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. Re: Two Player Co-op Ms. Pacman in the Arcades?

EmuChat sirscotty 02/18/21 06:09 AM
. Re: Ms PacMan Twin (Susilu, 1992/1993) now in MAME - WOW!

Two in the same week. Now if we can just get MazeMan. I guess I am content with the version of Crazy Otto that Scott Lawrence did that is in Misfit ...
News sirscotty 02/16/21 11:04 AM
. Re: mame gauntlet

The reason you were having problems is easy to comprehend but complicated to explain. Manufactures make revisions to arcade games. There is a co ...
EmuChat sirscotty 02/13/21 03:34 AM
. Re: mame gauntlet

> Yes....but JoseQ's Emuviews with the weekly RumorMill report was the ticket back in > the days. > Ahhhh the memories!! Remember even ...
EmuChat sirscotty 02/13/21 02:36 AM
. Re: Coinex Barracuda

SWEET!!!!!! THANK YOU!!! 1 down 1 to go!! MazeMan is out there!!! We need it dumped!!!!!
EmuChat sirscotty 02/13/21 02:13 AM
. Re: Correct colors in GORF. NT

> Wow, you just ignored everything that a MAME DEV stated and posted this dumb shit > anyway....that takes a special kind of stupid. Wow.... ...
EmuChat sirscotty 12/26/20 06:59 AM
. Re: Correct colors in GORF. NT

Holy crap!! Merry Christmas to you too Karen! It is a known problem, and has been for a long time.
EmuChat sirscotty 12/25/20 10:56 AM
. Correct colors in GORF. NT

EmuChat sirscotty 12/24/20 07:02 PM
. Re: 2021's Almost Here: What Do You Guys Hope For in Mame/Mess?

Same thing I say EVERY year.... the ORIGINAL Crazy Otto roms, but I know Steve Golson is not releasing them. SO...... I will say the laser disk games ...
EmuChat sirscotty 12/23/20 07:15 AM
. Re: Question on Analog Dial Inputs

Are you by change using the Tron spinner from Glen's Retro Show Kickstarter for the Star Wars yoke?
EmuChat sirscotty 12/02/20 10:12 AM
. Re: Galaga on MAME 0.225 is lagging fire 200-300 ms

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE learn how to shoot proper cell phone video. I have my computer connected to a 65" TV and I REFUSE to watch a video that l ...
EmuChat sirscotty 11/12/20 06:50 AM
. Re: Best games that use a special controller?

MTV Drumscape Drum Simulator Arcade
EmuChat sirscotty 10/27/20 05:05 PM
. Touch screen games in MAME

In my never ending quest to get Touchmaster, MegaTouch and IGT video gambling games working in MAME, It looks like someone has finally got it working! ...
EmuChat sirscotty 10/15/20 06:11 PM
. Re: What controller are you using?

I take emulation serious.... While I do have a large collection of consoles and retro computers (over 50) I usually use emulation. I have two X-Arcad ...
EmuChat sirscotty 10/03/20 02:15 PM
. Re: Two Player Co-op Ms. Pacman in the Arcades?

EmuChat sirscotty 09/26/20 06:57 PM
. Re: Two Player Co-op Ms. Pacman in the Arcades?

Ms. Pac-Man twin is a homebrew for the 7800. It is a simulation of the arcade game.
EmuChat sirscotty 09/26/20 06:45 PM
. Re: Two Player Co-op Ms. Pacman in the Arcades?

As Mr. Do stated, Mame does not have this yet. However there is a hacked version of it for the Atari 7800 that is pretty neat. I was just playing ...
EmuChat sirscotty 09/26/20 03:09 AM
. Tandyvision One

The Sears version of the Intellivison (Super Video Arcade) has been emulated, so why not the Radio Shack version? I am sure the bios is out there som ...
EmuChat sirscotty 09/15/20 06:47 AM
. Re: Future saving of new games....

EmuChat sirscotty 08/28/20 05:29 AM
. Re: Google Chromecast

Easiest way is if your PC has an HDMI connector just run it to the TV. Easy peasy. Looks great. I have 3 monitors connected to my computer, with t ...
EmuChat sirscotty 08/23/20 06:18 AM
. Re: Steering Wheel

It makes perfect sense. One of the main reasons I bought a 3D printer was to do that every thing. The wheels you find for purchase are usually pre ...
EmuChat sirscotty 07/30/20 05:43 PM
. Re: pac clones

> Thanks for the links. Maybe it'll show up in MAME one day. Maybe Crazy Otto will too > > I was hoping to see MazeMan at Galloping Ghost a ...
EmuChat sirscotty 07/24/20 05:52 PM
. Re: [Q] Centipede only the first three scores in NVRAM?

> Yup... frustrated me as a kid a few months after it first came out. I had the high > score at the corner liquor store for awhile... Asteroi ...
EmuChat sirscotty 05/28/20 06:10 PM
. Re: pac clones

I have been looking for MazeMan FOREVER!! Marcel Silvus (aka SIL) is the one that did the remake as we were talking about it back in the day. Obvios ...
EmuChat sirscotty 05/19/20 12:20 PM
. Re: Gorf colors in astro battles, possible alternate version

vs what we got
EmuChat sirscotty 05/12/20 07:12 PM

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