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. Re: Moving, not dead. See you when I see you. (nt)

> Arrived. Cell good. Net bad. PC still in box. Acre of trees in Pennsylvania. Hope you're in some happy digs Tfin! Made a move myself a while ...
The Loony Bin jeremymtc 08/01/20 12:41 PM
. Cats can get on hills and other things. <nt>

I know cats can.
The Loony Bin jeremymtc 06/12/20 10:40 PM
. Breaking news!

According to tech journal Arsetechnica, Smittdogg still plans to rape all of your mothers. The same article cites MooglyGuy as expressing a measured b ...
The Loony Bin jeremymtc 04/29/19 01:46 AM
. I may get flamed for this, but this IS the loony bin so... Hats Off Paul Allen.

Hats off, Paul Allen. You did much of what I'd like to think that I'd do if I were a multibajillionaire myself. Dude had a heavy philanthropic strea ...
The Loony Bin jeremymtc 10/16/18 07:55 AM
. Re: Hats off to Aretha Franklin

> Ladies and gents, please pay your respects to the late queen of soul, Aretha > Franklin, may she rest peacefully.
The Loony Bin jeremymtc 08/16/18 05:49 PM
. Re: Hats off to Harry Anderson

> aka 'The Honorable Harold T. Stone' of TVs Night Court. Bummer. Harry was a funny dude. I always enjoyed him in his bit part as 'Harry the Hat' ...
The Loony Bin jeremymtc 04/17/18 02:16 AM
. Re: Rick and MoOOOOorty Season 4.

The Loony Bin jeremymtc 03/30/18 05:20 AM
. Re: Twitch gave me free games...

> ...because Amazon Prime = Twitch Prime. > > So, Tales from Candlekeep... > > "Jessamine has found a valuable lead for you to f ...
The Loony Bin jeremymtc 03/19/18 05:18 PM
. Re: Fashion nonsense you can't believe came back in style

> #1 on my list is tightly pulling up white socks. My earliest memories are that this > was in style in late 70s to maybe 1980, then it became t ...
The Loony Bin jeremymtc 03/13/18 04:25 AM
. Re: Astronomer finds ‘proof’ of faked moon landings...

> dust settling? there's no movement on the moon unless something impacts the surface. I would imagine that the moon's gravity and tidal forces f ...
The Loony Bin jeremymtc 03/12/18 10:27 PM
. Re: For the guitar players (and Classic Rock afficionados)

> - > > > On the two wrong strings > -- > > LOL. This part is good. Although the Will Ferrel ...
The Loony Bin jeremymtc 03/05/18 06:09 PM
. Re: Trying to remember a game when i was young

S.T.U.N. Runner?
EmuChat jeremymtc 03/05/18 08:03 AM
. Re: We drove almost 400 miles..

> ...and when we got to the place, they put us up in the Lamercan. i demand mame60fps! me am brazil!
The Loony Bin jeremymtc 03/05/18 12:43 AM
. For the guitar players (and Classic Rock afficionados)

10 Ways to troll a Guitar Center with Classic Rock
The Loony Bin jeremymtc 03/05/18 12:17 AM
. Harold Ramis is chuckling in the afterlife.

Heavy. Fucking. Metal. Thanks, Elon!
The Loony Bin jeremymtc 02/07/18 05:57 AM
. Re: Mame life cycle

> That was right around the time I met Dave and he started hosting my old website > (Coin-Op History Archive). I still have server space on his ...
EmuChat jeremymtc 01/25/18 09:05 AM
. Re: Free Civ 3 Steam Key @Humble Store

> I got 3, 4, and 5 as part of a S.M. bundle a ways back. > > Steam just gave me a 50% discount on the $80 version of Civ6. Have to give it ...
The Loony Bin jeremymtc 10/20/17 11:26 PM
. Free Civ 3 Steam Key @Humble Store

until 10/21 Also, I have an extra Civ3 key available if anyone here wants it - just send a PM.
The Loony Bin jeremymtc 10/20/17 01:27 AM
. Re: I'm alive. nt

The Loony Bin jeremymtc 10/20/17 01:24 AM
. Tom Petty appears to be in a quantum superpositional state <nt>

> I guess he won't be coming around anymore... > :-( > >
The Loony Bin jeremymtc 10/03/17 01:22 AM
. Re: Anyone tried the food here?

> Hey! Get your ass on the MC server. You're missing out. > > Like the giant overland adventure 23-thousand meters over hill and dale to fin ...
The Loony Bin jeremymtc 08/03/17 02:28 AM
. Re: Anyone tried the food here?

The food and drink was ok, but the ice cream that we ordered for dessert seemed very suspect.
The Loony Bin jeremymtc 08/02/17 01:18 AM
. Re: Tonight I learned Reggie's owner flew a helicopter out of Isla Nublar

> That's just his pet snake Reggie. > > > > > - Stil ...
The Loony Bin jeremymtc 06/20/17 10:07 AM
. Re: DU: So many MCUs I don't know what to do's

I had recently seen this piece about the Game Preservation Society on NHK World. It is very cool to see these collaborative efforts taking shape aga ...
News jeremymtc 06/20/17 08:27 AM
. Re: Robotron 100 Million Points Attempt

> live here: > > It's hour 16 and he's just cleared 80 million. Dude's skill is great to watch.
EmuChat jeremymtc 06/02/17 10:32 AM

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