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. Re: MAME hub public rooms?

I usually plan to meet friends at a certain time.Otherwise its a ghost town I dont know why.Playing MAME and MESS online is great.Maybe its too diffi ...
EmuChat mesk 03/25/14 07:48 PM
. Re: MESS finally supporting most MMC-5 NES games

Great news!
News mesk 02/12/14 09:10 PM
. Re: Wow, Emu Pinball is...complicated...

I too prefer VP over FP. I like that it uses roms for the score screens.Italie is right,the naming of tables and art is way off.
EmuChat mesk 01/12/14 02:40 AM
. Re: MAME 0.152

Thanks MAME team. Happy Holidays to all!
News mesk 12/24/13 08:02 PM
. Re: Remember that 7th Building in the WTC?

Other than you,nobody seems to care.Probably because they know its all BS.Get over it,and move on with your life
Welcome to the War Room mesk 09/26/13 11:16 PM
. Re: MAME\MESS for Ubuntu 12.04?

Thanks for the info guys.I ended up going with Wally and 149u1 and QMC2 as the FE.Now im off to setup a SVN like Sune suggested.
EmuChat mesk 09/26/13 07:25 PM
. MAME\MESS for Ubuntu 12.04?

Which MAME\MESS do I use for Ubuntu? IS UME Ubuntu compatible? MAME thats available on Ubuntu software doesnt even tell you which version it is.Is Lin ...
EmuChat mesk 09/26/13 02:50 AM
. Re: I3 or I5 for MAME

I upgraded my cab from a i3 2100 @3.1 (sandy bridge) to a i5 3470 @ 3.2 (ivy bridge) Huge improvement.Go with the i5
EmuChat mesk 09/05/13 06:13 PM
. Re: At first I was like, sure, why the heck not...

Imagine being number 99,999......
The Loony Bin mesk 08/31/13 08:11 PM
. Re: teach yer children well

Same here,I learned more in one year of college then I learned in four years of high school.Heavens forbid someone calls out a bad teacher,the mafia k ...
The Loony Bin mesk 05/10/13 08:45 PM
. Re: he's trolling on purpose, so just don't feed him ;) *nt*

Cheats for MESS systems NES,SNES,Gens,yet? @ Animal Bear-what is this strange obsession you have with Demul? On this forum,on emucr,all you talk abo ...
News mesk 04/23/13 05:23 PM
. Re: meh

The Good Son was a awesome movie.Culkin was a convincing evil little bastard in it.
The Loony Bin mesk 04/07/13 12:57 AM
. Re: YouTube reacts to Donkey Kong: Pauline Edition

Id like to think that the majority of these comments are made by 14 year old immature boys,but deep down I know they are most likely made by 35+ year ...
The Loony Bin mesk 04/05/13 05:14 PM
. Re: What if they killed Star Wars completely?

Really not a big deal.Well it is for the employees,never cool when people are laid off What was their last decent game? The Force Unleashed? Maybe,it ...
The Loony Bin mesk 04/04/13 05:32 PM
. Re: How to get the HLSL to work.

HLSL is working for me again after updating to 148.2. Only when ini_read and ini_write are off.
News mesk 03/21/13 05:04 AM
. MAME 0.148u1 issues

Is anyone else having problems with 148u1? I have multiple games crashing,with HLSL both on and off.Gradius 4 crashes on startup,as does Cruisin USA a ...
EmuChat mesk 03/14/13 10:16 PM
. Re: The Times They Are a-Changin'

Screw CliffyB,just last week he was defending EA's current business practices and comparing them to Valve (Sim City disaster,plus many,many more)defen ...
EmuChat mesk 03/11/13 01:25 AM
. Re: MAME Plus! Plus! and Maximus Arcade

>I was going to try the forums at Maximus Arcade, but everything is > locked down super tight. It's like a ghost town over there. Maximus FE i ...
EmuChat mesk 02/25/13 07:56 PM
. Re: Interesting Cheap Intel Core CPU

My cab has a core i3 2100 @ 3.1 (sandy bridge) and let me tell you-I am amazed at what this processor can do.I was using it as my desktop for about 4 ...
Hardware mesk 02/23/13 12:28 AM
. Re: PS4

Hmm these 2 new consoles by Sony and Microsoft are nothing more then non upgradable PC's shoved in a console shell.Both the PS4 and Xbox 720 will have ...
The Loony Bin mesk 02/21/13 08:12 PM
. Re: PS4

Since when has HD-DVD been better then BluRay? They hold 15gb vs 25gb for BluRay.Hmm I guess somebody needs to tell Toshiba to fire up those HD-DVD pl ...
The Loony Bin mesk 02/21/13 08:05 PM
. Re: HBMAME 0.148u1r21147

Working well with HyperSpin! And Thank you Robbbert!
News mesk 02/18/13 12:30 AM
. Re: Haswell = A new dawn for mame?

> > even if it's Revolution and Rage Racer instead of RR2 and Rave Racer. > >>>>>>>>>>>>> > > ...
EmuChat mesk 02/16/13 09:19 PM
. Re: Thanks Robbbert

Thank you for keeping this going Robbbert
HBMAME / ARCADE64 / MESSUI mesk 02/15/13 04:15 AM
. Re: Anybody else noticed this with (current Mame0.148) Marvel VS Capcom 2?

Marvel Vs Capcom 2 is running on MAME?
EmuChat mesk 02/15/13 04:14 AM

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