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  MAME or related news. RSS feed | RSS w/replies | Atom feed
   Moderator:  John IV, Tafoid 
5537 32113 MAMEinfo 0.223GIT (10th Jul)
      (MASH) - 07/10/20 04:06 PM
  On-topic chat for arcade games, retrogaming, emulators or related. RSS feed | RSS w/replies
   Moderator:  redk9258, URherenow, Tafoid 
5582 43507 Re: compile mame error
      (R.Coltrane) - 07/10/20 02:38 PM
The Loony Bin
  Water cooler chat. Anything that doesn't fit into the other forums can be posted here.
   Moderator:  GatKong 
14552 85728 Re: I finally did the deed...
      (jopezu) - 07/10/20 12:58 PM
MAME Artwork: Official
  Recreating or restoring original game artwork and pics for use by MAME or frontends or cabinet restoration.
   Moderator:  Mr. Do 
697 4330 Re: Rastan Transluscent Marquee Cleanup
      (Dreamstate) - 07/09/20 08:29 PM
MAME Artwork X: Other Artwork Projects
  Anything else artwork-related such as artwork derived or inspired by original artwork.
   Moderator:  Mr. Do 
105 961 A few *Mature* artworks (widescreen)
      (Divemaster) - 06/25/20 04:16 PM
  Help and discussion for electronic hardware.
   Moderator:  GatKong 
1057 5344 LEDSpicer, LED animation controller for Linux (raspberry pi or PC).
      (MeduZa) - 07/09/20 02:37 AM
  A general programming forum for all in the emulation community to use.
   Moderator:  Pi 
378 1903 Re: About two devices sharing the same memory mapped space, in an interleaved manner
      (Naibo) - 07/09/20 02:45 AM

Frontend Tech + Threads Posts Last post
  MAMEUI is the GUI version of MAME. IV/Play is a frontend based on MAMEUI.
   Moderator:  John IV, Robbbert 
241 1262 Re: Silly question about default backgrounds
      (Llaffer) - 07/05/20 04:57 AM
  HBMAME is a MAME derivative that plays homebrew hacks and other oddities. ARCADE64 | MESSUI
   Moderator:  Robbbert 
123 667 Re: HBMAME is on github
      (Robbbert) - 06/08/20 11:17 AM
Emu Loader
  Get all the help you need with the Emu Loader frontend right here.
   Moderator:  CiroConsentino 
384 1694 Re: Zipped images not showing up
      (CiroConsentino) - 06/01/20 06:27 PM
  The official forum.
   Moderator:  AntoPISA 
194 851 15
      (Antny) - 06/06/20 11:24 PM
  Discussion forum for all Ultimarc products. Send all support questions to
   Moderator:  Andy Warne 
869 2710 ServoStik
      (Col68) - 07/09/20 08:37 AM

Jesus was more socialist than Bernie Threads Posts Last post
Welcome to the War Room
  Use this forum to discuss politics so we can keep them out of all the other forums.
   Moderator:  Smitdogg 
558 2909 Re: unpleasant dreams
      (Tafoid) - 07/07/20 07:30 AM

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