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Vas Crabb
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11/16/20 04:50 PM

> No! You are the one who is literally delusional! I don't sound like Looney Tunes! I
> still need help despite the fact that I figured out how to fix "Metal Maniax" because
> I am the beginner of dumping arcade roms & fixing arcade roms because they both are
> going to be my 1st time! I am not going to get off of these forums! I am this close
> to reporting you! You take that back or you take your medication & get off these
> forums, Mr. Disrespectful!

OK, letís go through the ways youíre wrong:

  • The game is dumped. Getting the boards to dump the ROMs wonít gain you anything over just using the ROM dumps that are already in MAME.
  • Youíre not going to get anyone to send you a rare, irreplaceable prototype unless you have a very good reputation already. If you think thereís any chance of that happening, youíre delusional.
  • Itís all very well to claim youíve acquired skills, but you need to demonstrate that, or no-one will believe you. Talk is cheap, talk on the Internet is even cheaper. If youíre really that brilliant, open pull requests to fix some simple issues and build up a reputation.
  • Why do you think you need exactly nine people to help you? Thatís a very specific number. Why would eight not be enough? Why not a round ten?
  • If you need that many people to help you, it suggests you donít really have any skills at all, you just want other people to do work for you. A good C++ developer is worth AUD125,000/year. Youíd better be ready to pay if you want people to work on anything specific.
  • You havenít actually shown evidence you have any idea whatís wrong with the game, let alone how to fix it. Youíve read a diagnostic message and jumped to a conclusion. If you think youíve got anything to contribute based on what youíve posted, youíre delusional.
  • This most recent reply of yours actually does read like something a Looney Tunes character would say. It works in Daffyís or Sylvesterís voice.

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