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. Re: 2017 is almost over what do you expect in 2018

> - Original XBOX emulation (Chihiro apart, as forgotten as the N-Gage by everyone) Xbox is already partially emulated, it runs the dashboard and ...
EmuChat sz72 12/23/17 01:29 PM
. MAME 0.170

News sz72 01/27/16 11:21 AM
. Re: bump - sorry, need help...

> I've tried that and it takes a lot of commenting things out and when it get to the I want you to comment only line 502 in file delegate.h and no ...
EmuChat sz72 05/18/14 09:51 PM
. Re: bump - sorry, need help...

What is the content of line 502 in delegate.h ? If it contains just a call to assert() like assert(sizeof(mfp) == sizeof(*this)); try to comment tha ...
EmuChat sz72 05/18/14 12:43 PM
. Re: Building MAME with Visual Studio 2013.

You probably have a configuration problem. Check that the "UI Select" setting is correct in the user interface control menu.
EmuChat sz72 05/16/14 08:38 PM
. Re: Building MAME with Visual Studio 2013.

> Unfortunately that approach didn't work either. Does the Enter key work if you start a game from the command line and then press the Tab key to ...
EmuChat sz72 05/12/14 10:49 PM
. Re: Is it strictly forbidden?

It is not forbidden. If you have found a bug, you can report it at http://
Programming sz72 03/02/14 01:27 AM
. Re: mame 0152 running on ARM produces segmentation fault

Try this, in the file src/emu/delegate.h find the lines #if defined(__GNUC__) #define USE_DELEGATE_TYPE DELEGATE_TYPE_INTERNAL #else #define USE_DELEG ...
Programming sz72 02/11/14 10:58 PM
. Re: Edit Memory in debug mode?

> I'm trying to write to a Z80 I/O space and the main 68k seems to write to it to play > the music. Then that area is most certainly implement ...
EmuChat sz72 02/01/14 10:37 PM
. Re: Edit Memory in debug mode?

> Hi, > > I;m wondering if there's anyway I can change the data of some memory locations in > games at all? I'm trying to see if I can ch ...
EmuChat sz72 02/01/14 10:22 PM
. Re: simulation of a digital circuit

> I would but this is far from my competence.. And also, I would miss the ADC > simulation that I would need more..since without the EOC signal, ...
Hardware sz72 01/05/14 10:24 PM
. Re: How about N64? -NT-

> The original gate-by-gate design files for the N64 customs are out in the wild, so > it's actually theoretically possible. That's interesti ...
EmuChat sz72 01/01/14 11:59 AM
. Re: simulation of a digital circuit

the bank of dram chips could be simulated by substituting it with a static ram chip, a register (or a set of d-type flip-flops) and some logic
Hardware sz72 12/31/13 08:49 AM
. Re: Troubleshooting boot failure

Memtest can only check a limited set of problems where ram is involved. If you see graphics problems ... ram can be involved, but also the video card, ...
Hardware sz72 04/27/13 10:36 PM
. Re: Need help with Cruis'n World driver

> Well, > > in Cruis'n World/USA the 4 view positions are mapped to 4 buttons. What i am trying > to code is the cycling between the 4 vi ...
Programming sz72 08/28/12 06:55 PM
. Re: Need help with Cruis'n World driver

> Thanks. So, that function must return a value. Do you have any suggestion on how to > solve the problem? > > The original code for that ...
Programming sz72 08/28/12 03:51 PM
. Re: Need help with Cruis'n World driver

> Thanks for the answer > > If i insert the "return" between braces, like > > > static READ32_HANDLER( port1_r ) > { ...
Programming sz72 08/28/12 01:30 PM
. Re: Need help with Cruis'n World driver

Programming sz72 08/27/12 08:44 PM
. Public read MAME/MESS merged SVN server

And so you have it Quote: Let the games begin 21 Aug 2012 I am happy to announce that from now on, we have public read ...
News sz72 08/21/12 08:45 PM
. Re: MAME 0.145u8

> So is this z80 something we can dump and emulate? It can be emulated, but there is nothing to dump. Its firmware it is uploaded to it by the ma ...
News sz72 05/08/12 02:28 PM
. Re: MAME 0.145u8

> - Hikaru: Added some new technical findings [Stefano Teso] The "serial device at 0080000" is actually like a Z80 cpu that is connected ...
News sz72 05/07/12 11:03 PM
. Re: RB WIP: General update

> > What is valkyrie at the top of the planet harriers photo? > > Stefano's Linux-only WIP Hikaru emulator. So, do you know what kind ...
News sz72 03/23/12 07:23 PM
. Re: CPU Upgrade and architectur question

> The other question I have, is that since upgrading from 32-bit board and Win to > 64-bit board and Win, I seem to have lost the ability to co ...
Hardware sz72 12/31/11 01:43 PM
. Re: I need help reading some memory from mame.

What do you mean with "dump file" ? The rom dumps from the game board ?
Programming sz72 11/24/11 09:09 PM
. Re: For Windows Developers: some questions

> Hello there. I am very uninformed when it comes to Microsoft Windows programming. > It's not that hard to make portable code, so compiling my ...
Programming sz72 10/09/11 09:39 PM

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