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MAMEinfo 0.230 :)
03/31/21 03:52 AM


* Updated to MAME 0.230 -

* Added Source/Listinfo changes

* Newest Bugs (31st Mar)

* Added/Fixed 'Recommended Games'

* Fixed Mameinfo.dat infos

Download at:

MAME Testers at:

Ashura-X's Nightly MAME builds:

Recent MAME builds:
('Sign in' + Click on 'CI (Windows)' and then on a MAME post with a green check mark to download the mame-windows-gcc-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX file)


- New Working games: beatmania IIDX 2nd style (GC985 JAA), beatmania IIDX 3rd style (GC992 JAC), beatmania IIDX 3rd style (GC992 JAA), beatmania IIDX 5th style (GCA17 JAA), beatmania IIDX Substream (983 JAA), Beatmania III, Beatmania III Append 7th Mix, Beatmania III The Final, Big 50 (JPM), Big Bucks (JPM), Camelot (JPM), Casino Crazy (JPM), Go For Gold (JPM), Keyboardmania, Give Us A Break (JPM), Happy Hour (JPM), Keyboardmania 2nd Mix, Keyboardmania 3rd Mix, ParaParaDancing, ParaParaParadise, ParaParaParadise v1.1 and Untouchable (JPM)
- New Non-Working games: Bee-Zerk, Corsario (Cirsa slot machine), Marbella Vice (100Hz display), Mini Money, Mushiking The King Of Beetles 2006 First (Japan), Super Mario All-Stars (Nintendo Super System), Tierras Salvajes (100Hz display) and 'unknown VLC multigame'
- New clones: beatmania IIDX 3rd style (GC992 JAB), beatmania IIDX 7th style (GCB44 JAA), beatmania IIDX Substream (983-AA JAA), Cuore 1 (Italian, set 6), Cuore 1 (Italian, set 7), Cyber Troopers Virtual-On - Twin (Export), Genius 6 (V133F), Keyboardheaven (Korea), Magic 10 Nevada (bootleg of Pool 10), Mazan: Flash of the Blade (Japan, MAZ1 Ver.A), Maze (Trog bootleg), Mega Man: The Power Battle (CPS2, USA 950925, SAMPLE Version), Meijinsen (set 2), Oedo Fight (Japan, Bloodless version), Rabbit (Asia 1-28?), Raiders5 (Japan, set 2, bootleg?), Scorpion (Dec 24, 1993), Surf Planet (Version 3.0), Task Force Harrier (Lettering bootleg), Thunder Dragon (bootleg, set 2), US AAF Mustang (Lettering bootleg), Virtua Striker 2 '99.1 (Step 1.5, Export, USA, Revision B) and Virtua Striker 2 '99.1 (Step 1.5, Japan, Revision B)
- New PEPlus games: Player's Edge Plus (PP0419) Standard Draw Poker (set 1) and Player's Edge Plus (PP0419) Standard Draw Poker (Old Chicago Casino)
- New PinMAME games: A.G. Soccer Ball (R18u, 2.5L sound), Bad Cats (LG-4), The Flintstones (LA-5), Lucky Draw (pinball, set 2), No Fear: Dangerous Sports (0.8X) and Theatre Of Magic (1.2A)
- New drivers: cirsa910510.cpp and vlc34010.cpp
- New devices: ds1287, firebeat_spectrum_analyzer, h8s2653, h8s2655, mc68hc811e2, meg, megemb, rs232_sync_io, st0032_sound, swp30, x24c01 and xt446
- New ui.ini options: unthrottle_mute (UI MISC OPTIONS)
- New Clrmamepro:
. Hitachi HD647180X MCU: Eliminated data space and instead map internal RAM into program space using memory view
. IBM PowerPC: Fixed MCRXR UML, UM for lswx and stswx. Fixed MMU/exceptions debug messages (powerpc\ppcdrc.cpp).
. Intel 80186: Timer updates. Implemented retrigger mode. Clean up code a little and removing redundant "active_count" flag. Modernized save state registration.
. Motorola MC68HC11xx: Memory modernization and updates. Eliminated data and I/O spaces, using memory views to remap internal RAM and I/O registers within the program space. Added MC68HC811E2 type. Lay some groundwork for future internal EEPROM support. Added RTI and counter overflow flag. Register debugger state for a few more internal registers.
. CD Audio: Added CD media type check for special LBA 0 case (machine\t10mmc.cpp). Note: The special case of setting m_lba to 150 when m_lba is 0 is only applicable to data and mixed mode media CDs.
. CD/DA: Return LBA position as currently playing LBA (sound\cdda.cpp)
. New BSD-licensed implementation of Yamaha OPN and OPM FM audio chips, along with new device drivers for YM2203, YM2608, YM2610, YM2610B, YM2612, YM3438 and YM2151 based upon these. Corrected some ymsnd regions that had been overlooked.
. Schedule all interrupt changes via timers to ensure proper ordering. Fixes the seibu sound issue in a more generic fashion (sound\ymfm.cpp).
. Explicitly sync writes to the mode register to ensure timer control bits are handled in sync (sound\ymfm.cpp)
. Improved LFO noise behavior. Added logging (under verbose) when LFO noise sounds are played to help ID cases for further study. This will be removed prior to release.
. Fixed missing sound in Bad Dudes stage 3 boss transformation (ID 07161)
. Fixed sound effect of the van's backdoor cuts off suddenly in robocop, robocopu and robocopw (ID 06930).
. Fixed ADPCM-B processing logic. Force external mode on for YM2610. Fixes Neogeo sound playback.
. Fixed TMNT audio decoding so that it doesn't invoke undefined C++ behavior (drivers\tmnt.cpp). Also don't bother registering decoded sample data for saving.
. Implemented in-service lockout for IRQs (audio\seibu.cpp), prevent Cabal from locking up the sound CPU with an unacknowledged interrupt after reset. Fixes coins don't work when Demo Sound dipswitch is off (ID 05785).
. Fixed sound randomly speeds up and eventually dies in Boulder Dash and Sly Spy (ID 06740)
. If volume is low, don't erase output, just leave it alone (sound\ymadpcm.cpp). Fixes missing sound in Raimais.
. Fixed missing ADPCM in Hatris and Tecmo World Cup '90. Fixed YM2608 memory regions in bbusters.cpp, itech8.cpp and tail2nos.cpp games.
. Removed YM2608 and YM2610 FM output boost to match previous volume better.
. Backport active channel detection to help improve performance. Further performance improvements will come in the next cycle, but require more extensive changes (sound\ymfm.cpp). Turn off VERBOSE (sound\ymfm.cpp).
. Ricoh RF5C400: Added channels for effect outputs
. Seta X1-010: Clamp output samples to within range
. Discrete Netlist: Relicensing of the GPL code to BSD-3 with the blessing of the copyright owners. Much thanks for that Couriersud, the main creatorand contributor, but also to Jonathan Gevaryahu and Sergey Svishchev. There are small remnants in machine/NL_*, specifially Breakout, Pong Doubles and Rebound that are also copyrighted by the DICE team, whoever that means. They're not critical since they only concern these drivers and not an important core subsystem.
. Floppy
. Do not crash on damaged disks (formats\upd765_dsk.cpp and wd177x_dsk.cpp). Implemented sector-based termination conditions for read commands (machine\upd765.cpp).
. Don't fault on nibble extraction on degenerated tracks (formats\flopimg.cpp)
. Reimplemented SMSC FDC37C665GT controller with floppy and parallel support (machine\fdc37c665gt.cpp)
. Turn the floppies format arrays into function calls. Create a default "mfm", "fm" and "pc" list of formats. Their contents, and which driver uses what, may need some tuning.
. Created mame_formats_full_list which gives access to all the supported formats, make floptool use it. Castool should use it too probably, but I don't want to touch it.
. Beginning of the support for preformatted floppy images. Don't fail creation because the extension is unknown. Make format determination earlier (imagedev\floppy.cpp).
. Correct index duration (2ms, not 20us) and polarity in superdrive (imagedev\floppy.cpp). Turned off log output per step (imagedev\floppy.cpp).
. Fixed an annoyingly subtle write bug (imagedev\floppy.cpp)
. Restored legacy pc_dsk floppy support for Imgtool only
. I2C Memory: Added Xicor X24C01 support
. Intel 8251 USART: Allow write_cts before device has started
. K057714_device GCU: Implemented raster timing registers
. MC146818 RTC: Improved update in progress handling
. MOS 6522 VIA: Fixed timing (7 edges to cb1 change from start of read)
. RS232 Port: Added device for synchronous I/O (rs232\rs232_sync_io.cpp)
. Taito TC0090LVC: Included Z80 core (machine\tc009xlvc.cpp; interrupt handler not yet ported). Converted banked video RAM handler into internal memory space.
. Taito TC0091LVC: Fixed opaque background used in Gemcrush
- 1943.cpp: Don't draw past end of spriteram
- alg.cpp: Preliminary address lines descrambling for Platoon V.3.1 US. Added notes about Picmatic games.
- coolridr.cpp: Use measured clocks by correct XTAL usage based on documentation in header of the driver
- dec0.cpp: Sound randomly speeds up and eventually dies (ID 06740)
- dfruit.cpp, heromem.cpp, taito_l.cpp: Included Z80 core (machine\tc009xlvc.cpp; interrupt handler not yet ported). Replaced Z80 CPU1 with Taito TC0090LVC or TC0091LVC.
- electra.cpp: Some more info updates
- firebeat.cpp
. Re-dumped and re-converted CDs for Keyboardmania and Keyboardmania 2nd Mix. Included proper CD subchannel data for Keyboardmania and Keyboardmania 2nd Mix. Added Keyboardmania 2nd Mix dongle dump.
. Fixed IN1 values and added notes about dipswitches
. Added dongle dumps for all missing dongles (bm3, bm3final, kbh, kbm, popn4, popn7, popn8, popnanm, popnanm2, popnmt, popnmt2, ppp and ppp11). Documented how dongles are used in various game series.
. Documented cabinet info register bits meanings for various games
. Added support for Beatmania III FDD and spectrum analyzer
. Promoted Beatmania III, Beatmania III Append 7th Mix, Beatmania III The Final, Keyboardmania, Keyboardmania 2nd Mix, Keyboardmania 3rd Mix, ParaParaDancing, ParaParaParadise, ParaParaParadise 1st Mix Plus and ParaParaParadise v1.1 to working with imperfect sound.
. Implemented raster timing registers for k057714_device GCU. Gives precise timings for Firebeat screens.
. Added interface with the Yamaha XT446 (Embedded version of the MU-100B) to Keyboardmania, Keyboardmania 2nd Mix and Keyboardmania 3rd Mix.
- gaelco3d.cpp
. Fixed sound has repeating distortion/crackling in surfplnt, surfplnt40 and speedup (ID 07831). Do a little less error logging.
. Added gearshift layout to Speed Up (ID 07898)
- hng64.cpp
. Implemented priority Z sort mode for sprites
. Improved projection matrix calculation and 3D clipping
- jclub2.cpp and srmp6.cpp
. Added preliminary support for 16-voice ST0032 variant (sound\setapcm.cpp). Hooked up ST0032 sound to jclub2.cpp.
. Derive sound clocks from crystal frequencies
- konamim2.cpp, menghong.cpp and trivrus.cpp: Got rid of auto_alloc_array and tagmap lookups
- ksys573.cpp
. Return LBA position as currently playing LBA (sound\cdda.cpp). Fixes songs run at halved framerate in ddr2mla, ddrbocd and any 573 Analog DDR game exccluding JP Dancing Stage series (ID 07856).
. Use clone ddr2ml disc as base for clone ddr2mc2. Note: ddr2mc2 expects a different CD when the memory card reader is present.
- midzeus.cpp: Turn off hardcoded 'in video driver' debugging keys by default, it's a common source of confusion.
- ms32.cpp: Added missing save item (machine\jaleco_ms32_sysctrl.cpp)
- namconb1.cpp: Making the clip registers signed, fixes black screen after winning first match in J-League Soccer V-Shoot (ID 06789). The underlying issue may be weirder though.
- namcos21.cpp, namcos21_c67.cpp and namcos21_de.cpp
. Added save state support and made pixel clocks more clear
. Removed unnecessary driver init and added hardware notes to namcos21.cpp
. Fixed configuration flag for Driver's Eyes (game has 4 2Mbit PCM ROMs)
- naomi.cpp: Dumped House of the Dead 2 Korea BIOS. Added latest NAOMI revision docs.
- segas24.cpp: Fixed out-of-bounds access in sprite drawing with inverted clipping (could crash during Crack Down attract mode) (video\segaic24.cpp)
- simple_st0016.cpp: Got rid of tagmap lookups and other small cleanups. Enabled save state support.
- srmp2.cpp: Added NO_DUMP entries for suspected undumped MCUs
- suna8.cpp: Removed auto_allorc_array, started work on save state supports and other minor cleanups.
- tatsumi.cpp: Removed obsolete YM2151 hack
- tecmo16.cpp
. Improved IRQ ack mechanism. Fixes Level Select, Minigame Select and Credits musics doesn't play in Ganbare Ginkun (ID 07909).
. Don't trigger multiple interrupts per frame in Riot
- twinkle.cpp
. Added missing hard disk and security dongle to 'beatmania IIDX 2nd style (GC985 JAA)', 'beatmania IIDX 3rd style (GC992 JAC)' and beatmania IIDX 5th style (GCA17 JAA). Replaced CD image marked as bad dump in clone 'beatmania IIDX 3rd style (GC992 JAA)'. Promoted games to working.
. Replaced hand-crafted dongle data for 'beatmania IIDX 4th style (GCA03 JAA)' and 'beatmania IIDX 5th style (GCA17 JAA)'. Added security dongle to 'beatmania IIDX 6th style (GCB4U JAB)'.
. Replaced CD image marked as bad dump in 'beatmania IIDX 6th style (GCB4U JAA)' and 'beatmania IIDX with DDR 2nd Club Version (896 JAB)'. Added security dongles to 'beatmania IIDX 7th style (GCB44 JAB)' and 'beatmania IIDX 8th style (GCC44 JAA)' and replaced CD images marked as bad dump.
. Added missing video CDs to 'beatmania IIDX with DDR 2nd Club Version (896 JAB)', 'beatmania IIDX with DDR 2nd Club Version (896 JAA)' and 'beatmania IIDX Substream with DDR 2nd Club Version 2 (984 A01 BM)'
. Added missing CD image to 'beatmania IIDX Substream (983 JAA)'. Promoted game to working.
. Removed periodic source for IRQ2 in Twinkle driver. Only periodically assert IRQ1. Added comment about SPU IRQ2 handler.
. Promoted Big 50 (JPM), Big Bucks (JPM), Camelot (JPM), Casino Crazy (JPM), Go For Gold (JPM), Give Us A Break (JPM), Happy Hour (JPM), Untouchable (JPM) and clones to working
. Fixed reel display in Big 50 (JPM). Improved illusion of this being 2 sides of the same wheel. Tweak reel offset. Promoted Big 50 (JPM) and clones to working.
. Added sound ROM used by other emulators to Untouchable (JPM). Promoted Untouchable (JPM) and clone again now we have sound.
- Cabal: Implemented in-service lockout for IRQs (audio\seibu.cpp), prevent Cabal from locking up the sound CPU with an unacknowledged interrupt after reset. Fixes coins don't work when Demo Sound dipswitch is off (ID 05785).
- Fever Soccer: Added notes on unpopulated RS232/Ethernet ICs
- Gemcrush: Fixed opaque background
- GunNail: Fixed machine config of clone GunNail (bootleg). Note: Crappy sound, unknown how much of it is incomplete emulation and how much bootleg quality.
- Hatris: Fixed missing ADPCM
- Inferno (Williams): Fixed DAC sound playing (ID 07389)
- Ixion: Switched sprite/tilemap priority
- Joy Stand Private: Converted cartridge access function into address_map_bank_device. Added MACHINE_NODEVICE_PRINTER flag because printer emulation is missing. Added notes and cleaned up code.
- Kyuukoukabakugekitai - Dive Bomber Squad: Fixed debug assert shortly after launch (ID 07887)
- Last Fighting and Raccoon World: Demoted games to not working due to timing issues. Note: Game speed seems to be completely wrong, timers and player movement too fast?
- Mahjong Cafe Time: Resolved DIPSW settings (ID 05580)
- Megadrive hardware: Added EEPROM cartridge variant with Xicor X24C01 (bus\megadrive\eeprom.cpp). Made all MD cartridge types able to be locked on (bus\megadrive\sk.cpp).
- Mobile Suit Gundam Final Shooting: Fixed sound rom loading
- Momoko 120%: Fixed glitches on high score table after memory system updates (was reading past end of region)
- Narc: Dumped the correct REV1 sound ROMs for clone Narc (rev 1.80)
- PinBot (PlayChoice-10): Fixed exception attempting use of single screen BIOS (ID 07916)
- PinMAME: Synced set rvrbt_p7 and totan_04 with PinMAME
- Quasar: Flipped 'Free Play' switch based on observed behavior (maybe freeplay isn't the best name for this)
- Roc'n Rope: Fixed state saving, minor cleanups.
- Run Run Puppy: Redumped boot ROM
- Sea Fighter Poseidon: Fixed unknown DIPs (ID 07849)
- Shooting Master: Redumped and verified the 315-5159A I8751 MCU
- Speak & Rescue: Adjusted DAC output and improved notes in Speak & Rescue and clones
- Virtua Striker 2 '99: Fixed longstanding cut-n-paste in clone vs299a exposed by set reordering
- Zero Team USA: Correct 'Bonus Life' dipswitches in clones New Zero Team
- Fixed rom names in mcr.cpp, midtunit.cpp, model3.cpp and pgm.cpp
- Dipswitch fixes in merits.cpp, namcos21_de.cpp, rocnrope.cpp, royalmah.cpp, r2dx_v33.cpp and taitosj.cpp
- Description changes of A.G. Soccer Ball (R18u, 2.1 sound), beatmania IIDX 7th style (GCB44 JAB), Cyber Troopers Virtual-On - Relay (Japan), Cyber Troopers Virtual-On - Twin (Japan, Revision B), Cyber Troopers Virtual-On - Twin (USA, Revision B), Discs of Tron (Upright, 9/22/83), Discs of Tron (Upright, 10/4/83), jpmimpctsw.cpp games, Lucky Draw (pinball, set 1), Meijinsen (set 1), Oedo Fight (Japan, Bloodshed version), Player's Edge Plus (PP0419) Standard Draw Poker (set 2), Rabbit (Japan 1/28, location test), Raiders5 (Japan, set 1), Techno Drive (Japan, TH1/VER.B), Thunder Dragon (bootleg, set 1), US AAF Mustang (bootleg, set 1) and Virtua Striker 2 '99.1 (Japan, Revision B)
- Renamed (agsoccer) to (agsoccera), (dotron) to (dotrona), (dotrona) to (dotron), (pepp0419) to (pepp0419b), (von) to (vonu), (vs29915) to (vs29915a) and (vs299b) to (vs299j)
. BGFX: crt-geom and crt-geom-deluxe enhancements: Made spot size parameters adjustable also increased samples from 2 to 3 scanlines for crt-geom-deluxe. Made horizontal interpolation adjustable. bgfx crt-geom-deluxe: Made phosphor decay smoothly to zero at specified cutoff time. bgfx crt-geom-deluxe: Added lowpass filter. Fixed crt-geom{,-deluxe} shader compilation and recompiled shaders. Disabled lowpass filter by default by setting it to its maximum value, since it does not account for actual monitor type. We can revisit this decision in the future if better monitor information is provided from the driver.
. Allow creators in the memory map (emu\addrmap.h)
. Fixed init_handlers in specific cases and mapping ioports in views (emu\emumem_hedr.ipp, emumem_hedw.ipp and emumem_mview.cpp)
. Keep a reference to the handlers so that installs overlapping them don't kill them (emu\emumem_mview.cpp)
. Use count_leading_zeros to simplify awidth calculation (emu\emumem_mview.cpp)
. Ensure alternatives are always created (emu\emumem_mview.cpp)
. UI
. Tell user to get the correct files (ui\imgcntrl.cpp and selmenu.cpp)
. A few incremental UI code improvements: Simplified message when toggling UI controls. Show actual configured UI toggle key, not misleading hard-coded text. Push window activated/deactivated events to UI manager. Simplified SDL window event handling code - events are pretty precise. Miscellaneous code cleanup.
. Restored validation for command-line and .ini options (disabled since 0.188) and make some errors non-fatal (mame\clifront.cpp and util\options.cpp)
. Added option to mute when unthrottled to advanced options menu. Also refactored slightly to avoid some initialisations before main.
. Fixed missing LUA API changes (plugins\cheat\init.lua and portname\init.lua). Fixed selection (plugins\cheat\init.lua).
. hiscore.dat update (plugins\hiscore\hiscore.dat)
. MULTI-LANGUAGE: Updated Portuguese-Brasil
- SDLMAME: Fixed ZEXALL target compilation (zexall\main.cpp)
- VGM player: Fixed some shortnames to match MAME. Assorted metadata fixes (hash\vgmplay.xml).
- Compiling
. Initialized some variables which were causing incorrect behaviors in DRVNOCLEAR debug builds
. Fixed MSVC build (drivers\dynax.cpp)
. Coverity (software): Fixed unused code (drivers\8080bw.cpp). Fixed crash at start due to buffer overrun (drivers\magictg.cpp) (ID 05875). Removed unused code in clone 1942 (Tecfri PCB, bootleg?) (video\1942.cpp). Fixed wrong variable (video\avgdvg.cpp). Fixed buffer overflow (video\neogeo_spr.cpp and drivers\vgmplay.cpp).
. Make core_filename_extract_base behave more robustly in degenerate cases (util\corefile.cpp)
. Fixed building with Clang 6 (scripts\genie.lua). Note: Annoyingly, Clang 6 produces warnings for unused private static data members, but does not recognise the [[maybe_unused]] attribute for them.
- Debugger
. Added 'wpsize' variable to access the data size from a watchpoint
. Fixed Debugger rewind is not functional (emu\save.cpp)

"Theory is when you know everthing but nothing works. Practice is when everything works but no one knows why.
In our lab, theory and practice are combined: nothing works and no one knows why."

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