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. Re: Battle Balls Fabtek Inc. (1995) I need to work on the Blue/Purple Halftone cheers for the heads u ...
MAME Artwork: Official manson976 07/19/20 07:06 PM
. Battle Balls Fabtek Inc. (1995)

Recreated the Shapes and created half tone to match. Found the font re-typed everything so it cleaned up much better.
MAME Artwork: Official manson976 07/17/20 04:53 PM
. Re: Awesome - Thank you

I'm also having issues with mame 193 also in some games music seems silent while the effects seems too loud, Not sure if its suppose to be like this b ...
EmuChat manson976 01/18/18 11:05 PM
. Re: Rob Zombie and No Doubt

How relaxing to burn through the witches while digging the ditches... LMAO
The Loony Bin manson976 01/14/18 06:31 AM
. Re: Grandstand - Ghostcatcher - 1990s

That's the one AWESOME THANKS! Nice to see a video even if we have to settle for dump of that its better than nothing. Just WOW nice to see a video ah ...
EmuChat manson976 01/10/18 05:13 AM
. Grandstand - Ghostcatcher - 1990s

Just wanted to fire this out only in-case its forgotten. Grandstand Ghostcatcher With the sudden increase in the handhelds thanks to all who where ...
EmuChat manson976 01/10/18 01:29 AM
. Re: Tiger Electronics and Konami Hanhelds

That's pretty cool I've been cracking on with them myself just there is a few difficult ones to re-create the art for. I just re-draw the art f ...
MAME Artwork: Official manson976 01/01/18 07:16 PM
. Tiger Electronics and Konami Hanhelds

Does anyone have high quality scans or photos of any of these handhelds?? As I'm planning a few bezels. Regards Manson
MAME Artwork: Official manson976 12/27/17 12:34 AM

Search results for query: manson976 (1 - 8 of 8)
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