Here are the rules for posting...

1) Do NOT request OR post roms, rom sites, missing files, chd's, rom/chd diffs, or bios's. And don't private message people you don't know asking for them either. It's both illegal & annoying, and won't be tolerated.

2) Do NOT request OR in any way discuss warez/warezing, cracks, keygens, ISO's, etc.

3) Do NOT include commercial software or full-length commercial songs (ie. mp3's) as an attachment.

4) Do NOT crosspost the same question to multiple forums. This is universally considered to be rude messageboard behaviour since it causes duplicate replies and wastes other people's time. Instead, please choose the one forum most suited to your question/comment.

5) Do NOT harass, verbally abuse, or threaten other visitors! If you have a disagreement, please take it to private message or simply ignore the other person altogether in more serious cases. The goal of this messageboard is to provide a friendly, helpful, and informative atmosphere for discussion of various topics.

6) Do NOT act like a smartass to newbies, even clueless/lazy ones. This only ends up polluting the board for everyone else reading. Instead, just ignore 'em and move on if you don't feel that they deserve help.

7) Do NOT throw a tantrum if your question isn't answered right away. Remember, people here don't owe you anything, and usually it simply means that nobody else knows the answer either. Having said that, most questions do eventually get answered at least to some extent :-)

8) Discussion concerning license violating MAME builds, or links posted to websites containing them, is absolutely not allowed (especially ones that enable new games which are not supported in official MAME). If you would like to report such a site, then please private message an administrator or a MAME developer with the details.

9) Discussion concerning MAME cabinet coin mechs or credit transfer systems is strictly forbidden. Sorry, there are no exceptions regardless of what your intent is. The information can be abused by others.

10) Discussion concerning the removal/disabling of the following 2 MAME intro screens: 1) copyright warning, and 2) game problems - is also strictly forbidden as the developers don't want them removed. However the 3rd type, game info screens, can already be disabled in the MAME.ini via the 'skip_gameinfo' option.

11) Make sure to first read the MAME FAQ & EasyEmu before posting questions for emulator help. If that doesn't answer your question, then try searching the forums to see if it was perhaps asked at an earlier date by someone else. If nothing shows up and you still need help, then by all means feel free to ask on the forum.

12) Please refrain from swearing in the subject line as a courtesy to others. We don't care if you include it in your posts though :-)

13) Commercial advertising (including promotions) is strictly not permitted. We ask that you please consider purchasing MameWorld ad space if you are interested in doing so. However, as a courtesy, an exception is made for current MameWorld sponsors since they are actively helping to financially support the site. Additionally, private & non-commercial sales of arcade related products are permitted by forum members.

14) All posts must be made in the English language - otherwise the moderators cannot properly moderate content.

15) Finally, please respect the decisions made by moderators & administrators. They are only trying to enforce common-sense rules and keep things orderly for the benefit of all.


NOTE: The Loony Bin forum is off-topic and may contain NSFW material. So be sure to exercise a huge amount of discretion if visiting there!


Now have fun ;-)