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Re: mame gauntlet
02/13/21 03:34 AM

The reason you were having problems is easy to comprehend but complicated to explain. Manufactures make revisions to arcade games. There is a couple different languages, (French, German, Spanish etc...) each having their own romset. Then there is the 2 player and 4 player cabinets, each requiring a different rom set. Then there is the issue of patches and bug fixes Atari might have found. Quickly glancing at MAME, just for Gauntlet 1 the original, I saw somewhere around 20 different rom sets. Then you have Gauntlet II which had another 5 or 6. So... that being said.

Mame developers made it possible for split or combined sets. Combined sets, means just that, every version is included in ONE zip. In a split set They have the PARENT set, and the 'offspring' if you will. The PARENT set has the MAIN release of the Rom. I believe you mentioned Revision 14 in your post. You had the offspring set for revision 14 of the game. Basically to make it eeasy, the version you have is the DIFFERENCES between that set and the parent set. If you, like many get get entire set of MAME roms, and you had the entire rom set for version 14 and all the other revisions was a full set, it would take up a LOT more space than doing it the efficient way the MAME team deos it.Why repeat over and over what is already done? Good thing you were not looking for Pac-Man, as nothing named Pac-Man will work without either a merged rom or the original Japanese Puck-Man rom.

Mame roms for the classics do not change very often. They DO change from time to time, just not frequently. I am at work typing on my laptop with a small hard drive, and I do have a few classics on my system. Quickest and easiest thing in this situation was to find merged sets and grab the ones I want. I can not tell you where to go to get roms, but there is a place that has a complete merged set, although it is a few versions back. Most DO work, but there are a very few that dont. As mentioned, I can not tell you the web address, if you think of a place that might be a time capsule of information that will hopefully be here long after we are all gone, you will have a pretty good idea.

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