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Re: Dammit Stiletto
02/15/19 02:41 AM

> > 29 to go, and you can retire the old page
> Awesome! Vectrex alone is quite the project!

This is practically ready to go for me to setup... just waiting on one important part of the artwork set, and it will be done.

> Does this mean you've completed gameboy, ngp, ngpc but haven't yet uploaded them to
> the website?

Yup... along with... hold on... 49 other files for the next release. So far.

> And I assume you've deemed mo5, mo5nr, and mo6 too nonessential to update?

Nope... I promised every file would get a real replacement... those are also done (with more stuff added than the original).

> Then in that case:
> Stretch goal 1:
> contains some scans that were never converted to artwork. It was obviously planned,
> but never completed. This includes: pc1251, pc1350, pc1500, pc1500a (unemulated),
> pdp1, and trs80pc2 (unemulated?). There's also an artwork for something called
> "svision-tvlink", which looks to be a faked-up thing that was replaced. I think we
> emulate the Supervision TV Link now? Not saying you have to use /these/ scans, maybe
> better scans exist.

The HP and TI calculators in this are already done, along with the Avigo and MK2. The Sharp models will be used, unless I can find bigger pics, but now I know what to look for. The TVLink... I'll check out the driver and see how it works... I already grabbed another picture for it just in case, if needed.

Someone recently sent me a really cool file for pdp1... also said he has a version that will work with something being updated in MAME... want to find out what that is, and see if he can submit it.

> Stretch goal 2: while rebuilding the wiki many years ago, I found evidence of an
> artwork for Kyotronic 85 (kc85), However, it seems no one ever saved it,
> not even No idea what it even would have looked like, tho
> has some photos from the cabinets project.

Found a pic for it, so it will be covered.

> Stretch goal 3: Comboman has artwork for tntell, but there's some programmatic layout
> thing standing in the way of releasing it (IIRC). Not sure if it's fixable yet. Same
> goes for the a2600 artwork with automatically-changing cartridge labels. Also,
> Nightvoice's Wildfire pinball, forget what the situation on that was.

I'll get with hap and see if he made any progress on tntell driver. Atari 2600 won't have the multiple cartridge thing out the gate, for now. I'll also look at Wildfire... I have it here.

> Stretch goal 4: hap has scans of Mattel Dallas (mdallas), but IDK if you could get
> anything usable from it:
> Somewhere (here?) I've also collected bezels from Tiger 7-in-1 Sports Stadium
> (7in1ss)

Dallas... not sure what to do with that yet, but I'll keep it around. Send me pics of 7in1ss.

> Fantastic work so far, better than anything I could have done!
> - Stiletto

Thank you... and don't think once what's on the old page is done, that that will be it... it's just a matter of me going through and identifying the different systems that need pics, finding them, and applying them.

RELAX and just have fun. Remember, it's all about the games.

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