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. Re: anybody play with 70s/80s jukeboxes ??

I have the 'rare' Da Vinci (1979) that uses the same MPU, curious what you mean by parking/resetting. It scans back and forth but never picks up a rec ...
The Loony Bin yaggy 12/30/19 09:13 AM
. Re: RIP Walter Becker...

I just found a copy of FM on 7" a few days ago. No static at all!
The Loony Bin yaggy 09/18/17 05:22 PM
. Re: Have never seen a single episode and could care less.

> I could care less. Ha! That means you care. You may in fact care very much! It's when you couldn't care less that you have no more fucks to giv ...
The Loony Bin yaggy 08/02/17 09:01 PM
. Re: Gay of Thrones

no interest in that show. saw some of it, gets old fast. but i am dating a girl who looks like that lannister chick. strange coincidence. short hair v ...
The Loony Bin yaggy 08/01/17 05:37 PM
. Re: Arcade - back in the (Strange) days !? :)

Was that dragon's lair running Dexter?
The Loony Bin yaggy 07/24/17 07:35 PM
. Re: What Does The Fox Say?

The Loony Bin yaggy 07/18/17 10:59 PM
. Re: So I'm at this bar shooting the $#!¥...

I take it the guy's daughter had been ravaged by the ugly stick
The Loony Bin yaggy 07/07/17 04:09 PM
. Re: Is there a virtuality emulator ?

ha! wow! well.. i would go down the Amiga emu path first and search for dactyl nightmare, battlesphere, legend quest, exorex, V-TOL, etc. I used to ...
EmuChat yaggy 06/27/17 08:55 PM
. Re: SuX0r my frame

cropped too much, some text is missing. and apparently Rai Den is two words?
The Loony Bin yaggy 06/20/17 06:49 PM
. Re: Unsolicited feedback.

yeah agree... i'd be more intrigued by such modular things as a universal driver pcb with a customizable program and wiring terminals so I can take s ...
The Loony Bin yaggy 06/14/17 05:01 PM
. Re: After Burner/Thunder Blade z80 ROMS with extended/melody music.

Thanks, I had downloaded the source code but I am too inept to compile it, I must be doing something wrong. I have visual studio but clearly this simp ...
EmuChat yaggy 06/01/17 08:30 PM
. Re: After Burner/Thunder Blade z80 ROMS with extended/melody music.

Somewhat related: Anyone know here the LayOut outrun track editor can be downloaded? Existing dropbox link is long expired.
EmuChat yaggy 06/01/17 08:00 PM
. Re: That's a piss poor Marty & Doc

> > Sad they didn't use the actual people who play on those movies. I think they should > > redo the artworks. Make it right . > > ...
The Loony Bin yaggy 05/22/17 05:29 PM
. Re: Vintage mom photo

your mom was a bitch
The Loony Bin yaggy 01/02/17 10:49 PM
. Re: Two nerds and a critic walk into an arcade...

> I hate places that have the games on freeplay Agree 100% However, by doing this they skirt the legality of coin-operated devices and the permit ...
The Loony Bin yaggy 11/14/16 07:38 PM
. Re: So what is your 'bad boy' story??

used to bang girls in the projection booth of theatres where i worked. best job ever (in some ways). now it's an obsolete skill. the warm, vibrating ...
The Loony Bin yaggy 11/08/16 10:37 PM
. Re: I can kind of understand why so many beautiful classic arcade cabinets were smashed and trashed.

Another thing to consider, operators of all sorts of amusements had a habit of smashing up their novelty machines (jukes, mechanical gun, pinball) onc ...
The Loony Bin yaggy 10/28/16 08:42 PM
. Re: Alternative to aimtrak lightgun?

I used to use the Act Labs lightgun. It only works on WHITE FLASH optical games such as Hogan's Alley, Duck Hunt, Lethal Enforcers. HOWEVER, it inter ...
Hardware yaggy 09/20/16 05:26 PM
. Re: "subculture of video game geeks" ?

Getting tired of all these abortions people make just because they can. Certainly not because they SHOULD.
EmuChat yaggy 09/19/16 08:53 PM
. Re: $159

> apple laughs all the way to the bank you mean, to their off-shore tax haven! $16B they owe. BILLION. Murica.
The Loony Bin yaggy 09/15/16 09:35 PM
. Re: i will have to investigate this snes vs arcade ost claim

Do very much agree about Castlevania IV. So much instrumentation, great compositions, and wonderful use of the upright double bass.
The Loony Bin yaggy 07/18/16 08:44 PM
. Re: so...

Tempest Arcade Tempestt Bledsoe
The Loony Bin yaggy 07/08/16 05:17 PM
. Re: And they wonder why three quarters of the population is on anti-depressants.

"I'm sorry, I didn't get that."
The Loony Bin yaggy 06/16/16 11:15 PM
. Re: she's holding up pretty well

She's 77? Wow. Coconut juice does a body good.
The Loony Bin yaggy 05/05/16 03:43 PM
. Re: Best Pinball Machine.... evah! Your rack and opinion?

I have an Addams and will never sell. Always wanted a Funhouse, too. I mostly prefer a mix of older titles and rotate them over time. An oldie but goo ...
The Loony Bin yaggy 04/25/16 09:46 PM

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