodger319 08/20/15 06:19 PM
. Re: Odd rom suddenly not working - DRIVING ME NUTS!

If you have not changed anything on the machine, then I would suggest a corrupted graphic card driver or the graphic card failing.
Hardware bodger319 07/26/15 07:34 PM
. Re: Real 720 controller to Optipac for MAME help.

> When everything is hooked up to the Optipac, I am only getting 4.7 volts > between the +5 wire and grnd. Is that okay? A quick bit of googl ...
Ultimarc bodger319 07/13/15 05:58 PM
. Re: Mame 0.163 slow startup

Possibly slowed down by your virus checker testing the files on first access. If you know your ROM folder is clean, try setting it as an exception so ...
EmuChat bodger319 07/11/15 07:25 PM
. Re: Amp for new MAME project, and ? about frontends

For the speakers, why not just buy some powered speakers for the computer, dismantle the gubbins from the casings and use them ? Then you have an amp ...
Hardware bodger319 07/11/15 07:19 PM
. Re: Existing Wiring question

The EASIEST way would be to use a J-PAC rather than an I-PAC. If you want to stay with the I-PAC, yes you will have to cut into the existing wiring. ...
Hardware bodger319 05/28/15 08:51 PM
. Re: Toggle/Rocker switches. Possible damage to iPac?

As long as you connect them according to the I-PAC installation diagram, you will not be applying an external voltage so you will not do damage to the ...
Ultimarc bodger319 05/25/15 02:15 PM
. Re: New Issue Confused

> How do I fix it though? With all respect. Try reading through the page that I gave you the link to. RTFM generally helps. Regards.
Hardware bodger319 01/31/15 02:48 PM
. Re: New Issue Confused

> So when I hit player 1 and player 2 start buttons SIMULTANEOUSLY > > (which both do keyboard strokes 1 and 2) > > MAME crashes so ...
Hardware bodger319 01/30/15 06:03 PM
. Re: Hardware or software issue?

> Also, is it possible to manually wire my other joystick and buttons onto the J-pac? I > see it has switches on it but I am still learning here ...
Hardware bodger319 01/30/15 12:50 AM
. Re: Hardware or software issue?

> But why doesn't player three joystick / controls register? Does JAMMA connector not > support 3 players? You got it in one. Just google JAMM ...
Hardware bodger319 01/27/15 08:33 PM
. Re: Building Mame Arcade Cabinent (Joystick Not Working)

As you are not going to be using the arcade monitor but only the joysticks and buttons, a cheaper option would be to go for the I-PAC 2. Almost half t ...
Hardware bodger319 12/15/14 09:35 PM
. Re: Building Mame Arcade Cabinent (Joystick Not Working)

Hardware bodger319 12/10/14 08:01 PM
. Re: I-Pac 28 Input Issue

Ultimarc bodger319 09/05/14 01:13 AM
. Re: I-Pac 28 Input Issue

The physical input 1Strt is by default the Shift key and therefore only gives an output upon being released. You have reprogrammed the board so that i ...
Ultimarc bodger319 09/05/14 12:35 AM
. Re: I-Pac 28 Input Issue

This sounds to me like you have at some time reassigned the P2 Coin input to act as the Shift button rather than the standard P1 Start input, especial ...
Ultimarc bodger319 09/04/14 10:54 PM
. Re: Any way to delay escape key via Ultimarc IPac or otherwise?

> Does anybody know if there is a way to make it so that the escape (holding down P1 & > P2 simultaneously) would needed to be pressed for 3 ...
Ultimarc bodger319 04/23/14 09:42 PM
. Re: I'm going to name my band 1023mb, and never have a gig <nt>

LOL and then maybe rename it as 1729 for the comeback show or am I looking too far into the future?
The Loony Bin bodger319 10/15/13 10:49 PM
. Re: Stumped by rebooting Shuttle XPC

> Start by replacing the caps. If the noise persist, move on to the resistors and > diodes near the switching transistors. > > (assuming ...
Hardware bodger319 09/15/13 06:14 PM
. Re: Stumped by rebooting Shuttle XPC

Hardware bodger319 09/12/13 09:22 PM
. Re: Stumped by rebooting Shuttle XPC

Hardware bodger319 09/09/13 07:21 PM
. Re: case inside of another case?

Maybe not needed for shielding but possibly for cooling. Whilst trying to track down what could have been a temperature related fault, I removed the s ...
Hardware bodger319 09/01/13 09:33 PM
. Re: DU Update: It's 2013 and the Japan version of Tekken Tag is still broken

News bodger319 07/30/13 11:49 PM

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