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MAMEinfo 0.219 :)
02/29/20 03:35 AM


* Updated to MAME 0.219 -

* Added Source/Listinfo changes

* Newest Bugs (29th Feb)

* Added/Fixed 'Recommended Games'

* Fixed Mameinfo.dat infos

Download at:

MAME Testers at:

Ashura-X's Nightly MAME builds:


- New games: Merry Circus (Version 1.0.2)
- New Working games: Witch Card (ICP-1)
- New Non-Working games: 3 Cards Poker 96 (V1.6), Gegege no Kitaro Yokai Yokocho Matsuri De Batoru Ja (GYM1 Ver.A), Keroro Gunso Chikyu Shinryaku Shirei Dearimasu! (KRG1 Ver.A), Rapid Fire 5 (Konami Endeavour, NSW), Super Roller (v7.0) and Super Shanghai 2001
- New clones: 3 Cards Poker 96 (V1.0), Ataque Androide - Moon Cresta (FAR S.A. Spanish bootleg), Battle Balls (Portugal), Blood Bros. (Korea), Cherry Angel (set 2), Club Kart: European Session (2003, prototype, set 2), Dharma Doujou (Germany), Double Wings (Asia), El Estivador (Spanish bootleg of Port Man on Galaxian hardware), The End (SegaSA / Sonic), Ferrari F355 Challenge (private show version), Final Star Force (World?), Galaktron (Petaco S.A.), Galaxian (Spanish bootleg), The Lord of King (bootleg), Master Boy (1987, Z80 hardware, Ichi-Funtel), Mr. Do! (Fabremar bootleg), New Fruit Bonus '96 Special Edition (v3.60, DK PCB), New Fruit Bonus '96 Special Edition (v3.61, DK PCB), New Fruit Bonus '96 Special Edition (v3.61a, C1 PCB), New Fruit Bonus '96 Special Edition (v3.61a, DK PCB), Olivmandingo (Spanish bootleg of Mandinga on Galaxian hardware), P-47 Aces (ver 1.1), Pang (bootleg, set 7), Puzzle & Action: Tant-R (Japan) (bootleg set 4), Puzzli (revision A), Raiden II (easier, US, prototype? 11-16), Rampart (Joystick, smaller ROMs), Ribbit! (Japan), Seicross (set 2), Sirio II (Calfesa S.L. Spanish Moon Cresta bootleg, set 1), Sirio II (Calfesa S.L. Spanish Moon Cresta bootleg, set 2), Space Pilot (set 2), Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (USA 920312), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (US 4 Players, version N), Three Ds - Three Dealers Casino House (set 2), Time Crisis 4 (Japan, TSF1001-NA-A), Time Killers (v1.00) and Viper Phase 1 (New Version, Portugal)
- New PinMAME games: Formula 1 and Ice Mania
- New devices: 24c04, gunsense, ide_gdrom, ks0164, lz8420m and upd78213
. Motorola MC68000: Allow RTE to unwind type 1000 (68010 bus error) stack frames (m68000\m68k_in.lst, m68kops.cpp)
. NEC uPD78213: Added disassemblers for NEC 78K/0, 78K/I and 78K/II MCU types
. Sony SPC700: Added fix for opcodes TCLR1 and TSET1 ( This makes Blargg's CPU_tset_tclr pass (from spc_smp.sfc). Removed page crossing penalty on EA_DIY. Doing so allowed some of our internal S-SMP/S-DSP tests to pass.
. Beep: Changed BEEP_RATE to 384000
. Gravis Ultrasound: Active channels are numbered from 0. Calculated GF1 sample rate. Fixed divide by zero (isa\gus.cpp).
. ICS2115 WaveFront Synthesizer: Calculated sample rate related to clock. Activated OSC numbers.
. OKI MSM5205 ADPCM: Added DAC output bit difference. Make Data capture timing related to input clock. Added notes for MSM5205 can be usable with 768kHz input clock (from official document) and Cutoff Frequency.
. Samsung KS0164 audio processor: First try at a disassembler. Added KS0164 to dgPIX driver. Get #include guards in line with filenames, avoid expensive things in static initialisation.
. Sound Blaster: Support more playback commands
. Yamaha YMF271 OPX: Correct envelope release time
. Yamaha YMF278B OPL4: Fixed output rate and clock divider of FM part and mixing behavior.
. YMF262 OPL3: Support clock divider difference
. 6821 PIA: Improved LOG messages a bit
. DECO 55 / 56 / 74 / 141 Tilemap Generator: Fixed 1 pixel glitch (video\deco16ic.cpp)
. Discrete Netlist
. Minor update to audio\nl_zac1b11142.cpp
. Fixed issues with parsing netlists (solver\nld_solver.cpp), CMOS switches (4066/4016) and inactive code-path (macro\nlm_opamp.cpp).
. Added current controlled voltage source (CCVS)
. Fixed/Extended SPICE format conversion. "nltool -c convert -f UA741.mod" now runs without errors. UA741.mod is the official TI SPICE subckt for the 741 opamp. This commit fixes a number of issues and adds linear POLY support for E/F SPICE models.
. Fixed some Clang lint warnings. Removed dead code.
. Experimental parser code to allow calculations in parameter value. This already works for compiled netlists. These changes are currently disabled. Updated Pong netlist to work with this new code.
. Make gain parameter mandatory for controoled sources. Fixed crash in infix function evaluation. Fixed parameter update recalculation.
. Parameters evaluated when netlist is created. Parameters are now passed to the netlist core as strings. During netlist creation they are evaluated as functions. This opens the path to parameters on subdevice level. Examples: PARAM(device.XY, (1+2*0.005)); RES(R1, 2.05*RES_K(1)+1). In addition the commit contains dead code removal.
. Changed ptime operators to align with C++ textbooks
. Code symplification and bugfixes. Fixes performance regression and net_splitter struct and nltool time measurements. pstream simplification.
. Spice-to-netlist conversion sync with MAME/discrete. This is work in progress. The aim is to remove all hacks in netlist conversion going forward.
. Align nltool -c convert with mame/discrete/
. Removed dead code. Fixed lint warnings. Make spice netlist conversion more flexible. Implemented changes to controlled sources.
. Fixed plib\pstring.h VISUAL C++ compiling
. Added support for pots to spice conversion (tools\nl_convert.cpp). Added min and max to netlist\plib\pfunction.cpp.
. Turn off alignas for -Wattributes on ARM. Changed output impedance to more realistic values (netlist\nl_base.cpp). Fixed log file option in nltool. Updated VS files for standalone build.
. Floppy: Condition command completion interrupt on busy flag having been set. Increased HLD idle timeout to 15 revolutions except for FD1771 and FD1781 (machine\wd_fdc.cpp)
. I2C Memory: Added '24C04 I2C Memory' device type
. Imagetek I4100 052 VDP: Confirm raster bug for Puzzli
. Intel 8155 RAM, I/O & Timer: Make timer more efficient by not counting each cycle
. Intel 8251 USART: Resolved callbacks at device_resolve_objects time
. Intel 8279 KDC: Simplified handler signatures. Added save state. Disable read side effects. Removed timing hack. Make sure SL3 gets output (MESS) Pied Piper Communicator needs it. Correct keyboard scan rate and logging. Fixed accidentally uncovered crash in Turbo (Sega 1981) (machine\i8279.cpp).
. K052109 Tilemap Generator: Fixed/Cleanup tilemap scrolls, fixes Fuusen Pentai and missing star field background rotation in Surprise Attack.
. MC6840 PTM: Added specific logging channels
. MC6850 ACIA: Updated use of logmacro.h
. MM5837 Digital Noise Source: Documented frequency by supply voltage
. Samsung S3C24xx SoC: Replaced get_read_ptr with memory_access_cache
. Sega 315-6154 Northbridge: Converted 315-6154 device into a real PCI host. And updated DIMM Board accordingly.
- armedf.cpp: Use pdrawgfx for sprite drawing. Make text VRAM into shared_ptr. Moved install_handler into address map. Fixed terraf_io without NB1414M4. Simplified handlers and gfxdecode. Reduced duplicates. Fixed namings. Use shorter/correct type values.
- deco32.cpp: ACE ram is not masked. Use fixed point values for palette fading behavior (video\deco_ace.cpp).
- ddenlovr.cpp: Added coin counters and fixed metadata to all games
- dgpix.cpp: Added Samsung KS0164 audio processor
- goodejan.cpp: OKI pin 7 is high from PCB readme, fix voice pitches. Added 'Difficulty' dipswitch. Converted screen refresh rate to set_raw.
- gstream.cpp: Implemented sprite limit per frame
- jaguar.cpp
. Eliminated unsafe raw memory pointer usage from blitter, stops (MESS) Tempest 2000 from crashing (video\jagblit.hxx).
. Fixed Jaguar GPU (Tom)/DSP (Jerry) movei disassembly, previously the immediate value included two bytes of the following instruction (cpu\jaguar\jagdasm.cpp).
- konamigs.cpp: Documented I/O and hook up bookkeeping
- konendev.cpp
. Hooked up H8/3007 "IFU" CPU. Added Konami Endeavour BIOS.
. Additional inputs mapped, documentation and cleanups.
- konmedal.cpp: Fixed/Cleanup K052109 tilemap scrolls, fixes Fuusen Pentai. Removed MACHINE_IMPERFECT_GRAPHICS flag from Fuusen Pentai, Mario Roulette and Shuriken Boy.
- micro3d.cpp: AUTO_TURNAROUND is only done once (machine\mc68901.cpp)
- midqslvr.cpp: Finish documentation
- naomi.cpp
. Dumped Sega Atomiswave BIOS. Note: BOOT ROM from Sega 837-14624R PCB, in comparison with Sammy's BOOT contain minor code change to keep video output disabled during Sammy logo display routine. Only last 128KB of whole 512KB ROM actually used (2 high address pins tied to Vcc).
. Make "Gun Sense" board a separate device
. Added two debug-only dipswitches to configure emulation (machine\naomigd.cpp). Changed dipsetting macro into confsetting macro (machine\naomigd.cpp).
- pastelg.cpp: Splitted driver in subclasses
- psikyo.cpp: Added skeleton LZ8420M device. It has additional IO, embedded RAM used in Psikyo driver. Fixed Gunbird PCB clock related to XTAL.
- seibuspi.cpp: Fixed water graphics effect and linescroll (video\seibuspi.cpp) in Raiden Fighters (ID 07562)
- sfbonus.cpp: Added templates and arrays. Configured banking and save state support.
- stv.cpp: Minor fix for gouraud shading (video\stvvdp1.cpp)
- toki.cpp: Converted screen refresh rate to set_raw
- twin16.cpp: Restrict sprite drawing routine into screen cliprect
- 1942
. Improved sprite priorities, but not yet perfect and IRQ timing accuracy. Fixed per-scanline sprite ordering.
. Partial updates aren't required and they broke clone 1942 (Tecfri PCB, bootleg?) which has it's own timer and sprite drawing code. Confirmation of title screen sprite effect on Tecfri version is required.
. Fixed gaps on Capcom logo on title screen to match pictures from real hardware, sprites are rendered to a line buffer one scanline before the are displayed.
- Bishou Jan: Added missing MAHJONG_RON button
- Boogie Wings
. Further blending implementation. Fixed museum stage windows. Window frames are must be solid pixel, not blended. Further priority acknowledge, fixes transporter pilot priority incorrection (video\boogwing.cpp).
. Fixed tilemap in some final stage effects and palette effect boundary (video\boogwing.cpp)
. ACE ram is not masked. Use fixed point values for palette fading behavior (video\deco_ace.cpp).
- Blood Bros.: Added some missing PROMs and PLDs to clone Blood Bros. (Modular System)
- Congo Bongo: Documented netlist progress. Fixed devices.
- Emergency Call Ambulance: Redumped clone (US location test?)
- The Grid: Decapped PIC16C57
- Mahjong Sisters: Hook up 6845 CRTC. Added screen raw parameters.
- Puzzli: Confirm raster bug (video\imagetek_i4100.cpp)
- Spark Man: Fixed buttons read (ID 07079)
- Stadium Hero: Added PCB layout
- Strikers 1945 and Tengai: Some measurements (HSync, VSync, etc)
- Stunt Cycle [TTL]: Assorted fixes to machine\nl_stuntcyc.cpp
- Surprise Attack: Fixed/Cleanup K052109 tilemap scrolls, fixes missing star field background scrolling and rotation (ID 06790).
- Twin Eagle: Fixed 'Bonus Life' and 'Difficulty' default dipswitch settings
- Witch Card: Fixed decryption of clone Witch Card (ICP-1) (Game now playable)
- Wonder Planet: Fixed broken coin inputs (ID 07557)
- Xyonix: Hook up 6845 CRTC. Added screen raw parameters. A scanline based renderer using MC6845_UPDATE_ROW has been added but is commented out because the tilemap renderer is much simpler.
- Fixed rom names in atarigx2.cpp, raiden2.cpp, snk.cpp and tsamurai.cpp
- Dipswitch fixes in ddenlovr.cpp, goodejan.cpp and seta.cpp
- Description changes of African Adventure (Konami Endeavour, Russia), Beezer (unknown earlier version), Beezer (version 9.0), Cherry Angel (set 1), Club Kart: European Session (2003, prototype, set 1), Dragonfly (Konami Endeavour, Russia), Enchanted Lamp (Konami Endeavour, Russia), Exciting Animal Land Jr. (USA, Canada, Mexico), Gypsy Magic (Konami Endeavour, Russia), Hanafuda Hana Ginga [BET] (Japan), Hanafuda Hana Gokou [BET] (Japan), Hanafuda Hana Gokou Bangaihen [BET] (Japan), Hanafuda Hana Tengoku [BET] (Japan), Incan Pyramid (Konami Endeavour, Russia), Jester Magic (Konami Endeavour, Russia), Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf (US, Ver 2, set 1), Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf (US, Ver 2, set 2), Lucky Fountain (Konami Endeavour, Russia), Mahjong Chuukanejyo [BET] (China), Mahjong Dai Touyouken [BET] (Japan), Mahjong Daimyojin [BET] (Japan, T017-PB-00), Mahjong Gorgeous Night [BET] (Japan, TSM003-01), Mahjong Janshin Plus [BET] (Japan), Mahjong Jong-Tei [BET] (Japan, NM532-01), Mahjong Momotarou [BET] (Japan, T027-RB-01), Mahjong Reach Ippatsu [BET] (Japan), Mahjong Seiryu Densetsu [BET] (Japan, NM502), Mahjong Super Dai Chuuka Ken [BET] (Japan, D115), Mahjong The Dai Chuuka Ken [BET] (China, D111), Mahjong The Mysterious Orient [BET] (Japan, v1.00), Mahjong The Mysterious Orient Part 2 ~ Exotic Dream ~ [BET] (Japan, v1.00), Mahjong The Mysterious Universe [BET] (Japan, D85), Mahjong The Mysterious World [BET] (Japan, set 1), Mahjong The Mysterious World [BET] (Japan, set 2), Master Boy (1987, Z80 hardware, Covielsa, set 1), Master Boy (1987, Z80 hardware, Covielsa, set 2), Mohican Sun (Konami Endeavour, Russia), Puzzli (revision B), Quiz Channel Question (Japan, Ver 1.00), Quiz Channel Question (Taiwan?, Ver 1.23), Rampart (Joystick, bigger ROMs), Return Of Sel Jan II [BET] (Japan, NM557), Roman Legions (Konami Endeavour, Russia), Safe Money (Konami Endeavour, Russia), Seicross (set 1), Show Queen (Konami Endeavour, Russia), Space Pilot (set 1), Spice It Up (Konami Endeavour, Russia), Sultan's Wish (Konami Endeavour, Russia), The Monster Show (Konami Endeavour, Russia), Three Ds - Three Dealers Casino House (set 1), Time Crisis 4 (World, TSF1002-NA-A), White Russia (Konami Endeavour, Russia) and Witch Card (ICP-1)
- Renamed (fitegolf2) to (fitegolfua), (p47aces) to (p47acesa), (pokerduc) to (witchcdj), (tmntub) to (tmntuc) and (tmntua) to (tmntub)
. DEVICE: Changed syntax in emu\devcb.h for constructing/resolving arrays of callbacks. Saves a lot of typing { *this }, { *this }... Switched all DEVCB arrays to new syntax.
. LUA engine: Exposed osd_subst_env as emu.subst_env. This is intended as a functional replacement for lfs.env_replace, but that is now used in a fair number of plugins whose code structure I don't know well enough to trust that the simple substitution is correct.
. 3rdparty: Sync with GENie upstream revision
- VGM player: Fixed YMF262 handling and YMF278B volume. Fixed reported badly formatted/invalid characters from labels (hash\vgmplay.xml).
- Compiling
. Fixed some Clang warnings: readability-static-accessed-through-instance, readability-redundant-string-cstr, readability-redundant-control-flow, modernize-use-nullptr, performance-faster-string-find, performance-for-range-copy, performance-unnecessary-value-param, modernize-redundant-void-arg, modernize-use-bool-literals, modernize-use-emplace, performance-move-const-arg, readability-redundant-control-flow, readability-redundant-string-cstr, performance-unnecessary-value-param, modernize-use-equals-default and modernize-use-auto.
. Fixed MM5837 entry in scripts\src\sound.lua, allows clean single driver build of beezer.cpp to complete.
. Future-proof for C++20. Also removed a workaround for older versions of GNU libstdc++ with incomplete C++14 support (util\strformat.h)

"Theory is when you know everthing but nothing works. Practice is when everything works but no one knows why.
In our lab, theory and practice are combined: nothing works and no one knows why."

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