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. Re: HBMAME 0.201

Thank You for fixing: - Galaxian (New Invasion) - Mr. Do Nightmare
News mcx997 08/30/18 10:55 AM
. Is any documentation for MAME ctrlr file?

Hi. I have problems with translate mappings from MAME\CFG\.cfg to one MAME\CTRLR\.cfg file with mappings. Few examples in atachment. By simply paste ...
EmuChat mcx997 02/18/18 12:11 PM
. Re: new hiscore.dat for mame 0.190

Alrighty. I figured it out. The problem I've reported is not at global level, but only with 1 game. Which pointed me to hiscore.dat v190 and modific ...
News mcx997 10/13/17 10:59 AM
. Re: ARCADE32/64 0.190

Yeah, it works. But MUST be done WITHOUT Your hiscore v190 file inside or it shows error. Also when I select game again (by ENTER CHANNEL via game) th ...
News mcx997 10/12/17 10:05 PM
. Re: new hiscore.dat for mame 0.190

Tnx for Your work! please visit this link: then reply to problem in point 2 (if You ...
News mcx997 10/12/17 02:19 PM
. Re: ARCADE32/64 0.190

Tnx for Your reply I'll point this to Leezer
News mcx997 10/12/17 02:14 PM
. Re: ARCADE32/64 0.190

I appreciate Your work, as usual 1. Horizontal tab shows horizontal and vertical games. And Vertical tab shows only few games on list. 2. I've upd ...
News mcx997 10/12/17 11:04 AM
. Re: progetto-SNAPS 0.185 update!

PCB update file is missed Quote: Not Found The requested URL /PCB/packs/ was not found on this server.
News mcx997 05/22/17 11:26 AM
. Re: ARCADE32/64 0.185

News mcx997 04/26/17 10:47 PM
. Re: ARCADE32/64 0.180

Congrats Robert And tnx for v180
News mcx997 11/30/16 01:10 PM
. Re: progetto-SNAPS 0.178 update!

Great share, much appreciated. The only problem is that Manuals update links to Flyers update
News mcx997 10/15/16 11:51 PM
. Re: HBMAME 0.176

I appreciate info from both of You. I'm using HBMAME, Stiletto. Alrighty, a little bit modified presets\hbmame.ini and used modified hlsl.json from ...
News mcx997 07/28/16 09:49 PM
. Re: HBMAME 0.176

Any chance to see the same graphics effects like in MAMEUIFX with OPENGL and "CRT Geom HQ" shader? I tried to configure it manually with sim ...
News mcx997 07/28/16 10:29 AM
. Re: HBMAME 0.176

Hi, Robert Tnx for Your work. Has this all unofficial games that was available in MAMEUIFX? Tnx for info
News mcx997 07/27/16 02:40 PM
. Re: Here are hundreds of extremely high quality Marquees

I'm waiting for this, AntoPisa
progetto-SNAPS mcx997 07/21/16 08:27 AM
. Re: MAME crashes on exit when controller not plugged in

Does anyone know, how to move some specific mappings from cfg\.cfg to ctrlr\.cfg file ? It's easy for most of systems if it uses simple buttons, like ...
MAMEUI & IV/Play mcx997 07/08/16 04:33 PM
. Re: MAME crashes on exit when controller not plugged in

The same applies to MAMEUI/FX v175. It occurs only when we mapped in cfg\.cfg file for non-existing pad (does not exist when we use mappings at global ...
MAMEUI & IV/Play mcx997 07/07/16 01:21 PM
. Re: BGFX - how to remove "circles" ?

Understood. Will try it with other games too. Tnx for pointing me to correct direction
EmuChat mcx997 06/26/16 10:07 AM
. Re: BGFX - how to remove "circles" ?

Yesterday I experienced with Slider Controls and had no luck. Today it was "Quadratic Distortion Amount" only. The game 1942 shows better e ...
EmuChat mcx997 06/26/16 09:53 AM
. Re: BGFX - how to remove "circles" ?

If anyone know an answer, please reply. > > This is BGFX image: > > > > > > What should I change in \bgfx\chains\hlsl.json ...
EmuChat mcx997 06/25/16 08:27 PM
. BGFX - how to remove "circles" ?

This is BGFX image: What should I change in \bgfx\chains\hlsl.json to remove "circles"?
EmuChat mcx997 06/25/16 01:12 PM
. Re: DU: Konami's Dive Bomber Squad Released & Emulated

> This is AWESOME! > > Thanks to everyone involved and those that continue fighting the good fight. > > Thank You 100% agree!
News mcx997 06/08/16 03:21 PM
. Re: BGFX changed or only for me?

If that would be so easy, with pleasure. I used mame.ini from v173 (with BGFX set), nothing changed then run MAME v174 with the same mame.ini and that ...
EmuChat mcx997 05/27/16 07:08 PM
. BGFX changed or only for me?

What shall I do to see BGFX graphics effects like in MAME v173? MAME v173 BGFX effects (I like it): MAME 174 BGFX effects (I like it "less&q ...
EmuChat mcx997 05/27/16 11:50 AM
. Re: New MAME 0.174 working games VIDEO

Wow, Metal Freezer on the video. It reminds me Arcade Addict, Smitdogg and all of dumping team. ALL HAIL TO DEVS/Arcade Addict/DU and ALL THE REST in ...
News mcx997 05/27/16 08:29 AM

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