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MESSinfo 0.232 out!
06/06/21 11:53 AM

New updated version of: progetto-SNAPS MESSINFO.DAT.

12.05 06/06/2021: Aligned files to 0.232 version.
12.04 26/05/2021: Completed the "changelog.txt" and "alltimesMESS.txt" files.
12.03 25/05/2021: Added all the information from the "whatsnew.txt" file relating to versions from 0.222 to 0.229, absent so far. Also fixed many typos.
12.02 19/05/2021: Completed the "sourcechanges.txt" file.

- amstr_pc.cpp: Added six additional clones. Restored comment on closing brace for anonymous namespace [rfka01].
- c6280: Fixed volume envelope shape (fixes spurious tremolo effect) [Leonardo Demartino].
- chessmst.cpp: Split driver chessmst.cpp in chessmst.cpp e chessmstdm.cpp [hap]
- coco,coco3: BugFIX#05138 [Core] (coco3.cpp) coco, coco3: Strange behavior when initializing PIA interface chip (a068ff3) [Tim Lindner].
- coco3: BugFIX#07512 [Graphics] (coco3.cpp) coco3: Incorrect Graphics Mode GIME with SKIING game (a068ff3) [Tim Lindner]. BugFIX#05138 [Core] (coco3.cpp) coco, coco3: Strange behavior when initializing PIA interface chip (a068ff3) [Tim Lindner]. BugFIX#07662 [Interface] (coco3.cpp) coco3: Snapshot of RGB screen doesn't work (fde37c3) [hap].
- dpb7000.cpp: Improved tablet emulation [Ryan Holtz].
- fmtowns.cpp: Adjusted PCM/CD-DA sound balance [r09].
- galileo, leonardo, leonardoa, renaissa, renaissaa: Machine promoted to working [hap].
- gamegear: BugFIX#07965 [Media Support] (sms.cpp) gamegear [ddragon, ddragonp]: Corrupt background tiles (f2392ff).
- gime_ntsc, gime_pal: Moved PIA write monitoring logic into GIME device [Tim Lindner].
- lc80: Changed description to 'Lerncomputer LC 80 (set 1)'.
- leapfrog_leappad.cpp: Changed regional variants for leappad and mfleappad from clones to BIOS options [ClawGrip].
- leappad: Changed description to 'LeapPad'.
- leapster.cpp: Added Leapster L-MAX and Leapster 2 clones and added two Leapster BIOS versions [skaman, ClawGrip].
- m68000: Implemented FMOVEM mode 3 (fixes issues with Domain/OS and NeXTSTEP) [Calvin Buckley].
- mac.cpp: BugFIX#07979 [Media Support] (mac.cpp) Mac systems with HD floppy drives: Floppy drives don't accept HD disks anymore after ejecting them once (602852e) [Olivier Galibert].
- mbeett: Machine promoted to working [Robbbert].
- pc.cpp: Added six additional clones [rfka01].
- pc9801.cpp: Added support for 1-bit DAC [Angelo Salese].
- pce.cpp: Replaced bad dumps with verified correct dumps (fixes graphical glitches in Gomola Speed) in 'pce.xml' [quasiscroto].
- poly880: Changed manufacturer to 'VEB Polytechnik Karl-Marx-Stadt'.
- rx78.cpp: Cleaned up list of known software in 'rx78_cart.xml' [David Silva].
- scsipdma: Changed description to 'Mac 5380 SCSI helper'.
- sms.cpp: Return RAM value when reading SegaScope port (SegaScope is write-only) [Enik Land].
- speaker_sound_device: Changed description to 'Filtered DAC'.
- upd7220: Added support for vertical zoom; qx10.cpp: Implemented horizontal zoom [Brian Johnson]. Treat zero bitmap partition length as maximum size [Angelo Salese, sampson].
- ymf278b: Changed description to 'YMF278B OPL4'.
- Renamed (ncr5380) to (scsipdma).
- Removed (leappadca) (mfleappadus) and (slc1a) machines.
- Removed (dummy_space) device.
- AJR and Vince Slyngstad added Digital Equipment Corporation DECmate II (PC278) and Digital Equipment Corporation DECmate III (PC238) systems.
- Alessandro Liberalato added Sistemi Avanzati Gestione Aziendale Saga Fox and Sistemi Avanzati Gestione Aziendale Saga Fox/F80 systems.
- Guru added Canon Typestar 3 system.
- hap added hack Poly-Computer 880 (SC1) and VEB Mikroelektronik "Karl Marx" Erfurt Lerncomputer LC 80 (set 2) systems.
- Nigel Barnes and Alessandro Liberalato added Kyber Calcolatori Kyber Minus system.
- Patrick Mackinlay added Digital Equipment Corporation DECstation 2100 system.
- R. Belmont and JKN0 added Yamaha PSR-70 PortaSound system.
- R. Belmont, JKN0 and d-tech added Yamaha PSR-60 PortaSound system.
- Randon Michels and Patrick Mackinlay added Tektronix 6130 system.
- rfka01 added Alloy EarthStation-I, Amstrad plc Amstrad PC5086, Frael King, MY-COM MPU-9088-VF, Triumph-Adler TA 1700-PC and Victor VPC II systems.
- Robbbert added Capital Radio Engineering Institute CREI 680 system.
- Ryan Holtz, MrMii6 and CD-i Fan added Philips BO (Videosynthesizer Prototype) system.
- Skaman added LeapFrog Leapster 2 and LeapFrog Leapster L-MAX systems.
- Tom Stepleton and Andrew McPherson added Whitechapel Computer Works MG-1 system.
- Added Analyst, AT28C64B 8Kx8 EEPROM, Booti Card, CH376 USB/file manager module, DSD A4432 Floppy Disk Interface, Harris HD-6120, Hitachi H8/3040, Hitachi H8/3041, Hitachi H8/3042, Maestro A, Maestro B-D, NS32202 Interrupt Control Unit, Saitek OSA Expansion Bus, Sanyo CRD-254SH CD-ROM, Sparc, Sprow ARM7TDMI Co-Processor, Sweet Micro Systems Mockingboard D, V.Smile Keyboard (FR), V.Smile Keyboard (GE), V.Smile Keyboard (US) and YM3806 OPN devices.
- AJR added decmate2.cpp driver.
- hap added chessmstdm.cpp driver.
- Nigel Barnes added kminus.cpp driver.
- Patrick Mackinlay added mg1.cpp and tekigw.cpp driver.
- R. Belmont added ympsr60.cpp driver.
- Robbbert added crei680.cpp driver.
- Ryan Holtz, MrMii6 and CD-i Fan added philipsbo.cpp driver.

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