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MESSinfo 0.235 out!
08/31/21 09:21 PM

Time for new updated version of: progetto-SNAPS MESSINFO.DAT.

12.12 31/08/2021: Aligned files to 0.235 version.
12.11 30/08/2021: The "SOFTWARE LIST" field has been updated for all machines.
12.10 25/08/2021: Again added the field "DRIVER" and that "DRIVER STATUS" also related to the devices.
12.09 20/08/2021: With a new automatic procedure created by motoschifo, now all machines have the "DRIVER STATUS" field always updated.

- amiga.cpp: Added hard disk images with Workbench pre-installed in 'amiga_hdd.xml' [Davide Cavalca].
- ap2000: Hook up reset to Centronics init signal (#8363). Added a fake reset button [Golden Child].
- apple2.cpp: Reading $C01X doesn't have the key-down flag on pre-IIe machines. Pravetz 8M now has the correct character ROM [Petko Bordjukov]. Add and use the correct character ROM for the Pravetz 82 [, R. Belmont].
- apple2: Support for the Stellation Q-68 and Q-68 Plus 68008 coprocessor cards [Rob Justice, R. Belmont]. The two Q-68 cards use the same ROM [R. Belmont].
- apple2com: Added disassembler support for GS/OS and ProDOS 16 calls [Kelvin Sherlock].
- apple2gs: Pass TrueGS SHR Linearization test [R. Belmont, Peter Ferrie, John Brooks]. JSL support for gs/os & prodos 16 calls. JSL/JML/STA vector support. Inline debug name support (Apple IIgs Tech Note #103) [ksherlock]. Fix ZipGS delay for games that trigger the joysticks by read like Silpheed [R. Belmont, TheKinsie].
- apxen: John Elliott added ACT Apricot XEN system. Hook up keyboard. Hook up DMA and FDC, system can boot from floppy now. Checkpoint, get something on screen. Implement video slot and mono graphics video card. Hook up CIO, SIO, RTC, PIT, SN76489. Add daisy chain for Z80 devices and hook it up to the PIC. Add system control ports [Dirk Best].
- at.cpp: Fixed parent/clone issue + clean up of related labels to uniquely identify in 'ibm5170.xml' and ibm5170_cdrom.xml' [Scott Stone].
- c64.cpp: Changed the format of some tape labels in 'c64_cass.xml'. Proposal for raising standard of software list files (#8357) in 'c64_cass.xml' [Steven Coomber].
- ch376: Fix mount status and entry formatting. BOOTi can now find .DO and .PO files. BOOTi can now boot HDVs [Peter Ferrie].
- coco12.cpp: BugFIX#08045 [Misc.] (coco12.cpp) coco, coco2, dragon32: 32K machines present with one byte missing (c478e4e) [Nigel Barnes].
- coco3: Revert constant RAM fix (#8438). GIME timer was twice as fast as it should be (#8365) [Tim Lindner].
- decmate2: Patch one ROM file in 31Z BIOS (#2) to correct JMP I instruction [AJR].
- dragon_msx2: Changed description to '6x09 SuperSprite FM+'.
- f2mc16: Emulate many more opcodes. Add interrupt callback for debugger. Correct disassembly of MOVW io, A. General cleanup. Add helper functions for increment and decrement operations and short direct banking. Rationalize use of temporary variables. Modify only lowest 8 bits of accumulator for XOR A, #imm8. Perform a 16-bit rather than 8-bit write for MOVW @RLx + #disp8, A. Use SSB instead of USB for @RW3 or @RW7 addressing when S flag is set. Fix numerous flag calculations. Emulate various additional instructions and modes. Fix banking for direct addressing mode. Fix semantics of CLRB and number of bytes consumed by SETB. Fix mistake with calculating N and Z flags for SUB and CMP and writing incorrect result for SUB. Use INC(W)(L) A and DEC(W)(L) A pseudo-operations in disassembly [AJR].
- fdc37c93x: Actually read logical device registers. Add placeholder routine for mouse irq. Use ns16550 instead of ns16450 for rs232 as per datasheet [yz70s].
- hh_hmcs40.cpp: Improved bpengo svg [hap, eggs].
- hh_sm510.cpp: Re-scanned display for Elektronika Autoslalom [algestam].
- hp_taco: Implemented commands to read HP9825 tapes [F. Ulivi].
- i82371sb: Various changes, windows 98 recognizes the ide busmaster controller in pcipc driver. Corrections to pci configuration space maps. Remove useless redefinitions of command_w/r in ide device. Placeholders for nmi, stpclk and extsmi lines of isa bridge. Correctly support 8 bit writes to idetim registers [yz70s].
- i82439hx: Corrections to pci configuration space map and decoding to debug log of pam register writes [yz70s].
- lwriter.cpp: Invert the state of the SCC interrupt. Elaborate the documentation of some of the VIA pins. Corrected the polarity of the SCC interrupt signal. Added support for the original LaserWriter [Jeff Muizelaar]. Minor fixes and cleanup. Don't set initial signal state in machine config - do it on start. No need to reset child devices on machine reset, that's done for you. Put ROMs in the same order as machine macros [Vas Crabb].
- lwriter: Changed description to 'LaserWriter'.
- maciifx: Add preliminary PIC (Peripheral Interface Controller) devices and OSS interrupt control. machine/applefdintf.*: Correct permissions [AJR].
- mc10.cpp: Corrected screen timings and visible area [Tim Lindner].
- mc10: Fix raster timing to hide vertical retrace lines (#8409) [Tim Lindner].
- megadriv.cpp: Added mega-cd euro v2.11 bios. Dumped BIOS from a late-model UK Mega CD with smaller, Sony-made PCB [TwistedTom].
- mhockey: Changed description to 'Hockey (Mattel, US version)'.
- n64.cpp: Fixed K4/K5 YUV factor handling [Ryan Holtz]. Video adjustments: 8bpp mode, VI scan-out improvement (#8362). Fixed handling of 8bpp framebuffer mode. Adjusted how VI scan-out functions [Ryan Holtz, krom]. Swapped 'magic matrix' dither pattern axes to match hardware tests [Ryan Holtz, krom]. Removed unnecessary cast [MooglyGuy]. Assorted N64 fixes (#8415). Fixed SP DMA behavior based on hardware tests [Ryan Holtz]. Pass K4 and K5 factors to threaded drawing code. Fixes black geometry in Conker's Bad Fur Day [MooglyGuy]. Improved 8 BPP frame buffer mode and VI scan-out [Ryan Holtz, krom].
- nes.cpp: Merged two devices (for identical mappers 225 and 255). Larger-sized carts now work (sets mc_110, mc_115). Added 4 nibbles of work RAM that presumable affect in-game settings. Removed set mc_110a which was listed as being a possible corrupt dump. It only contained half of mc_110's PRG ROM—in repeated 256K chunks [kmg].
- nes: Fixed NTDEC PCB bugs, and added support for N715021 PCB. Fixed various issues with multi-game cartridges [kmg]. Improved support for various RCM multi-game cartridges [kmg, NewRisingSun].
- nes_fk23c: Changed description to 'NES Cart FK23C PCB'.
- nes_fk23ca: Changed description to 'NES Cart FK23CA PCB'.
- ns32008: Fix smr instruction bug [Patrick Mackinlay].
- ns32082: Implement program flow trace support [Patrick Mackinlay].
- ns32202: Fix syntax errors. Implement counter current values [Patrick Mackinlay].
- ns32kdb.cpp: Additional firmware. Serial diagnostic support. Corrected timer clock [Vince Ibeachum]. Corrected eprom labels [Patrick Mackinlay].
- pc9801.cpp: Shift underline attr 4 pixels to the right. Disable code causing egc issues and add color compare support [cracyc].
- qx10.cpp: Corrected video RAM size - onlly 128k is present (fixes graphics scrolling). (#8333) [Brian Johnson].
- rsp: Removed recompiler and implemented more instructions [Ryan Holtz].
- segapico.cpp: Documented where unavailable dump data was sourced and used other dumps' region data to fill in size metadata in 'pico.xml' [Scott Stone].
- smc91c96: updates (a2osx w/ lancegs). 1. m_loopback_result needs to be a signed into so negative status codes remain negative. 2. FDSE bit was masked out 3. when full duplex switched internet is active, deferrals and collisions not used 4. implement AUTO_RELEASE [Kelvin Sherlock].
- snes: Commented rom name entry status clarifications in 'snes.xml' [Scott Stone].
- specpls3.cpp: Added link to document used as verification of undumped/unshared entries [Scott Stone].
- spectrum.cpp: Updated metadata for many items in 'spectrum_cass.xml' [,, ArcadeShadow].
- swim1: Implement callback for DAT1BYTE output. Disable read side effects to help debugging [AJR].
- swim2: Implement callback for DAT1BYTE output [AJR].
- trspacmis: Changed description to 'Space Mission (Tronica)'.
- tx0_64kw: Fixes and improvements. Complete rewrite of disassemblers, using standard names for OPRs. Clear MBR in cycle 1 when AMB is not specified. Perform AMB before COM (tx0_64kw). Fix characters printed on Flexowriter (bit order was incorrectly reversed). Modernize logging in CPU device. Only call the debugger hook once per instruction cycle. Various fixes. Make IOS actually wait for I/O when used more than once. Remove break statement that disabled half the OPRs. Don't normalize minus zero sums (also applies to tx0_8kw) [AJR].
- tx0_8kw: Fixes and improvements. Complete rewrite of disassemblers, using standard names for OPRs. Clear MBR in cycle 1 when AMB is not specified. Perform AMB before COM (tx0_64kw). Fix characters printed on Flexowriter (bit order was incorrectly reversed). Modernize logging in CPU device. Only call the debugger hook once per instruction cycle. Various fixes. Make IOS actually wait for I/O when used more than once. Remove break statement that disabled half the OPRs. Don't normalize minus zero sums (also applies to tx0_8kw). IOS fix [AJR].
- upd7220: Made address space use word addressing, and implemented proper ead/dad/mask support for draw_char (#8379). Made FIGD drawing use ead and mask to calculate drawing location. Corrected address space to use word addressing, and fixed emulation of GCHRD command. Updated FIGD to use ead and mask to calculate drawing location (#8405) [Brian Johnson].
- vsmileb: Added default input mappings for the slider window, and demoted to MNW due to bad audio [Ryan Holtz].
- z8536: Better daisy chain support, fix port assignment when writing data. Avoid magic numbers [Dirk Best].
- Renamed (nes_kf23c) to (nes_fk23c), (nes_kf23ca) to (nes_fk23ca), (nes_g2004) to (nes_gs2004), (nes_g2013) to (nes_gs2013), (nes_g2015) to (nes_gs2015) and (nes_fh_asder) to (nes_ntdec_fh).
- Removed (nes_bmc_110in1) and (nes_bmc_ch001) devices.
- Added Apple 343S1021 PIC, Apricot Monochrome Display, Apricot XEN daisy chain abstraction, Apricot XEN Video Slot, Electron 68000 Expansion, Fujitsu MB90641A, NES Cart BMC 500 in 1 PCB, NES Cart BMC 60311C PCB, NES Cart BMC 830425C-4391T PCB, NES Cart BMC 830832C PCB, NES Cart BMC 841101C PCB, NES Cart BMC 850437C PCB, NES Cart BMC F-15 PCB, NES Cart BMC FC Genjin 8 in 1 PCB, NES Cart BMC GKCXIN1 PCB, NES Cart BMC GN-45 PCB, NES Cart BMC GRM070 8 in 1 PCB, NES Cart BMC K-1029 PCB, NES Cart BMC K-3006 PCB, NES Cart BMC K-3036 PCB, NES Cart BMC Little Com 160 PCB, NES Cart BMC RESET-TXROM 128K/128K PCB, NES Cart BMC RESET-TXROM 128K/256K PCB, NES Cart BMC RESET-TXROM 256K/128K PCB, NES Cart BMC TH2291-3 PCB, NES Cart BMC-2751 PCB, NES Cart Caltron 9 in 1 PCB, NES Cart Contra Japan Pirate PCB, NES Cart Kaiser KS-106C PCB, NES Cart KN-42 PCB, NES Cart NT-639 PCB, NES Cart NTDEC N715021 PCB, NES Cart Sachen 3013 PCB, NES Cart Super Mario Bros. 2 YUNG-08 PCB, Stellation Two Q-68 and Stellation Two Q-68 Plus devices.
- DBWBP added Sony DPS-V55 Multi-Effect Processor, Suzuki (Hammond license) GM-1000 GM Sound Module, Yamaha PSR-16, Yamaha PSR-36, Yamaha PSR-40 and Yamaha PSS-680 systems.
- FozzTexx added Smith Corona PWP System 14 system.
- hap, Kevin Horton and Sean Riddle added Gakken Super Cobra (Gakken, green version) system.
- hap and Sean Riddle added Mattel Hockey (Mattel, export version) and Texas Instruments TI-5100 systems.
- Jeff Muizelaar added Apple Computer LaserWriter II NT and Apple Computer LaserWriter Plus systems.
- John Elliott added ACT Apricot XEN system.
- PulkoMandy added C.Q.F.D Scientus (France) system.
- AJR added dpsv55.cpp, gm1000.cpp, ympsr16.cpp and ympsr40.cpp drivers.
- Dirk Best added apxen.cpp driver.
- Miodrag Milanovic added pwp14.cpp driver.

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