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. Re: MAME Rebuild advice needed

> What's the best mame port to produce the scan lines that we all know and love? Which scanlines? 20-year-old-MAME scanlines or simulated CRT moni ...
Hardware Heihachi_73 08/28/21 09:42 PM
. Re: I'm playing Fix-It Felix Jr. on MAME. :)

> It's a homebrew rom for the Mega Drive/Genesis: Someone needs to port this to real 1982-era arcade hardware for the authentic experience.
EmuChat Heihachi_73 08/26/21 08:33 PM
. Re: Status of x-86 emulation

> > MAME hasn't even started on ... DS > > Untrue, but you're welcome to your (incorrect) opinion. Honestly didn't know nds.cpp existed ...
Programming Heihachi_73 08/15/21 11:42 PM
. Re: Status of x-86 emulation

> I just have a few questions to ask, and maybe it's not the place to do so, but i'll > ask you anyway I don't know where I should ask elsewhere ...
Programming Heihachi_73 08/12/21 06:55 AM
. Re: Can anyone identify this game ?

> Hi all, > Just been to a new Arcade in Hull and took a few snaps of the games in there, > there was 1 game i didn't recognize which was run ...
EmuChat Heihachi_73 08/01/21 04:54 AM
. Re: Windows 11 Preview and MAME. I found a weird issue. (Video)

Reminds me of Bill Gates plugging in a scanner while he was showcasing a preview of Windows 98.
EmuChat Heihachi_73 07/29/21 02:55 AM
. Re: Look like my computer doesn't support Windows 11. :(

> Are the newer releases of MAME all 64 bit like I read many months ago? This is the > primary reason why I'm on version .201 and am unable to p ...
The Loony Bin Heihachi_73 07/15/21 01:19 PM
. Re: 40 years of Donkey Kong

> Whatever happened to Stanley? After having his plants continuously destroyed by insects and great apes and being upstaged by Mario all the time ...
EmuChat Heihachi_73 07/12/21 05:21 AM
. Re: sound of a rom

EmuChat Heihachi_73 07/12/21 05:07 AM
. Re: Modern version

> I gave ME one try, and it trashed my partition table. Obviously went back to 98SE at > that point and stayed there until 2000/XP. I didn't r ...
EmuChat Heihachi_73 07/02/21 01:19 PM
. Re: Total Carnage cheats don't work

> None of 'em. Where should I report this?
EmuChat Heihachi_73 06/27/21 06:02 AM
. Re: Modern version

> Nothing on Earth was as buggy as ME! That was an abomination. * 90s desktop Linux enters the chat.
EmuChat Heihachi_73 06/19/21 12:26 AM
. Re: would yours mind able to a henceforward MAME emulation of an android systems?(samsung, terminated with-LG phone, etc...)

> my remarks was almost formal, were some mame forum users pleaded trouble to me? I am > has why reason for request as 'would you mind...', it m ...
EmuChat Heihachi_73 05/21/21 06:59 AM
. Re: Double Dragon)NeoGeo) super move works strange

> Hello > > Did someone played Double Dragon(NeoGeo) fighting game? > Do not confuse with Beatemup game on same name. > > > I ...
EmuChat Heihachi_73 05/07/21 10:23 PM
. Re: Emu Loader frontend. E-mail account is no more...

Might want to change your signature, it's still showing the old emuloader email. Always a colossal PITA when someone hacks your email, especially if i ...
EmuChat Heihachi_73 04/23/21 09:46 PM
. Re: Required ROM/disk images for the selected system are missing or incorrect. Please select a different system.

Hopefully your mame.ini is pointing to the right directory, usually MAME defaults to the mame/roms directory and yours seem to be in mame/common/roms. ...
EmuChat Heihachi_73 04/15/21 02:30 PM
. Re: I am not able to reduce CPU/MPU clock with under 10% in MAME.

> I am trying on reduce CPU/MPU clock, because of their non-supportable test > mode(service mode) to hear that music on these nichibutsu DVD/CD, ...
EmuChat Heihachi_73 03/06/21 04:19 AM
. Re: is it possible to reprogram the ai in arcade fighting games?

> > it would be cool at some point to play older arcade fighters without a cpu that > > resorts to cheating. it's literally the equivalent ...
The Loony Bin Heihachi_73 02/27/21 07:02 AM
. Re: Which version to use?

> In RetroPie, when an arcade game doesn't start, you can pull up a menu to choose a > different emulator. The choices that appear to me are... ...
EmuChat Heihachi_73 01/20/21 12:16 AM
. 2021's already here [nt]

> Fix emulation of street fighter 2 bootlegs (like M1-M9) > Emulation of PIC16C57 and EM78P447AP > Fix emulation of Seibu cup soccer and Zero ...
EmuChat Heihachi_73 01/13/21 09:26 PM
. Re: Messing with my video card BIOS

> Have a shit LG ultrawide and a Sapphire Radeon Rx Vega 64. Been getting link errors > coming out of sleep mode far too often, so I've been pok ...
The Loony Bin Heihachi_73 01/09/21 11:46 AM
. Re: 2021's Almost Here: What Do You Guys Hope For in Mame/Mess?

> Well I guess I will have to start the "end of the year" thread this time. I do wonder > what any of you have hopes for this year. My ...
EmuChat Heihachi_73 12/27/20 09:10 PM
. Re: Beast Slayer arcade game from Netflix series Ozark

> > > > That's very obviously 99999% fake... The lack of a full-sized gap between the words HIGH SCORE is a dead giveaway too. If you' ...
EmuChat Heihachi_73 12/11/20 01:14 AM
. Re: MAME v0.226 Benchmarks on Raspberry Pi 4 8GB @2.0ghz (is a total joke for MAME)

> tekken 100 > tekken3 60 100 fps in Tekken 1 on a Pi 4? My old POS Sempron 140 (with nForce 630a integrated graphics for maximum suckage) bare ...
EmuChat Heihachi_73 12/01/20 02:53 AM
. Re: Street Fighter 2 Mix (hack of SF2CE/HF/Turbo)

> I already submitted it to Robbbert the other day when it was released. > > Zero800 did a fantastic job on this hack. He used my Gecko Grab ...
EmuChat Heihachi_73 11/18/20 02:58 AM

Search results for query: Heihachi_73 (1 - 25 of 603)
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