06:24pm <extracampine> bolocks
06:34pm <extracampine> :/
03:16pm <netty> Hi!! Any ideas about how to use MameWah Layout Editor? im going crazy...
07:03am <extracampine> will look into that
02:22pm <RetrocadeMedia> Welp, Im new here, so if I accidentally spam trying to figure out how the site works, dont hate me. Feel free to be disgruntled though.
02:23pm <RetrocadeMedia> Actually, is there a way to make a post?
02:25pm <RetrocadeMedia> Nvm
01:27am <unknownclient> any electrical engineers on right now?
07:07pm <Master O> It's shocking that there aren't any electrical engineers on right now.
01:21pm <xess> hellooo
05:42pm <Thatman84> Balls
12:40pm <MAMEThomas> Anyone know where one can submit a bug found in MAME?
01:14am <B2K24> mametesters
01:14am <B2K24> Or post it in EmuChat
04:59am <B2K24> Sluts
06:52am <dtdan65> Does anyone know how to decrease the sensitivity on an Ultimarc Spinrtrac?
03:08am <Buraz> Hello
04:31am <MASH> Jessica Biel will not name her child 'Batmo Biel'
07:47pm <JessicaJones> Yoink! I'm new here, the insert coins monster! Spooky!
04:20pm <MetalGod> dtdan65, press tab inside the game, then go to analog controls, analog sensitivity
05:48pm <mucki> can someone help me out please?
09:28pm <JamesMcKofEclipse> Greetings.
06:48am <annuna> hello
06:50am <annuna> i have a board with power instinct is a bootleg if interested i will send to be dumped
06:50am <annuna> the board is originated from spain
07:53pm <xess> helloo
11:59am <GorZerK2> hello can i ask a emuloader question here ?
11:59am <GorZerK2> maybe you might hlp ?
11:59am <GorZerK2> I have put nplayer.ini in the ini folder of emuloader, but i dont know how to filter then by 2 players game
03:10pm <GorZerK2> everyone died suddently after my question
08:20am <xess> nobody lives for ever
02:34am <superDRGNattack> Mushiking
02:38am <superDRGNattack> Sorry, I typed "Mushiking" by mistake...
03:59pm <pmf71> ello all
05:41pm <Stiletto> test shout!
05:42pm <Stiletto>
11:57pm <Stiletto> :P
11:57pm <Stiletto>
02:42pm <Orc> Kin Ell......This still going
02:51pm <Orc> 17 yers ago I registered for this shit hole....
02:52pm <Orc> And italie is still a twat.....