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. Re: Mame for ST-V.....

understood. playing around here with different builds.. trying to use the mame compiler...eek. hypotheticaly.. is it possible to compile an older v ...
EmuChat wild eyed 08/31/12 10:09 PM
. Re: Mame for ST-V.....

119 is really good actually
EmuChat wild eyed 08/31/12 04:33 PM
. Re: Mame for ST-V.....

i just tried 106 and the speed increase is huge... sound isnt as improved as in 146 though.... when did sound get good?
EmuChat wild eyed 08/31/12 04:18 PM
. Mame for ST-V.....

hi all. been doing some searching but wanted to ask here first. i was looking at ST-V recently and was wondering what the best version of mame wou ...
EmuChat wild eyed 08/31/12 03:57 PM
. Re: AMD Phenom X4 9600...... thoughts?

in ireland we have the same deal is about 340 euros delivered.. hmm. if only i could use one computer for both my cabinet and desktop needs ...
Hardware wild eyed 08/30/12 09:32 PM
. Re: AMD Phenom X4 9600...... thoughts?

whats a good recomended intel setup or motherboard bundle? what processor should i be looking at? i3 i5 i7 are they the biggest brands at the mo?
Hardware wild eyed 08/29/12 06:11 PM
. Re: ST-V sound

i fully agree that amd isnt the best choice, but its all i got anyway. with my old AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+ the fps for si ...
EmuChat wild eyed 08/28/12 05:52 PM
. AMD Phenom X4 9600...... thoughts?

just did a cpu upgrade to this and was expecting much more from it... its running fine, but their is virtually no difference from the last cpu i had.. ...
Hardware wild eyed 08/28/12 04:02 PM
. Re: ST-V sound

what about sample rate? wouldnt a lower sample rate improve performance? also, i know its not a powerhouse, but wouldnt a quadcore amd phenom 9600 ...
EmuChat wild eyed 08/28/12 03:54 PM
. ST-V sound

been playing with some of the ST-V stuff on mame. r silvergun mostly. my sound is glitchy... is this the emulation? i recently upgraded my cpu to a ...
EmuChat wild eyed 08/28/12 03:25 PM
. Re: EMS Lightgun for player one

sorted this, the mouse and lightgun shouldnt be plugged in at the same time type dealio
Hardware wild eyed 08/15/12 04:45 PM
. CPU Upgrade Question (

hi all. Im running an AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+ on a GeForce 6100PM-M2 i would very much like to upgrade to something more po ...
Hardware wild eyed 08/15/12 04:42 PM
. games similiar to Golly Ghost..... (image in the playfield)

hi all, what games also use a background image in the playfield, like golly ghost does........
EmuChat wild eyed 08/12/12 06:22 PM
. Re: Assign Lightgun to Gun1

seems to be sorted, ish when the mouse was plugged in for debuging. the gun was assigned to gun2.
EmuChat wild eyed 08/12/12 06:19 PM
. Assign Lightgun to Gun1

Hi all, i did post in another forum, but maybe here its a better place. i have an EMS topgun 2 its plugged in and working. i was assigning some but ...
EmuChat wild eyed 08/11/12 10:43 PM
. EMS Lightgun for player one

i all, i just got my light gun setup how i like it. went back today to try it again, and for some reason the lightgun is now registering as player 2? ...
Hardware wild eyed 08/11/12 07:17 PM
. Crl Mame Pro dat file

i have a bunch of roms i want to organise and fine out what im missing.. ive never used cmp but figured now would be a good time to start. where do ...
EmuChat wild eyed 09/11/11 04:39 PM
. Re: ArcadeVga card

here are some images.... whats its worth?
Hardware wild eyed 09/08/11 06:16 PM
. Re: ArcadeVga card

I honestly don't know what it's worth. Let me take a photo of it tomorrow. And maybe someone can suggest a price. I will ask for you to pay postage th ...
Hardware wild eyed 08/21/11 01:35 AM
. Re: ArcadeVga card

I have one I could sell. It's one of the older pci ones. It got very little use. I went for VGA monitor in the end. What's it worth? Or any good swaps ...
Hardware wild eyed 08/20/11 07:01 PM
. Re: DU Update: Need assistance from Sega Model 3 fanatics

not very flush right now, but i do like the model 3 stuff, anyway i put a fiver your way, its all i can spare right now.... hope it helps pay for an ...
News wild eyed 08/10/11 02:30 PM
. what racing game is this????

im thinking of a game i played years ago, late 90's / early 00's it was a 3d racing game and whilst driving if the car went off the track it would fi ...
EmuChat wild eyed 07/28/11 02:34 PM
. Re: Silver Game.

good work and keep up the no smoking... i quit march 17th 2010, havent looked back since. smoked for 10 years too! happy new year
News wild eyed 01/01/11 03:42 AM

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