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. Re: The wait is almost over... a public release is just around the corner

I'm done! All the changes I was working on are finally complete. I just need 3 more days to double-check everything.
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 08/01/21 11:24 PM
. Minor change to icon of games with missing ROMs

For years, games you have with missing ROMs/CHDs were showing grayscale icons. The font of these sets can be customized to be different than parent/cl ...
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 07/31/21 08:58 PM
. Re: Can anyone identify this game ?

It is Virtual Striker (SEGA Model 2 board). Which one ? I have no idea. ...
EmuChat CiroConsentino 07/31/21 08:20 PM
. Re: MAME 0.234

Thanks for the update. I see NES system got lots of love in this build
News CiroConsentino 07/28/21 12:53 PM
. Re: RIP Byuu

Rest in peace.
News CiroConsentino 07/26/21 10:32 PM
. Emu Loader frontend news

Go here for details;vc=1&new=
EmuChat CiroConsentino 07/26/21 12:05 AM
. The wait is almost over... a public release is just around the corner

After 3 months of non-stop work in the frontend, 4K layouts are basically finished (minimum resolution of 3840x2160 required!) Only 3 features / 5 for ...
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 07/26/21 12:03 AM
. Re: MESSinfo 0.233 out!

Thank you for the update.
News CiroConsentino 07/10/21 12:47 PM
. Classic Mr. Bean...

EmuChat CiroConsentino 07/09/21 12:55 AM
. Games Editor: "Edit Console/Computer Games Info" (minor change)

Just a small tweak. When you want to edit all fields for one or multiple games at once, the panel is no longer at the bottom of the games list. It's a ...
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 07/07/21 08:35 PM
. Light Mode Settings screen

Another one with lots of controls to resize/reposition... I'm leaving "MAME Settings" screen for last.
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 07/04/21 10:44 PM
. Preferences screen

It took me an entire day to do this as well. Layout got some minor updates too.
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 07/04/21 10:41 PM
. Customize Night Mode

This one took a lot of work. Layout has changed a little bit.
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 07/04/21 10:40 PM
. Re: Bug report email account doesn't exist

hi, see this thread. I need to update Emu Loader with the new e-mail account:;vc=1&new=
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 07/04/21 04:29 PM
. Re: History.xml 2.33

Great work, thank you for the update.
News CiroConsentino 07/02/21 12:44 PM
. 16x16 icons for image categories and image layouts are no more

Such icons for image categories and image layouts are way to small to differentiate (and to make). Emu Loader hasn't used 16x16 icons for quite a whil ...
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 06/25/21 04:31 PM
. Re: Passing in command line verbs/switches to MAME with EmuLoader

hi, Emu Loader doesn't have this feature, no. You can use a second MAME binary in "Arcade Emulators Setup", but instead of a .exe you could ...
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 06/25/21 02:06 AM
. Final result, no overlay, just like image layouts

I've made some changes and managed to create a img category without any overlays. They will be the same as image layouts with a subtle dark frame arou ...
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 06/22/21 05:10 PM
. Image category overlay is no more

Image category icons will use the tool bar overlay icon from now on. I was going for no overlay at all to be the same as image layout icons but withou ...
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 06/22/21 04:59 PM
. Filter by CPU floating panel, "You are terminated!"

No more floating panel for the "MAME CPU Filter" (setting from misc filters in tool bar settings). It will be attached below the tool bar fi ...
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 06/18/21 09:11 PM
. Search bar floating panel, "You are terminated!"

The search bar floating panel feature will not longer be supported. It was an interesting idea for low resolutions when one wanted to hide the tool ba ...
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 06/18/21 09:04 PM
. Re: Modern version

yes, I did. I've been using computers since "ZX Spectrum".
EmuChat CiroConsentino 06/18/21 02:34 AM
. Re: Modern version *DELETED*

Post deleted by CiroConsentino
EmuChat CiroConsentino 06/17/21 08:27 PM
. Popup menus updated

This one was tricky and it took me a while. I had to make changes to the BarMenus.pas library for the 4K mode (not my component) and fixed a few bugs ...
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 06/14/21 10:54 PM
. Machine Types / Systems Filter

whaaa!? disabled/not used systems are now faded into the background with silver text
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 06/14/21 10:28 PM

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