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. Re: Williams Predators for the first time in 30 years!

> The game was intended to occupy 4 FULL SIZE arcade cabinet which made the game very > expensive labor intensive for the game owner requiring a ...
News Comboman 07/30/17 07:33 PM
. Re: LCD Lightgun technology -are we there yet?

The Aimtrak claims to work with all monitors, but it requires a Wii-type LED bar.
Hardware Comboman 07/19/17 03:54 AM
. Re: Flyer Fever Update - Shoei Edition

Hmmmm. I wonder why Galaxia has flipper buttons? Maybe Atari sold off some surplus Video Pinball cabinets?
News Comboman 06/08/17 04:25 AM
. Re: DU: Cinco de Most Wanted

> So, the graphics are so small that it doesn't need a rom for them. You could fit them > in the program rom. It's literally an all white clay p ...
News Comboman 05/07/17 12:01 AM
. Re: TX-1 (update)

part 2
MAME Artwork: Official Comboman 04/30/17 11:01 PM
. Re: TX-1 (update)

The size exceeds the limit for attachments and my Dropbox account is toast so I'll have to break it up into sections. I also tried your MyCloud but i ...
MAME Artwork: Official Comboman 04/30/17 10:58 PM
. Re: TX-1 (update)

Here's the zip.
MAME Artwork: Official Comboman 04/30/17 10:51 PM
. Re: Tutankham Bezel Rev. B

> Why the fuck did they use Mayan glyphs for > an Egyptian game? There are those who believe that life here began out there, far across ...
MAME Artwork X: Other Artwork Projects Comboman 04/30/17 10:41 PM
. Re: Flyer Fever Update

> Century Electronic's CVS - Century Electronics (1983) [featuring Raiders, CVS] I guess there is a 'Wall St' flyer out there somewhere. At least ...
News Comboman 04/06/17 03:49 AM
. 10 year anniversary coming up.

Only a couple weeks to the 10 year anniversary of the most wanted list.
MAME Artwork: Official Comboman 03/05/17 04:55 PM
. Re: Guided Missile revisited

Here's the samples zip.
MAME Artwork: Official Comboman 02/21/17 01:44 AM
. Re: Guided Missile revisited

Sorry. It looks like Dropbox has eliminated public folders, but since attachments are working here again I will repost. (BTW, thanks to EnvisagedOne ...
MAME Artwork: Official Comboman 02/21/17 01:35 AM
. TRaSh-80 vs Walker?

I don't know how much overlap there is between old computer fans and Walking Dead viewers, but in tonight's episode it looked like Rick used a TRS-80 ...
EmuChat Comboman 02/20/17 05:55 AM
. Re: Position of gear shift overlay

It can be changed, but it's not easy. Anything on the screen that's not part of the video emulation is created through an artwork layout file (gamena ...
EmuChat Comboman 01/12/17 12:39 AM
. Re: Galaxy Wars/Galaxy Rescue

No problem. I assume it uses the old ART format instead of LAY fies?
MAME Artwork: Official Comboman 01/09/17 04:28 AM
. Re: Is it possible to use PNG file for Outrun's Shifter ?

It is definitely possible, I did one a while back. OutRun I also posted artwork for a few other games with shifters if you are interested (Turbo, S ...
MAME Artwork: Official Comboman 01/05/17 06:29 AM
. Re: How to display Mame game bezels using Mame 0.179?

When you installed MAME it should create a subfolder called ARTWORK. Copy all your artwork zip files there. Start up MAME and open a game with artwo ...
MAME Artwork: Official Comboman 11/11/16 05:44 PM
. Re: I know I'm going to take shit for this but.....

More importantly, will anyone in the banking/credit card industry get upset about "hacking" a payment terminal?
News Comboman 10/27/16 04:37 AM
. Re: Space Panic (header)

Here's the zip.
MAME Artwork: Official Comboman 10/16/16 02:35 PM
. Space Panic (header)

Special thanks to btribble for locating and scanning this in for us. I was surprised at how well it matched up to the bezel. I don't know why it uses ...
MAME Artwork: Official Comboman 10/16/16 02:31 PM
. Re: Flyer Fever Year 2 Update, Part 1

Thanks, some great finds there. Interesting that Universal had a clown as their logo years before Mr. Do was released.
News Comboman 10/02/16 03:57 AM
. Video

I found a video of the Истребители game ...
News Comboman 09/27/16 04:10 AM
. Re: Notice for Rom Manager & Front-end authors

> This are to be kept forever case insensitive (lowercase is usually desired) as I > think all input is converted to a particular case for parsi ...
EmuChat Comboman 09/11/16 04:11 PM
. Re: Notice for Rom Manager & Front-end authors

> We are trying out extending the maximum length of parent rom sets from 8 to 16 > characters. Same applies to software-list parent items. > ...
EmuChat Comboman 09/09/16 11:47 PM
. Re: Can you identify these arcade games?

The third game from the left that Carrie is leaning on is definitely Atari's Anti-Aircraft (though not in it's standard cabinet). The others are like ...
EmuChat Comboman 09/04/16 03:32 AM

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