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. billy mitchell video - official statement
EmuChat grog 06/18/20 09:43 PM
. Re: any1 know which game this artwork is?

ooh i just found out
EmuChat grog 07/04/19 12:47 AM
. how do i run berzerk and the heart monitor at the same time? <nt>
News grog 03/08/19 02:32 AM
. i havn't, i'm waiting on:

The Loony Bin grog 01/10/19 01:46 AM
. Where MetalGod belongs...

EmuChat grog 11/16/18 10:34 AM
. typo over at mametesters..

EmuChat grog 10/10/18 02:43 PM
. Re: VICE emulator updated to 3.2

here is a good example of a recent high quality game the C64 can do:
EmuChat grog 08/26/18 01:37 AM
. Re: Irene Cara - Romance '83

"..the sprites are mis.. mis-aligned? ok putting you through to one of the devs.."
The Loony Bin grog 08/02/18 01:50 PM
. Re: Anyone warch Netflx Lost In Space?

i thought it was ok overall it's quite tame and 'family friendly', which these days can make things more difficult with regards to keeping viewers in ...
The Loony Bin grog 06/25/18 02:10 AM
. Re: Now Anthony Bourdain

not breaking news but i heard recently that the actor Jon Paul Steuer who was one of the actors to play Worf's son Alexander in star trek TNG had died ...
The Loony Bin grog 06/09/18 12:36 AM
. Re: preliminary shots

perhaps Haze has Aspergers
News grog 05/26/18 03:20 PM
. Mame + Vectrex

neat stuff:
EmuChat grog 04/14/18 07:27 PM
. Re: blockout, jamma game

sorry about that guys, it looks like someone bought it, 'Peter' > > Should probably have been PMd to Smit / The Dumping Union rather than ...
EmuChat grog 01/21/18 01:25 AM
. blockout, jamma game
EmuChat grog 01/20/18 02:34 AM
. Re: Skipping the "if you are not legally entitled to play..." screen

with older versions of mame you could use the tool: "mame-config-o-matic" - that tool can be found at this link: http://forum.arcadecont ...
EmuChat grog 12/22/17 05:29 PM
. Williams Predators Prototype

the lost prototype game by Williams, Predators, has been recovered and will be playable at this years California Extreme ...
EmuChat grog 07/28/17 09:29 PM
. Re: Flyer Fever Update - Shoei Edition

thanks! loving reading some of those... galaxia flyer:
News grog 06/08/17 02:44 AM
. Re: Robotron 100 Million Points Attempt

he's around 98 million points now =O
EmuChat grog 06/02/17 02:14 PM
. Robotron 100 Million Points Attempt

live here:
EmuChat grog 06/02/17 04:17 AM
. Re: Bootlegs that are still more "playable" than parent?

choplifter and if really fussy, perhaps play shinobi 16B version, not 16A ...
EmuChat grog 05/18/17 02:38 AM
. Re: Starglider Pro - missing game

you could try sending the author Oliver Kreylos an email and hopefully he still has it [edit] personal info deleted.
The Loony Bin grog 05/03/17 04:14 AM
. Re: Problem Gun Smoke (World, 851115)

can u record video to show pleeaazze
EmuChat grog 04/16/17 09:07 PM
. Re: wait, Mavis Beacon wasn't a real person?

> Do you Patreon-ize LGR (or *are* you Clint/LGR... ) ? This video appeared two days > after your post: > Patreon supporters get to see the ...
The Loony Bin grog 04/14/17 03:08 AM
. R.I.P Kan Yabumoto
EmuChat grog 04/08/17 02:08 AM
. ok, how 'bout...

The Loony Bin grog 04/06/17 08:21 PM

Search results for query: grog (1 - 25 of 381)
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