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. Re: 10 year anniversary coming up.

> Only a couple weeks to the 10 year anniversary of the most wanted list. Blast from the past! How's everyone doing?
MAME Artwork: Official jcroach 04/03/17 07:27 PM
. Re: Super Bug

> > Thanks. I also reported this on Mametesters. In MAME it is missing the green > overlay > > for the timer and score. And of course t ...
MAME Artwork: Official jcroach 02/02/15 06:45 PM
. Re: Super Bug

> Since I already had the Kee 4-speed shifter, my plan was to just add a control panel > to Super Bug with flashing start light and working shif ...
MAME Artwork: Official jcroach 02/02/15 06:39 PM
. Re: Basketball

> Attempting an attachment. That looks amazing. Great work.
MAME Artwork: Official jcroach 01/22/15 06:25 PM
. Re: Tempest

> I finished cleaning up the Tempest cocktail bezel. I added a solid mahogany tabletop > (no expense spared) and control panels (which would be ...
MAME Artwork: Official jcroach 10/07/14 03:14 PM
. Re: Ripcord bezel (with ripcord!)

> I figured it out. Here's the updated artwork with moving handle when ripcord (button > 2) is pressed. Amazing work! Keep them coming!
MAME Artwork: Official jcroach 10/07/14 03:12 PM
. Re: Drag Race tachometer test

> Thanks to Hap, the tachs are now working in Drag Race (if you use the latest SVN > build). I was able to fix a couple problems (like the left ...
MAME Artwork: Official jcroach 10/07/14 03:09 PM
. Re: Taito Blue Shark cardboard pieces on the way

> I finished stitching and cleanup on the left-side inner cardboard piece for Taito's > Blue Shark. It came out quite nice; too bad most of it w ...
MAME Artwork: Official jcroach 09/24/14 07:34 PM
. Re: Guided Missile

> > I was going to see if this helps. I took a picture of the background in my cab. I > > tried to get a good picture of it. > > ...
MAME Artwork: Official jcroach 08/21/14 05:17 PM
. Re: Exidy - Crash Bezel Vectorized

> I'm not sure that Mr.Do! is looking for this or not. > > > > Good plac ...
MAME Artwork: Official jcroach 08/21/14 05:12 PM
. 7 years!

I missed the 7 year bump on this post. Wow! just updated the list base on Mr. Do's 1/4/2014 post. Happy gaming everyone!
MAME Artwork: Official jcroach 04/30/14 02:51 PM
. Re: Bagman

> I personally prefer faithfulness to the original "source material"... plus I think > having fan-made artwork like this can lead to c ...
MAME Artwork: Official jcroach 04/09/14 03:14 PM
. Re: Side Trak bezel WIP pic

> and here's the WIP screenshot...... Amazing. Very nice work. Love these 70s games. This would be a great addition with the ROM being a free leg ...
MAME Artwork: Official jcroach 03/05/14 08:53 PM
. Re: **********Finished***********

> Thanks Greg, here's the final product. A few touch ups here and there. Then to the > FTP it goes Nice work.
MAME Artwork: Official jcroach 02/17/14 04:34 PM
. Re: ******Finished*******

> Final touch ups to come. I will most likely upload it to the FTP this weekend. Nice work!
MAME Artwork: Official jcroach 02/03/14 03:44 PM
. A new wave of “Turnerization” is tearing up video games’ artistic legacy

The Loony Bin jcroach 01/22/14 07:28 PM
. Re: Hey, look! It's actually a MAME Artwork Update

What's the status of Cops & Robbers and Blaster?
News jcroach 01/17/14 11:44 PM
. Re: Clowns WIP

> Some of the colors need to be corrected. Full steam ahead until it is finished. Nice work. These really old ones are my favorites. Circus, Ata ...
MAME Artwork: Official jcroach 01/17/14 11:38 PM
. Re: Hey, look! It's actually a MAME Artwork Update

Everything looks great! Looking forward to seeing the rest of Solar Fox.
News jcroach 01/10/14 06:56 PM
. Re: So these are taken care of for the next update...

> > > > ...
MAME Artwork: Official jcroach 12/09/13 07:24 PM
. Boong-Ga Boong-Ga gets an update?

"Robot Butt Developed By Dr. Benjamin Lok: The Cutting Edge Of 'Rear-search'?" ...
The Loony Bin jcroach 11/14/13 06:55 PM
. Re: Cops & Robbers Part II (The missing interior bezel)

> And here is a picture of what the whole thing might look like in Mame. > > There is however a gangster with a Machine gun down low in the ...
MAME Artwork: Official jcroach 10/17/13 06:44 PM
. Re: Hey, look... zorg did the marquee some time ago...

> So we can add that in, too. > > Just gotta finish the instruction card, and it's done. Looks amazing as always.
MAME Artwork: Official jcroach 09/09/13 07:19 PM
. Re: Blaster bezel

> Blaster (Williams 1983) bezel > orginal size: 6793 x 6570 > Denoise with G'MIC filter (Smooth [bilateral]) for GIMP > The cleanup is no ...
MAME Artwork: Official jcroach 08/22/13 09:17 PM
. Re: Atari Skyraider & Atari Destroyer for the Hard Core Photoshop Masters

> Took a solid punch to the wallet today. > > At our business discounted price, those scans totaled a whopping $357.00 > > And so wit ...
MAME Artwork: Official jcroach 08/08/13 02:56 PM

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