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. compile mame error

Hi, I am trying to compile MAME for the first time. I have followed the steps found at command used: make optimize= ...
EmuChat Jason 07/05/20 02:03 AM
. Thank you (nt)

EmuChat Jason 07/03/20 01:36 PM
. MAME game description O J A

Hello, Does anyone know what the different descriptions are? Example: Ray Storm (coh1000t) Taito FX1 We have Ray Storm (Ver 2.05A) Ray Storm (Ver ...
EmuChat Jason 07/03/20 02:06 AM
. Re: How to reset stock settings for contrast/gamma/brightness?

Hi. Mame stores those settings in mame.ini Try opening mame.ini with Wordpad or something similar and editing the setting there. You can also creat ...
EmuChat Jason 04/30/20 07:11 PM
. Re: I didn't want to play those games until 2030 anyways...thx!

assuming that this was directed to the original poster
EmuChat Jason 04/21/20 05:50 AM
. troll alert (nt)

EmuChat Jason 04/20/20 03:45 PM
. Re: pfeMAME version 2.11.4 has been released today

I'm thinking that he uses a US keyboard and the "r" key is just above the "f" key and that "premame" is simply a typo.
News Jason 12/15/19 04:00 PM
. Re: MAME and controllers

Thank you. I was able to get it to work using these instructions.
EmuChat Jason 09/22/19 01:39 PM
. Re: MAME and controllers

Yes, I've tried both slikstik and slikstik_co2 but still nothing.
EmuChat Jason 09/21/19 06:07 AM
. MAME and controllers

Hi, I am trying to use MAME 0.213 and a SlikStik CO2 unit. I have a slikstik_co2.cfg file in the ctrlr folder that's been in there for ages. I used ...
EmuChat Jason 09/08/19 02:46 AM
. Re: M.A.M.E and Windows xp

When MAME fails like that, more than likely, missing files are the reason. MAME is looking for files, it cannot find them and then it quits. Try run ...
EmuChat Jason 12/05/18 03:09 PM
. Re: Nintendo is going after a major Rom website...could this effect the future of how people get there games?

In my opinion, if you don't have what you need of Nintendo ROMs by now, you have nobody to be upset at but yourself. For years Nintendo ROMs have bee ...
EmuChat Jason 07/21/18 11:17 PM
. Re: my obsession with arcade ports.

To get Mortal Kombat to play with Kega Fusion enable Perfect Sync: Options --> Perfect Sync The game should now play fine
The Loony Bin Jason 06/28/18 04:45 PM
. Re: Some tone generated music inaccurate.

Seriously, this is all you've got? This is like taking your car to the shop and telling the mechanic that the car is making a noise and leaving it th ...
EmuChat Jason 06/05/18 12:14 AM
. Re: White rectangle before game starts

Wrong again ... I didn't develop anything. Again, do a little research before looking like a fool. I'll end this here and let your amusing posts spe ...
EmuChat Jason 03/19/18 02:26 PM
. Re: White rectangle before game starts

Just to let you know ... Haze is a MAME developer. He has every right to say what he said about what you asked. You might want to do a little resear ...
EmuChat Jason 03/19/18 01:30 PM
. Re: MAMEinfo 0.196GIT (r94403)

This is what I meant earlier ... how can someone take you seriously when you reply with stupid stuff like this? Can you at least TRY to have an adult ...
Welcome to the War Room Jason 03/18/18 07:08 PM
. Re: MAMEinfo 0.196GIT (r94403)

You are clueless on so many levels here ... Entertainment?? Depends on your definition of "entertainment". Definitely not entertainment in ...
Welcome to the War Room Jason 03/18/18 06:27 PM
. Re: mame language question....

The size of these files is very small. If you are using MAME for console games, chances are that you are downloading games you will probably never pl ...
EmuChat Jason 03/11/18 03:04 AM
. why?

With all due respect to the devs, why do you guys air out your dirty laundry on the mame boards? This argument is irrelevant to the vast majority of ...
News Jason 10/25/17 08:59 PM
. Re: The Return of the Japump

As Moogly stated ... STFU! Really, you know NOTHING about the situation other than what was posted by ShouTime. Here's a news flash for you ... Goo ...
News Jason 06/18/17 06:19 PM
. Re: Namco System 22 running slow

Actually 3.8 may be misleading. I have an Intel Core i7 2600k 3.4, turbo to 3.8 Couldn't tell you anything else about it. Bought the PC with this C ...
EmuChat Jason 05/27/17 03:56 AM
. Re: Namco System 22 running slow

Sure. Incomplete or inaccurate emulation can have various impacts on how a game plays (slowdowns, graphical issues, sound issues). Anything really. ...
EmuChat Jason 05/27/17 02:59 AM
. thank you. report submitted (nt)

EmuChat Jason 03/28/17 06:47 AM
. Elevator Action sound

Hello, Please let me know if this is worth reporting at MAME Testers. An MCU was recently added during last release as well. Perhaps this is the reas ...
EmuChat Jason 03/28/17 01:42 AM

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