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. Re: Curt Vendel of Atari Museum has died

Man, so sad to hear this. Back about 10 years ago, Curt had hit me up to do some 3D modeling of Atari arcade cabinets for an Atari project that never ...
News btribble 09/06/20 10:03 AM
. Re: DU - '...tanned, rested, and ready...'

By the way, for those who don't know, "acchi mitte hoi" is often played after rock-paper-scissors (janken). The winner will say "acchi ...
News btribble 11/13/19 05:43 PM
. Re: WIP: Exidy bezels

Of course, you can only work with the source material you have, but the completionist in me has to mention that Venture is one of the arcade games I k ...
MAME Artwork: Official btribble 10/24/19 07:55 AM
. Re: DU Fundraiser: One of the rarest of the undumped Korean gems

Believe it or not, I have actually begun work on an update (no, not uploaded yet though) recently! Synchronicity! Hm, a Korean game... I know which on ...
News btribble 05/18/18 04:49 AM
. Re: DU: The great laserdisc flood

RE: the metal sides thing - I can confirm that some (not all, but especially older 80's era LD games) had a metal side that made the whole disc heavie ...
News btribble 05/18/18 04:42 AM
. Re: DU: The great laserdisc flood

Went and looked it up, they were originally sent to Greg S back in 2006, and he got busy and apparently forwarded them along to Aaron sometime the nex ...
News btribble 05/14/18 06:40 AM
. Re: DU: The great laserdisc flood

That's great! A long time ago (like ten years?) I sent off some LDs to be ripped and I figured they just disappeared into the void. Hopefully they are ...
News btribble 05/12/18 11:36 PM
. Re: Flyer Fever Update

It's great that there is another addition to that crazy Nintendo artist, whoever it is. I don't know their name, but I love his or her insane fever dr ...
News btribble 02/03/18 10:03 PM
. Re: Puckman/Namco Bezel

Ooh! I'd be interested in this as well - I ended up making four different Puckman models for 3D Arcade since I like oddities like this. If you happen ...
MAME Artwork: Official btribble 11/17/17 11:24 PM
. Re: Cosmic Avenger

Yes! Looks great. I love this unique cabinet style and its artwork, nice to see another one "in the books" as it were.
MAME Artwork: Official btribble 09/08/17 02:06 AM
. Re: Tac/Scan control panal overlay

> LTNS Jibmums! Wish I had one myself, but all I have is a recreation. I keep checking > the 3D Arcade page for new models... I wish someone wou ...
MAME Artwork: Official btribble 01/26/17 07:57 AM
. Re: Space Panic (header)

Looks great! Glad to be of assistance.
MAME Artwork: Official btribble 10/18/16 07:21 PM
. New 3D Arcade model: LeMans

A new cabinet model is now available for the 3D Arcade frontend: Atari's LeMans (1976). Enjoy!
News btribble 01/03/16 01:21 AM
. Re: Haze: Donggul Donggul Alignment-rong and Bugs we didn’t see coming..

By the way "Donggul Donggul Haerong" must be the Korean name for the fairly obscure manga/anime "Hero-Hero Kun" which aired on NHK ...
News btribble 11/24/15 10:36 AM
. Re: Arbee: Going for a drive... with a printer?

> > > > > > Techno Drive goodness from Arbee. > > > > A-Noid > > If you click ...
News btribble 08/11/15 07:22 AM
. Re: TX-1

> > Anyway, measurements would motivate me to work on it (hint hint) - the > > more detailed the better - anyone want to go to funspot and ...
MAME Artwork: Official btribble 01/30/15 11:39 AM
. Re: TX-1

> I'm hoping 3D Arcade releases any new cabs. I haven't seen anything released in over > a year Yup, the whole "real life" thing, be ...
MAME Artwork: Official btribble 01/29/15 08:19 AM
. Re: Update @ Luca's: Wyvern F-0

> All I can say is : > THANK YOU ! (and to all involved in bringing this unusual game to emulation > community) > > > P.S. Can I a ...
News btribble 04/18/14 07:50 PM
. Re: Update @ Luca's: Wyvern F-0

I'm also curious about the cabinet - from the flyer and other pictures it appears that the game instruction printout covers the top half of the screen ...
News btribble 04/18/14 04:12 AM
. Re: Bagman

I personally prefer faithfulness to the original "source material"... plus I think having fan-made artwork like this can lead to confusion ( ...
MAME Artwork: Official btribble 04/05/14 06:27 PM
. Re: Side Trak bezel WIP pic

See, that's all there is to it! Seriously though, nice job! Just by looking I thought you had cut out the tracks and reproduced the halftones. Sounds ...
MAME Artwork: Official btribble 03/07/14 09:00 AM
. Re: UnMAMEd update

Thank you for the info! It's especially nice to see more information about Dark Chamber. I've always felt that to be the most "mysterious" e ...
News btribble 02/05/14 12:06 AM
. Re: UnMAMEd update

Yup, it's already listed.
News btribble 02/03/14 01:01 AM
. Re: UnMAMEd update

I can give the AWT VR games a mention next update I guess.
News btribble 02/02/14 06:44 AM
. Re: UnMAMEd update

Thanks, yep I was just waiting until the changes were in effect before making the update. I hadn't gone to the trouble of capturing images of Street B ...
News btribble 02/02/14 06:41 AM

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