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. Re: Another MCU properly hooked up

I like this game too. Years ago I played amiga conversion. Great to see this finally properly emulated
News haynor666 08/17/19 02:13 PM
. Re: ld-decode WIP

Looks great already so it can looks even better and it's really worth the wait plus Quote: People already get cranky when they have to re-download R ...
News haynor666 02/09/19 11:28 PM
. Re: MAME Artwork Update - What's Old is New Again?

There is also solarwar missing :/
News haynor666 12/19/18 09:35 PM
. Re: progetto-SNAPS 0.204 update!

...and new artwork update just after You create update packs BTW. Plenty of lay updates :/
News haynor666 12/19/18 09:26 PM
. Re: DU: Mind Mania

It's polish game or at least has built in polish language. Photos taken from (maybe it's even this exact machine): ...
News haynor666 04/24/18 10:15 AM
. Re: Someone falling a sleep? Wrong places. :)

I've downloaded dual tools (x32 x64). Compiling works correctly only from win32env.bat but not from mingw64.exe
News haynor666 12/27/17 01:35 PM
. Re: Changes for Future Releases

I've downloaded latest tools just released but still I have the same error about MINGW32. Any other advise ? According to instructions only config64. ...
News haynor666 12/27/17 12:30 PM
. Re: Changes for Future Releases

I don't think there is anything to update because I've downloaded latest tools yesterday from mamedev site. Even running command You mentioned pacman ...
News haynor666 12/22/17 09:16 PM
. Re: Changes for Future Releases

I still get GCC 6.3.0 detected and MINGW32 is not set. Any advise ?
News haynor666 12/21/17 08:40 PM
. Re: miss

Any news, Mr. Do ?
News haynor666 12/13/17 01:53 PM
. Re: New MAME 0.192 benchmarks

I've made also recently some tests. I was more interested in differences between windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10. What is funny in most cases 10 is the slowest ...
EmuChat haynor666 12/04/17 10:55 PM
. Re: CAPS0ff: Looking inside Taito C-Chip

Great to see progress on such complicated subject Some of these games really need proper protection.
News haynor666 10/31/17 01:44 PM
. Re: Attn frontend developers: machine flags in XML

One question - unemulated protection is still treated as imperfect or critical flag? Up to 187 games with unemulated protection were treated as not wo ...
News haynor666 07/27/17 01:25 PM
. Re: MAME Artwork Update?? ... MAME Artwork Update

Thanks for all hard work Mr. Do and cotributors. I have one question (which was posted here long time ago - are there plans for merging consoles artw ...
News haynor666 07/03/17 07:49 PM
. Re: DU: So many MCUs I don't know what to do's (updated with better categories and new game)

Fantastic news guys, Thanks for all hard work
News haynor666 06/20/17 09:49 PM
. Re: HBMAME 0.184

Any advise to MINGW32 is not set. Stop. I tried set MINGW32 trough windows system variables MINGW32=C:\msys64\mingw32 But still I cannot compile la ...
News haynor666 05/21/17 03:08 PM
. Re: Decapping Project

Great to see also working Tokio, now fingers crossed for Bonze Adventure
News haynor666 12/26/16 05:18 PM
. Re: MESS Artwork update 07/01/2016

So Mr. Do after all didn't return. Guess we have to wait a little longer for official update and artwork merging.
MAME Artwork: Official haynor666 10/07/16 11:25 AM
. Re: Removing drivers due unresolved licenses

Thanks Stiletto for link. This is exactly what I was looking for.
EmuChat haynor666 10/05/16 09:09 PM
. Re: Removing drivers due unresolved licenses

Since removing some drivers in mame 172 pass some time I take a look at mameinfo and found following games removed: marinedt flower (in progress by ...
EmuChat haynor666 10/05/16 07:59 PM
. Re: FINALLY a laserdisc update - @Kale's

Great work
News haynor666 06/16/16 11:27 AM
. Re: MAME benchmarks on the $70 Intel Pentium G3258

Recent GIT brings serious improvement in KidNiki. You may want to re-test game again.
EmuChat haynor666 04/16/16 12:08 PM
. Re: MAME benchmarks on the $70 Intel Pentium G3258

I did some test for mame 163 some time ago-!MpdgjTKb!P7NyIpkxCaZIp_hA-wtoHRQdP_G8T3MKugoGpdbKvnM All games were tested on G3258 wh ...
EmuChat haynor666 04/12/16 10:37 PM
. Re: The Sky is Falling! Or not.

GroovyMAME and MEWUI have > stopped, but that's because all of their features are part of MAME itself so those > users can come home. From what ...
EmuChat haynor666 03/06/16 10:58 AM
. Re: The Sky is Falling! Or not.

Compilation these days it's quite easy anyway. Just hit one bat file, put source in specified directory and type make -j4 PTR64=1 and if needed OSD=wi ...
EmuChat haynor666 03/05/16 02:21 PM

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