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Compiling a new driver issues
08/02/21 09:11 PM

Hi all... semi-noob here again. Im trying to write a new driver for a piece of Arcade Test Equipment. I have only edited existing drivers before but I thought this would be easy, but of course Im missing something (apparently).

Driver is for Fluke 900 Troubleshooter

I made sure to run REGENIE=1 and I see my 'fluke900' driver in the driverlist.cpp file.

But when I compile, it is like it isn't being included in the compile as I get no errors (figured I would have at least ONE typo in my driver files) but then upon linking I get a "undefined reference to `driver_fluke900'", which makes sense since it is not compiling.

Im compiling with

make TARGET=hbmame SOURCES=src/hbmame/drivers/fluke900.cpp

And my files so far are of course


I figured the main issue is that my state class definition is not being found in fluke900.h... which looks like this..


Fluke 900 Dynamic Troubleshooter


#include "machine/timer.h"

#define F900_CLOCK 10000000

class fluke900_state : public driver_device


fluke900_state(const machine_config &mconfig, device_type type, const char *tag) :
driver_device(mconfig, type, tag),
m_micro(*this, "micro")
{ }

void micro(machine_config &config);
void fluke900_init();


void micro_map(address_map &map);

virtual void machine_start() override;
virtual void machine_reset() override;

required_device m_micro;


since I was compiling specifically, I didn't put anything in the hbmame.lst file, but I did it for fun anyway without any change..


What am I missing that the make command won't see my new driver files during compile?

Im on Win10 64-bit using msys64... HBMAME will compile fine if I try a different driver mhavoc.cpp for example.

I thought maybe my GAME macro was messed up, but I attempted to triple check it.

My fluke900.cpp looks like this..

// license:BSD-3-Clause
// copyright-holders:Jess Askey

Documentation for Fluke 900 Dynamic Troubleshooter


#include "emu.h"
#include "emuopts.h"
#include "render.h"
#include "includes/fluke900.h"
#include "cpu/z80/z80.h"

void fluke900_state::micro_map(address_map &map)
map(0x0000, 0x3fff).rom();
map(0x4000, 0x5fff).bankr("bank1")
map(0x6000, 0x7fff).bankr("bank2")
map(0x8000, 0x9fff).bankrw("cartsys");
map(0xa000, 0xbfff).bankrw("sram");
map(0xc000, 0xffff).bankrw("dram");

static INPUT_PORTS_START( fluke900 )

* Machine drivers
void fluke900_state::fluke900(machine_config &config)
Z80(config, m_micro, F900_CLOCK);
m_micro->set_addrmap(AS_PROGRAM, &fluke900_state::micro_map);

* ROM definitions
ROM_START( fluke900 )
ROM_REGION( 0x50000, "micro", 0 )
ROM_LOAD( "900V6U60", 0x00000, 0x10000, CRC(3b691eff) SHA1(e8227d1458e3ed4d0e8444ec23f2c2d45a0d93b8) )
ROM_LOAD( "900V6U61", 0x10000, 0x10000, CRC(fb53dae6) SHA1(08e9bd60e801778d3521d64817a10ba1ed74f4ff) )
ROM_LOAD( "900V6U75", 0x20000, 0x10000, CRC(660e3d57) SHA1(6eddf1335c536406080eab73f5501a202fb0583d) )
ROM_LOAD( "900V6U76", 0x30000, 0x10000, CRC(c1a70bad) SHA1(0b72b6817e2f00d2c001ac61ebd2cd42ff7785c9) )
ROM_LOAD( "900V6U77", 0x40000, 0x10000, CRC(c1a70bad) SHA1(0b72b6817e2f00d2c001ac61ebd2cd42ff7785c9) )

GAME( 1993, fluke900, 0, fluke900, fluke900, fluke900_state, empty_init, ROT0, "Fluke Manufacturing", "Fluke 900 Dynamic Troubleshooter", MACHINE_NOT_WORKING + MACHINE_SUPPORTS_SAVE + MACHINE_NO_SOUND_HW )

thanks for any suggestions!

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