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. Re: Rasbery Pi

Sorry Mods I should have posted in the PC Hardware/Arcade Cab section. Please move the post
Hardware legin 07/20/14 03:06 AM
. Rasbery Pi

Hi Everyone. I seem to be having bad luck with PC mainboards. My mainboard died again in my arcade machine. I was thinking of maybe using a Rasbery ...
Hardware legin 07/20/14 03:04 AM
. Monitor types

My PC in my arcade machine died recently so I have decided I will build another one. My machine has always just run mame and a jukebox, nothing else. ...
Hardware legin 12/25/13 11:05 AM
. Re: Video died

OK just after typing my last post I remembered I had a spare battery. So I installed it. I still have no video output DVI or DSUB connector. Now it ...
Hardware legin 12/25/13 10:48 AM
. Re: Video died

Just a quick update: I removed the cmos battery last night and managed to drop it at the same time. Now I cant find it, it is somewhere in the false ...
Hardware legin 12/25/13 10:21 AM
. Re: Video died

Sorry for the lack of info. I run a screen out of an old 25" TV set with universal chassis. This works fine as I can plug in a Jamma board and ...
Hardware legin 12/24/13 08:16 AM
. Video died

Hi everyone. I fired up my cabinet for the first time in months only to find a blank screen. It used to work just fine. I can hear windows loading i ...
Hardware legin 12/24/13 07:00 AM
. mamedev website

Hi all Went to the mamedev website to download the latest mame source code and I find the website is down. There is a message saying: We are in proce ...
EmuChat legin 03/03/13 11:31 AM
. Re: Frontends

Thanks guys I might give Emu Loader a miss as I want to keep the cab simple for may computer illiterate mates. I like having no mouse or keyboard, ...
EmuChat legin 12/31/11 01:46 AM
. Re: Frontends

> If you have a PC that can handle it,I recommend Hyperspin.If not,then you cant go > wrong with QMC2.Personally I use HS most of the time,you c ...
EmuChat legin 12/30/11 04:58 AM
. Frontends

Hi everyone I have a couple of machines, one running Advancemame on dos and another machine with windows xp which boots straight into the Mamewah fro ...
EmuChat legin 12/29/11 10:48 AM

Search results for query: legin (1 - 11 of 11)
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