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. Re: I-PAC2 / Windows 10 install issue

> 1) connected for the first time to PC (PS2 to USB) and amazingly the device was > recognised and was installing the device!! It's highly unli ...
Ultimarc krick 08/11/19 07:58 PM
. Changes to artwork system in MAME

When running MAME on an arcade monitor, the global settings for enabling/cropping backdrops and overlays is pretty convenient. How will this work wit ...
MAME Artwork: Official krick 08/04/19 06:38 PM
. Why does searching Google for "854x476 resolution" return mostly sketchy fetish videos?

Why does searching Google for "854x476 resolution" (without the quotes) return mostly sketchy fetish videos? ...
The Loony Bin krick 04/10/19 05:38 AM
. Re: What's this song from?

I recognize it but I have no idea where I've heard it before.
The Loony Bin krick 03/02/19 06:47 PM
. Re: Looking for a good YouTube downloader

Ah, OK, I figured it out. RTFM, right?... Quote: Since the end of April 2015 and version 2015.04.26, youtube-dl uses -f bestvideo+bestaudio/best as ...
The Loony Bin krick 01/27/19 05:45 AM
. Re: Looking for a good YouTube downloader

Can someone explain how it decides what is "best"? For example, this video has a 640x480 video stream but the "best" option doesn ...
The Loony Bin krick 01/20/19 08:49 PM
. Re: Looking for a good YouTube downloader

Thanks. youtube-dl sounds like the right tool for the job. I'll check it out.
The Loony Bin krick 01/19/19 11:06 PM
. Looking for a good YouTube downloader

Can anyone recommend a good tool for ripping videos from YouTube using a desktop Windows computer? I've used the Video DownloadHelper (Firefox plug-i ...
The Loony Bin krick 01/19/19 01:44 AM
. Re: Xinput and Ipac v2 don't work. Flashing whole buttons

email andy @ he's usually pretty helpful
Ultimarc krick 12/15/18 08:23 AM
. Re: Opinions on TV CRT for Arcade Cabinet

This might be an option... Modding a consumer TV to use RGB input Part 1: Part 2: ...
Hardware krick 11/14/18 05:13 AM
. Re: Upgrading CPU

Honestly, the chips are pretty comparable...,126687 The i5 is $30 more on Amazon. You get two extra cores and ...
EmuChat krick 11/10/18 11:06 PM
. Re: Upgrading CPU

I don't think an i7 is required or even gets you that much over cheaper processors. I did some benchmarks a while back comparing a Pentium G3258 to t ...
EmuChat krick 11/10/18 09:21 PM
. Re: Apparent Direct 3d bug in mame64 202 (non patched)

What about putting all of the read-only files that are required by each MAME version into some kind of a container format so that they are all bundled ...
EmuChat krick 10/08/18 08:40 PM
. First Aid Kit
The Loony Bin krick 09/09/18 01:36 AM
. Re: Problem with MAME controls

Is it a problem with sticky keys?
EmuChat krick 09/07/18 01:41 AM
. Re: Problem with MAME controls

In which games do you see this issue? (be specific) Which version of MAME? (the latest version is MAME 0.201) Is it the official build of MAME from ...
EmuChat krick 09/03/18 11:34 PM
. Re: I-PAC2 VE problem (or not?)

You should be able to open notepad and press buttons and move your joysticks to see letters being typed to verify if it's working. The key mapping sh ...
Ultimarc krick 09/03/18 05:45 AM
. Re: Vsync Study

There's a bunch of research on input lag in the GroovyMAME forum. Here's two threads on the subject... ...
EmuChat krick 09/03/18 12:46 AM
. Re: Kelly Ann 2:07-2:14

That may be the most exhausting thing I've ever listened to.
Welcome to the War Room krick 08/24/18 09:17 PM
. Re: Will settings set to 0 in raster.ini still overwrite that setting from mame.ini?

The official MAME documentation might be useful too... Multiple Configuration Files
EmuChat krick 07/17/18 11:41 PM
. Re: Arcade Joystick Purchase

There's an X-Arcade USB upgrade board...
Hardware krick 07/08/18 08:02 PM

Pick up a cheap micro-ATX or mini-ITX motherboard with the fastest clock speed Intel CPU you can afford and 4 to 8GB of memory. Install Windows 7 64- ...
EmuChat krick 07/06/18 08:45 PM
. Re: HELP NEEDED ... lost sound on mame arcade cocktail table

This isn't a MAME problem. This is a DOS + sound card problem. When it says "the blaster enviroment settings are invalid", and it used to ...
Hardware krick 07/02/18 04:08 AM
. Re: that parking garage looks familiar...

What's up with the wig?
The Loony Bin krick 06/28/18 06:42 AM
. Re: (Maybe) Undumped Spider-Man: The Video Game revision

I have that same cabinet model in my house except that it has black T-molding instead of red and the speaker grille wraps up over the bottom 1/3 or so ...
EmuChat krick 06/28/18 04:44 AM

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