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. Re: Connecting UMSA to tv

it is not a polybius cabinet, just a regular mame. I thought i needed it to convert the signal to pal. anyway i installed soft 15khz hooked it all up ...
Hardware kung47fu 10/11/13 09:15 PM
. Connecting UMSA to tv

Hi all my cab is almost completed but i have this problem with a my tv not being recognised and powerstrip only opens control panel - display - screen ...
Hardware kung47fu 10/11/13 06:53 PM
. Re: POLYBIUS thread closed by admin

That is a great safety tip i will take that in consideration.... the ring? serious,.. you never tripped? hallucinated? yeah i think i will just shut ...
Hardware kung47fu 10/10/13 05:13 PM
. POLYBIUS thread closed by admin

As you can read in my other thread i came here to for a solution or advise on how a dangerous game could be controlled. I never came here to cause tr ...
Hardware kung47fu 10/10/13 04:39 PM
. Re: POLYBIUS for you?

How was it a serious submission if it was tempest? those 2 games have nothing in common apart from being vector games i am done talking to Stiletto, ...
Hardware kung47fu 10/10/13 10:24 AM
. Re: POLYBIUS for you?

I am 29 i have no idea what creepy pasta is, and you did not look for this shot in any vector game because you do not have this game, and that is why ...
Hardware kung47fu 10/09/13 11:56 PM
. Re: POLYBIUS for you?

How can you debunk reality with out knowing what you are talking about? The cab is real the effects are stronger then anything i have ever seen, th ...
Hardware kung47fu 10/09/13 10:58 PM
. POLYBIUS for you?

More of a story and question. i have played 1 of the 5 real POLYBIUS cabinets and it freaked me out, i could have died. A friend of mine close to a b ...
Hardware kung47fu 10/09/13 09:03 PM

Search results for query: kung47fu (1 - 8 of 8)
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