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FalconTiger is rereleasing some of their old LCD handhelds (no joke)
Posted on 02/20/20 01:25 AM
Posted by Falcon

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AntoPISAprogetto-SNAPS 0.218 update!
Posted on 02/16/20 10:02 AM
Posted by AntoPISA

Ready the MAME 0.218 update of "MAME progetto-SNAPS".
It's available this...

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StilettoDox WIP: Demoneye-X [IREM 1981] (2020-02-08) / Rushing Beat Shura (SNES bootleg) [Jaleco 1997] (2020-01-23)
Posted on 02/14/20 04:47 PM
Posted by Stiletto

Dox is back in business!
See the news at

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NomaxNPlayers 0.218
Posted on 02/09/20 11:43 AM
Posted by Nomax

nplayers.ini and Multiplayer.ini for MAME 0.218 are here!

Please download from this page:

Reminder: users of EmuLoader v8.3 or newer must place nplayers.ini in "\arcade\filters\" subdirectory.

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AntoPISANew pages on
Posted on 02/08/20 10:39 AM
Posted by AntoPISA

Hello to all,
I want to inform you that on my site I added some new pages:

• Since I haven't found anything similar, or at least not updated, on the web, I decided to dedicate an exclusive page to my package, already published for some years, CHD-Info. In it you will find the dat (in xml format) relating to all the CHD supported by MAME, a dat that shows the differences between the last two releases and a file (CHD-Info.txt) with all the detailed information. From the pages you can download the latest available package. Moreover, thanks to the precious and indispensable help of my friend motoschifo...

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AntoPISAMESSinfo 0.218
Posted on 02/08/20 10:18 AM
Posted by AntoPISA

Update for 0.218 version, this is the web page for download: progetto-SNAPS MESSINFO.DAT.

* 11.39 08/02/2020: Aligned files to 0.218 version.


- 386sc2c: Added s1b BIOS option [rfka01].
- a486sp3: Added v301, v10101, v10102, v205 and v305 BIOS options [rfka01].
- apple2: Replaced Music Construction Set (cleanly cracked) dump to fix damaged sector [4am, Firehawke] and corrected several titles [Anoid] in apple2_flop_clcracked.xml.
- at486: Added 486upio, acer48622, 4alo001, 4alp001, zz1130, optimus, umc486a, a9c11f1f and 109k BIOS options [rfka01].
- atturbo: Added cl286 BIOS option [rfka01].
- bbc.cpp: Added bbcmaiv internal modem port, with Acorn AIV SCSI Host Adaptor card device. Added bbcm FinMOS 3.29 BIOS option (pre-release of MOS 3.50) [Nigel Barnes].
- bbc_1mhzbus_slot: Added BeebOPL FM Synthesiser. Added Sprow BeebIDE 16-bit and RetroClinic BBC 8-bit IDE interfaces. Added Acorn Winchester Disc [Nigel Barnes].
- c6280: Updated to more closely emulate behavior described in manual, cleaned up code, and updated notes [cam900].
- dp83932c: Implemented networking [Patrick Mackinlay].
- ecs38632: Added 092588 BIOS option [rfka01]. - epsax: Added 3vim002 and zz1343 BIOS options [rfka01].
- fdes2325: Changed description to 'Designer Mach IV 68020 Master 2325'.
- fmtowns.cpp: Updated notes on sound chips used [cam900].
- fmtowns: Changed aburner, aburner3 and lastsurv to used dumps with proper track indexes and offset correction in fmtowns_cd.xml [, r09]. Added the missing floppy disk dump for Fujitsu Habitat V2.1L10 in fmtowns_cd.xml [StuBlad, r09]. - gameking: Re-dumped all bad dumps (mc_4v01, mc_4v04, mc_4v07, mc_4v09, mc_4v14, mc_4v15, mc_4v16, mc_4v17, mc_4v18, mc_4v19a) in gameking.xml [TeamEurope, SSJ]. - geneve.cpp: Implemented lower-level emulation of the Geneve architecture (Gate Array, PAL and Genmod daughterboard). Also added RESET line to I/O port and peripheral box, and made Genmod card modifications a configuration option [Michael Zapf].
- genpc.cpp: Added arc123 and pac BIOS options to PC and updated notes [rfka01].
- gigatron_cpu: Added Gigatron CPU. Added disassembler [AJR].
- gnw_helmet: Changed description to 'Game & Watch: Helmet (CN-17 version)'.
- gnw_judge: Changed description to 'Game & Watch: Judge (green version)'.
- huc6230: Fixed ADPCM playback rate, reduced ADPCM volume, cleaned up code and updated notes [cam900]. - huc6272: Fixed ADPCM playback rate and updated notes [cam900].
- imds2.cpp: Added Multibus slot and implemented iSBC-202 floppy controller card [F. Ulivi].
- indiana.cpp: Replaced ASCII keyboard with AT-style keyboard (doesn't completely work). Also documented some clocks and interrupts [AJR].
- intact89: Changed description to 'InterAct Complete Video Game - 89-in-1'.
- jazz.cpp: Implemented soft reset, and hooked up sonic DMA [Patrick Mackinlay].
- ls486e: Added ls486eb BIOS option [rfka01].
- mb1433ucv: Added ucvg BIOS option [rfka01].
- mb8433uud: Added 8881d and 08a BIOS options [rfka01].
- mc68901: Re-wrote USART emulation. Added support for 16x clock pre-scaler and data transition synchronization. Implemented break generation and detection, internal loop-back, and synchronous mode. Adjusted clocks in harriet.cpp and machine/x68k_kbd.cpp to to match MFP-generated Baud rates. Serial terminal for tti (tti.cpp) actually works now [AJR].
- mct_adr: Changed description to 'MCT-ADR Address Path Controller'. Added crude sonic DMA bus master support, and fixed reset handling [Patrick Mackinlay].
- mdisplay2: Changed description to 'Mephisto Display Module 2'.
- megadriv.cpp: Added handheld variants, and added machine configuration for variants with YM3438 integrated in ASIC [cam900]. Added Mega-CD Japan BIOS version 1.11 [Fredrik Nyqvist].
- mephisto_modena.cpp: Added an older version of modena as a BIOS option [Berger]. - mephisto_modular.cpp: Added Bavaria piece recognition chessboard [hap].
- mephisto_montec.cpp: Added another megaiv version as a BIOS option [Berger].
- mephisto2: Changed description to 'Mephisto II (set 1)'.
- mmr4000be: Changed description to 'Magnum R4000 (be)'.
- mmr4000le: Changed description to 'Magnum R4000 (le)'.
- monteciv: Changed description to 'Mephisto Monte Carlo IV - Limited Edition'.
- o2.cpp: Add added ip32prom_4_3 BIOS option to o2 (IP32 PROM V4.3) [Sean Riddle, Rampa, ClawGrip].
- o2: Changed description to 'O2' and manufacturer to 'Silicon Graphics Inc.'.
- op386wb: Added d41107 BIOS option [rfka01].
- pkm0038s: Added p20302 and p2020 BIOS options [rfka01].
- pockchal: Changed chukkesr to use correct dump (previously used a duplicate from a different set) [David Haywood].
- psion5.cpp: Added logging for system-on-a-chip peripheral accesses based on WindEmu. Added support for timers, keyboard, touch screen and buzzer/ticker. Implemented HALT register, improving performance [Ash Wolf, Ryan Holtz].
- psx.cpp: Changed NTSC refresh rates to 59.82Hz for 240-line mode and 59.94Hz for 480-line mode. Works around synchronization issues in beatmania IIDX games [hoholee12].
- r4000: Fixed bad virtual address for [ls][dw][lr] exceptions, and fixed CP0 status on soft reset. Also improved logging and cleaned up code [Patrick Mackinlay].
- rx01: Changed description to 'RX01 Floppy Disk Controller'. Added disassembler and preliminary CPU device for DEC RX01 custom firmware architecture [AJR]. Dumped firmware PROMs [Lord Nightmare].
- s2650: Changed description to 'Signetics 2650'. Changed to big-endian [AJR].
- s3virge: Started implementing bit-blit operations, making Windows 3.1 usable with ViRGE drivers [Barry Rodewald].
- sentx6p: Changed description to 'Vs Maxx Texas Hold'em TV Poker - 6 Player Edition (US)' and manufacturer to 'Senario'.
- snes: Re-dumped Mr Tuff in snes.xml [drx, FakeShemp]. Documented Earthworm Jim - GamesMaster Special Edition PCB in snes.xml [FakeShemp].
- so4saw2: Added iob1, 0730, wa53, wa3, 0911 and 0911b BIOS options [rfka01]. - spg2xx_sysdma: Fixed a subtle interrupt bug that prevented clikstrt from booting [Ryan Holtz].
- spg2xx_vii.cpp: Added hacks to zon32bit and mywicodx to select correct banks for all games. Split up the unwieldy vii.cpp into multiple source files [David Haywood].
- ss50_dc5: Added configuration option to force ready when motor is enabled. Allows SWTBUG to boot without patching the ROM to ignore the ready status [68bit].
- sunplus_gcm394.cpp: Show startup screens and respond to inputs in jak_gtg and jak_car2. Fixed jak_car2 bitmap test display in service mode [David Haywood]. - suntac6: Changed description to '286 motherboards with 6-chip SUNTAC chipset'.
- t11: Changed disassembler and register display to use octal number format, and fixed disassembly of SOB instruction [AJR].
- ti99_2.cpp: Improved Hexbus handling, and fixed instability when loading from/saving to Hexbus floppies [Michael Zapf].
- ti99_8.cpp: Improved Hexbus handling, and fixed instability when loading from/saving to Hexbus floppies [Michael Zapf].
- torchh: Changed description to 'Torch CH240'. - tv912.cpp: Improved natural keyboard bindings for backspace and forward delete on tv912b. Made Ctrl-K and Ctrl-L work with natural keyboard on tv912b tv912c [AJR].
- um8498f: Added v14 and um849801 BIOS options [rfka01].
- ut88.cpp, v6809.cpp: Removed use of deprecated machine configuration macros [Ryan Holtz]. - vsmile.cpp: Removed (vsmilef) and (vsmileg) machines. Removed regional V.Smile variants and turned alternate ROMs into BIOS options with version numbers [bmx].
- vsmile: Changed description to 'V.Smile'. - vt100.cpp: Merged video emulation with DEC Rainbow, implementing AVO attributes [AJR].
- vt50_cpu: Implemented character drawing, and added notes about processor architecture [AJR]. - vt52: Changed description to 'VT52 Video Display Terminal (M4)'.
- xavix.cpp: Converted to direct RGB video output to allow support mid-screen palette changes [David Haywood]. Dumped internal ROM for Gachinko Contest! Slot machine TV (Japan) [Sean Riddle].
- ymf276: Fixed output resolution [cam900].
- Renamed (bpl32) to (berlinpl), (jazz_mct_adr) to (mct_adr), (mdisplay_modul) to (mdisplay2), (sexpertb1) to (sexperta1), (suntac5) to (suntac6) and (torchh10) to (torchh) machines and devices.
- Renamed (vii.cpp) to (spg2xx_vii.cpp) drive.
- Added Acorn AIV SCSI Host Adaptor, Acorn SCSI Host Adaptor, Acorn Winchester Disc, ARM710T, AT&T WE32100, BBC Master Internal Modem port, BeebOPL FM Synthesiser, DEC RX01 CPU, DEC VT61 CPU, GeneralPlus unSP20 SPI-based SoC, Geneve PAL circuit, GenMod decoder circuit, Gigatron CPU, Intel i3001 MCU, Intel i3002 CPE, Intel Multibus slot, iSBC-202 floppy controller, Motorola MC88100, National Semiconductor INS8900, Psion 5mx ETNA, RetroClinic BBC 8-bit IDE Interface, Spansion / Cypress S29GL064S Flash, Sprow BeebIDE 16-bit IDE Interface, SunPlus Full CS Memory Map, VRT VT1682 UIO and YMF276 OPN2L devices.
- AJR added Digital Equipment Corporation VT62 DECscope system.
- algestam added Nintendo Game & Watch: Mario's Cement Factory (Table Top) system.
- Ash Wolf and Ryan Holtz added Psion Series 5mx system.
- Bitsavers added AT&T 3B2/300, AT&T 730X, AT&T 3B2/400, AT&T 3B2/310, AT&T 610 Business Communication Terminal and Lear Siegler ADM 12 Video Display Terminal, National Semiconductor unknown INS8900 Multibus card (980305652) and TeleVideo Systems TeleVideo 924 Video Display Terminal systems.
- cam900 added Sega Genesis Nomad (USA Genesis handheld) and Sega Mega Jet (Japan Mega Drive handheld) systems.
- ClawGrip added Publications International Ltd Story Reader 2.0 and Publications International Ltd Story Reader systems.
- David Shah added MiWi2 7-in-1 Sports system. - Don Maslin Archive added Network Computing Devices NCD19c system.
- hap and anonymous added Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Lyon 68030, Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Portorose 68030, Hegener + Glaser Mephisto TM Lyon, Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Vancouver 68030, Hegener + Glaser Mephisto TM Vancouver, Hegener + Glaser Mephisto TM Berlin (prototype), Saitek Mephisto TM London and Saitek Mephisto London 68030 systems. - hap and Berger added Fidelity Electronics Excel 68000 Mach IV 68020 Master 2325 and Novag Supremo systems.
- Maggi9295 added Mostek AID-80F Development System.
- Marc Capdeville added Multitech Microprofessor II system. - Peter Van Silie added Retro FC Plus 168 in 1 Handheld system.
- Porchy added Retro-Bit Generations (Retro-Bit) system.
- rfka01 added PC with V20 CPU, 486 motherboards using the SiS 85C496/85C497 chipset, 3SIUD-1.1, 486IG-B-2-1, 486 motherboards using the UNI4800 chipset, TD-4IP-UMC-AIO, Abit AB-PV4, Abit AB-PM4, AMI EISA Enterprise-II, AMI EISA Enterprise-IV, AMI Super Voyager VLB, AMI Super Voyager VLB-II, AMI Super Voyager VLB-III, AMI Super Voyager PCI-II, AMI EISA Enterprise-III, Aopen AP43, Aopen VI15G, Atari ABC-286/30, Atari PC5, Atari PC4, A-Trend ATC-1425A, A-Trend ATC-1415, Biostar MB-1433UIV, Chaintech 486SPM, Chicony CH-486-33C, Datavan Book-Size LAN station, Edom 486VL3H, Edom MV035F, EFA 4DMS HL3G-L4-VI, EFA 4DMU HL3S, EFA 486 APIO, ExpertChip EXP4044, Highscreen Colani Blue Note, Mintek BAY-1000C V1.01, MSI MS-4134, MSI MS-4145, Octek Jaguar II, Profex PC 33, Siemens-Nixdorf PCD-3Nsl Notebook Computer, SOYO 30H, SOYO 025R2 and ZIDA 4DVS systems.
- Sean Riddle added JAKKS Pacific Inc DC Super Heroes The Watchtower Hero Portal and Majesco Golden Nugget Casino systems.
- Sean Riddle and ClawGrip Bandai Karaoke Ranking Party (Japan), JAKKS Pacific Inc / Toymax Telestory, LeapFrog Little Touch LeapPad, Takara / SSD Company LTD / newgent e-kara (Spain, includes 3 songs) and VTech V.Smile Baby (Spain, with Aventuras en el Bosque de los Cien Acres) systems.
- Sean Riddle and David Haywood added Senario The Perfect Mate (Senario, Plug and Play), Plug and Play Sudoku (VT based?), Advance Bright Ltd 4 Player System - 10 in 1, Advance Bright Ltd / V-Tac Technology Co Ltd. Wireless Tennis (WT2000, ABL TV Game), Conny PDC100 - Pocket Dream Console, Epoch / SSD Company LTD / Sonokong Real Ping Pong (Korea), Excite Excite Sports Wireless Interactive TV Game - 48-in-1 (set 1, NTSC), JAKKS Pacific Inc SpongeBob SquarePants Bikini Bottom 500 (JAKKS Pacific TV Motion Game), Senario Deluxe TV Poker - Texas Hold'em, Blackjack & Video Poker (US), Senario The Apprentice (Senario, Plug and Play), Senario Big Bonus Slots (Senario, Plug and Play), Senario Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (Senario, Plug and Play, US), Senario Cosmo Girl (Senario, Plug and Play), Senario / All in 1 Products Ltd Ultimate Sudoku TV Edition 3-in-1, Senario / Play Vision Vs Maxx Texas Hold'em TV Poker - 6 Player Edition (UK) and Trump Grand PowerJoy (PJ001, NES based plug & play) systems.
- Sean Riddle and added Excalibur Electronics Inc Carl Edwards' Chase For Glory and Smart Planet Sudoku Plug & Play TV Game '6 Intelligent Games' systems.
- Sean Riddle and Peter Wilhelmsen added Epoch / SSD Company LTD Excite Bowling (Japan) system. - Sean Riddle, Peter Wilhelmsen and ShouTime added Epoch / SSD Company LTD Excite Stadium DX (Japan), Takara / SSD Company LTD Jara-Ja Land (Japan, home version) and Tomy / SSD Company LTD Tomica Carnavi Drive (Japan) systems.
- Seth Morabito added AT&T 3B2/600 system. - Sterophonick added Marcel van Kervinck Gigatron TTL Microcomputer system.
- TeamEurope added Let's Play! Game Machine 240 in 1, Bandai Design Master Denshi Mangajuku, Excite Sports Wireless Interactive TV Game - 48-in-1 (set 2, PAL), Intec InterAct Complete Video Game - 111 Games & 42 Songs (G5410) and Lexibook Lexibook Compact Cyber Arcade - Frozen systems.
- TeamEurope and David Haywood added My Wico Deluxe (Family Sport 85-in-1), Zone 7-in-1 Sports (US), Conny / Big Ben TV Virtual Fighter / Free Fight Kung Fu (Conny / Big Ben), Hamy System WiWi 18-in-1 Sports Game, Jungle Soft / Ultimate Products (HK) Ltd Zone 32-bit Gaming Console System (Family Sport 41-in-1), Jungle's Soft / Ultimate Products (HK) Ltd Zone 100, Lexibook Lexibook Compact Cyber Arcade - 250-in-1 (JL2375), Lexibook / Sit Up Limited Seal 50-in-1, Simba / V-Tac Technology Co Ltd. TV Sports 10-in-1 / Decathlon Atlhetic Sport Games, TaiKee Mini Arcade Games Console (Family Sport 220-in-1) and Wow Wow Wireless Gaming systems.
- AJR added adm11.cpp, aid80f.cpp, att3b2.cpp, att610.cpp, ncd88k.cpp, ns5652.cpp, tv924.cpp and vt62.cpp drivers.
- David Haywood added actions_atj2279b.cpp, bandai_design_master.cpp, nes_boot.cpp and pubint_storyreader.cpp drivers.
- hap added mephisto_modular_tm.cpp and novag_supremo.cpp drivers.
- Ryan Holtz and Ash Wolf added psion5.cpp driver.
- Ryan Holtz and David Haywood added spg2xx_dreamlife.cpp, spg2xx_ican.cpp, spg2xx_jakks.cpp, spg2xx_lexibook.cpp, spg2xx_pdc.cpp, spg2xx_playvision.cpp, spg2xx_senario.cpp, spg2xx_senario_poker.cpp, spg2xx_shredmjr.cpp, spg2xx_telestory.cpp, spg2xx_tvgogo.cpp, spg2xx_zone.cpp and spg2xx_zone_32bit.cpp drivers.
- Sandro Ronco added mephisto_berlin.cpp driver.

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xinyingho NegaMAME 0.218-1
Posted on 02/02/20 06:56 PM
Posted by xinyingho

Along with MAME and all its fork, NegaMAME 0.218-1 is also ready for download. Go grab it at

This MAME derivative has been designed to be used with the front-end Negatron...

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Alexis B.History.dat 2.18 for MAME 0.218
Posted on 02/02/20 11:39 AM
Posted by Alexis B.

The new history.dat release is available at the usual place.

it serves information for 34770 ROMs from the mainlist and 103523 ROMs ...

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John IV[Annc] MAMEUI64 .218 and icons/snaps released.
Posted on 02/02/20 05:39 AM
Posted by John IV

Thanks to Robbbert for the .exe.

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MASHMAMEinfo 0.218 :)
Posted on 02/02/20 03:06 AM
Posted by MASH


* Updated to MAME 0.218 -

* Added Source/Listinfo changes

* Newest Bugs ( 2nd Feb)

* Added/Fixed 'Recommended Games'

* Fixed Mameinfo.dat infos

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Vas CrabbMAME 0.218
Posted on 02/02/20 12:46 AM
Posted by Vas Crabb

MAME 0.218

It’s time for MAME 0.218, the first MAME release of 2020! We’ve added a couple of very interesting alternate versions of systems this month. One is a location test version of NMK’s GunNail, with different stage order, wider player shot patterns, a larger player hitbox, and lots of other differences from the final release. The other is The Last Apostle Puppetshow, an incredibly rare export version of Home Data’s Reikai Doushi. Also significant is a newer version Valadon Automation’s Super Bagman. There’s been enough progress made on Konami’s medal games for a number of them to be considered working, including Buttobi Striker, Dam Dam Boy, Korokoro Pensuke, Shuriken Boy and Yu-Gi-Oh Monster Capsule. Don’t expect too much in terms of gameplay though — they’re essentially gambling games for children.

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Flyer FeverFlyer Fever Update
Posted on 02/01/20 05:13 PM
Posted by Flyer Fever

2 in 1: F/M - Data East DECO (1979) [Features Space Fighter and Miracle Super; Japanese text]
Hot Chase - Konami (1988) [English text]

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