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Hi ! I'm rebuilding my sets and i noticed that Upd 214 link is broken. Can you reup it please ? Have a nice day
progetto-SNAPS remax 02/26/21 09:12 PM
. Re: MAME 0.226

Big thanks for this release
News remax 12/02/20 02:58 PM
. Re: the mario 64 source port is... strange.

> > I waited 20 minutes, and there's nothing apart from the instructions. I tried > Firefox > > and IE. Does it require Win 10? (I'm us ...
The Loony Bin remax 05/09/20 09:21 PM
. Re: Malwarebytes target t7z.exe as Malware.Ransom.Agent.Generic now.

> > I could use the TrrntzipDN but the size of the 7z isn't the same. A little off. Yeah, cause t7z is for 7z and torrentZIP is for Zip... ...
EmuChat remax 05/09/20 09:12 PM
. Re: decided...

> Got it. Don't mind me, I'm just making conversation lol. > > S Well, that's the place for.
The Loony Bin remax 11/20/19 08:16 PM
. Re: decided...

> > I guess so, but Tom does not need a mixer that has an amplifier because his soundbar > has an amp built in. > > If I was shopping ...
The Loony Bin remax 11/10/19 08:57 PM
. Re: decided...

> > (not a recommendation because I have no idea whether it's any good, it's just for > inspiration) ...
The Loony Bin remax 11/10/19 02:25 AM
. Re: Some little french translation requested...

> > Not english here. > Was just saying that "gum" is now a french word like "week-end", "parking", "st ...
EmuChat remax 01/04/19 01:04 AM
. Re: Some little french translation requested...

Means absolutely nothing... Except for the english word "gum" which kind of integrated french language because of "chewing gum". ...
EmuChat remax 01/04/19 12:21 AM
. Re: GameEx Evolution 1.00

> I would say that "frontend", doesnt really justify this superb product. It is way, > way more than that. QMC2 plays in a whole diffe ...
News remax 10/05/18 03:39 PM
. Re: Mamesaver 2.0 released

> > Avast didn't like your last release at all... > > > > Had to deactivate it to test your screensaver. > > > > I rep ...
News remax 09/15/18 03:40 PM
. Re: Mamesaver 2.0 released

> > I'll wait for future releases, meanwhile i'll jus stick the default roms folder > > No release just yet, but a heads-up that this has ...
News remax 09/14/18 02:41 PM

> hi there > can somebody please help > i recently purchased a bartop arcacde machine with a raspberry pi 3b fitted with > emulation stati ...
EmuChat remax 08/20/18 02:09 PM
. Re: Trash or useful ?

Yeah, that's the Pong clone console that flooded EU at the start of 80's... I just bought the one i had being a child ...
EmuChat remax 05/26/18 12:24 AM
. Re: Embarassingly simple question I can't figure out.

> You need version.ini in your "folders" directory. The one from catlist doesn't work > on official versions of MAME. That would be ...
EmuChat remax 04/18/18 01:46 PM
. Re: progetto-SNAPS 0.195 Support Files

Sorry, was "a bit" late, so "THANK YOU!!!"
progetto-SNAPS remax 04/18/18 12:39 PM
. Re: progetto-SNAPS 0.195 Support Files

> wow great, thanks a lot I was wondering : would you mind to offer all these files into one package also ? (only if it's minor work). Thanks
progetto-SNAPS remax 03/30/18 02:56 PM
. Very interresting -NT

EmuChat remax 01/19/18 12:05 PM
. Re: POLYBIUS - The Video Game That Doesn't Exist

Hey ! Al Kossow appears at some point in the video
The Loony Bin remax 10/23/17 03:38 PM
. Re: Getting this server update error.

> it does not check version.ini if it's the 64 bit version > but good to know you solved your problem.... > > it's more likel ...
News remax 09/06/17 08:54 PM
. Re: monkeys at work....The Simpson's style

> "it was the best of times it was the blurst of times" (ie: Hopefully what a thousand > monkeys can accomplish without any typos) &g ...
News remax 08/22/17 10:27 PM
. Re: Sherlock sure went downhill

> I don't think anyone in Sherlock is gay. I recall some jokes of ambiguity but > Sherlock ends up kissing girls and nothing gay. I don't know i ...
The Loony Bin remax 07/20/17 11:33 AM
. True story (nt)

News remax 06/29/17 09:33 PM
. Re: Not all is well with Sega Forever

> Eurogamer article bringing up performance issues as well as a little > behind-the-scenes failed agreement to use Retroarch. In short, apparent ...
EmuChat remax 06/26/17 12:00 PM
. Re: Lest anyone think *I'm* full of shit

To add a point to your demonstration : Don't forget to take into account that Google Translation have got far better over the last years... So the ...
News remax 06/22/17 10:57 AM

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