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i5 2500 (no k) do I need a Graphics Card?
#321090 - 01/29/14 10:08 AM

I tried searching but couldn't find a confident answer. I was able to pick up a used pc for a good price for my mame cab. Specs bellow.

i5 2500
3.3 Ghz
Windows 7 Pro
Windows 7 pro 64bit

But the graphics card is onboard. I know the graphics card doesn't play much of a role but if I wanted to dable into 3D games like blitz. Will I be fine with my current set up or will I need a graphics card to achieve a noticeable increase in performance? Also, what about Hyperspin and no Graphics card?

I'm mostly looking to play 2d games but I want to be able to play 3D games if possible.

And as far as overclocking I know you don't have the flexibility without the k chip but I guess you can turbo boost it to 3.9 for 1 core and it degrades .1 for every core. Will I need to do this for 3d games? Seems like people don't need to overclock the i5's in the 3.3 Ghz league.

If a graphics card is a must then I really don't want to drop to much cash on one. Maybe $100-150 at most.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: i5 2500 (no k) do I need a Graphics Card? new [Re: irthwirm]
#321092 - 01/29/14 11:41 AM

It all depends on a few things.

If you are going to be using it as a desktop PC as well as run MAME and you want to be able to play other PC games then I'd get a separate gfx card. For stuff like SSF4:AE a Radeon HD 4850 will serve you well and is pretty cheap now. Keep in mind though your gfx card won't help you get more FPS in any MAME game unless you are using HLSL.

If you plan to put the PC in a cab and have a low res CRT monitor then you should really be looking at groovymame and then you will need a Radeon as it only works with them. Windows 7 is out too since it won't work with that. XP64 is your best bet.

As far as overclocking goes, if you can then do it. 3D games in MAME are extremely power hungry so I'd squeeze every last drop of power out of your CPU if you can. Multiple cores are supported by MAME but don't, in my experience, give much of a performance boost.

Everyone's milage varys anyway so see what works best for you.

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Re: i5 2500 (no k) do I need a Graphics Card? new [Re: irthwirm]
#321392 - 02/04/14 12:04 AM

I suspect that the onboard video would work ok. If not it's a simple upgrade.

One thing I noticed is that those "3D" games seem to run faster in some older builds of MAME. Specifically, I was messing with some different versions on my workstation (dual xeon 2.6Ghz) and 0145 seems to run close to 100% on Blitz and Gauntlet DL. Where as 0152 only runs at about 80%. Again, this is just an observation. It's highly possible that some other program or task was using up CPU. Also, I noticed that 0152 seemed to run close to 100% on my i5 (sandy bridge) running at 4.5GHz. However, there are still some dips below 100% and occasional sound glitches. So, I suspect that you'll run pretty much everything just fine, but may get some minor stuttering in the "3D" games.

Again just some observations, so you MYYV.

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