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. download for 139u1

Hi all, just looking for a working download for an optimised for intel version of 139u1 its the only full romset i have but no emu.
EmuChat wild eyed 11/23/13 03:59 PM
. Re: Weecade Project....

i had a look at the Gigabyte Brix. very nice, but gonna do this budget style. i have an old pc here that may be of some use, other wise i'll use an ol ...
Hardware wild eyed 09/30/13 10:14 PM
. Weecade Project....

Looking at building a weecade for my nephews and niece for christmas. looking for something small to run mame, hoping to run Cps 2, NeoGeo and older. ...
Hardware wild eyed 09/29/13 10:44 PM
. The Invaders Arcade Cab

Hi All.Just picked this up, has all original artwork and original manuals, whats it worth if anything? i plug in but hear a clicking noise... and not ...
Hardware wild eyed 09/23/13 07:41 PM
. Re: I gotta check this one out. :)

Proper Full screen potrait mode. I emailed requestingnhe implement that!!! Boom! I think he would have done it anyway but still. BOOM!
News wild eyed 07/19/13 04:51 AM
. Re: Demul 0.58

Great news
News wild eyed 07/08/13 04:24 PM
. Re: Seriously, you guys

> I appreciate everything said here, but it's not *that* drastic of a move Cant believe he's gone. Sometimes i feel like i can still hear him.
News wild eyed 05/23/13 11:41 PM
. Re: The end of the road or...

really nice and helpful guy, glad he'll still be around... im sure the mame project takes up a lot of time....
News wild eyed 05/22/13 05:29 PM
. Will arcades have a revival???

with gaming going crazy and sometimes rubbish do any of you think that arcades might make a comeback?
EmuChat wild eyed 05/14/13 01:09 AM
. what effect does the CPU overclock.......

what effect does the CPU overclock under slider controls have in mame? can it benefit a games speed?
EmuChat wild eyed 05/06/13 02:28 PM
. Vertical frontend

Im in the mood for a change and wanted to rotate monitor for a bit and play some vertical games. Whats the best frontend for this?
Hardware wild eyed 04/20/13 09:58 AM
. Re: Benchmark

i changed that filter option, i may have turned it on by mistake. im have such shitty luck with computers. no noticeable improvement with filter off ...
Hardware wild eyed 03/22/13 12:43 AM
. Re: Benchmark

here is a copy paste of my mame ini Code: # # CORE CONFIGURATION OPTIONS # readconfig 1 writeconfig 0 # # CORE SEARCH ...
Hardware wild eyed 03/21/13 04:15 PM
. Re: Benchmark

many thanks yes running 64 bit mame. multi-threaded rendering is enabled. direct 3D version 9 is being used..... just tried it again with 10/10 fram ...
Hardware wild eyed 03/21/13 04:03 PM
. Re: Benchmark

so what am i doing wrong? specs: Intel Core i7 CPU 860 2.80GHZ 8gigs of Ram Windows 7 64 bit graphics Ati Radeon HD 5700 im using MAMEUI148.2 T ...
Hardware wild eyed 03/21/13 03:35 PM
. Re: Benchmark

actually, something is wrong... i just tried running radient silvergun and its not running anyfaster at all than my old amd, im getting 80% should i ...
Hardware wild eyed 03/21/13 02:36 AM
. Benchmark

I just got a new PC a Dell studio XPS 8100 with 8gb of ram and an i7. can someone tell me a good hard to run game that i can try?
Hardware wild eyed 03/21/13 02:05 AM
. Re: Pugsy's Page has bee updated with Cheat Collection Update for the latest MAME

Great news !!
News wild eyed 09/25/12 11:13 AM
. Re: DU Update: Long nose, short game

how many games did igs do?
News wild eyed 09/20/12 01:12 AM
. Re: HqxMAME - standard MAME plus support for hqx scaler

What does this version exactly. Please forgive my ignorance.
News wild eyed 09/19/12 02:44 AM
. Re: games similiar to Golly Ghost..... (image in the playfield)

> > > hi all, what games also use a background image in the playfield, like golly ghost > > > does........ > > > > Not ...
EmuChat wild eyed 09/01/12 03:06 PM
. Re: AMD Phenom X4 9600...... thoughts?

> > > You could pick up a cheap Core i5 motherboard, CPU, and memory for around $400. > > > Here's my current "want" list ...
Hardware wild eyed 09/01/12 02:59 PM
. Re: Mame for ST-V.....

....and this is how we learn. agreed, im no programmer nor would i claim to be one. i am however part of a shakespeare theatre troupe and i recite so ...
EmuChat wild eyed 09/01/12 02:55 PM
. Re: first compile with mame compiler 64

well it was more of a mame speed up i was hoping for, moreso than a compile speedup. thanks though
Programming wild eyed 09/01/12 11:37 AM
. first compile with mame compiler 64

quick question. how does one specify which driver are included? i see that mame.lst has the list of all games...... do just comment them out or does ...
Programming wild eyed 08/31/12 11:32 PM

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