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MESSinfo 0.236 out!
10/07/21 09:04 PM

Time for new updated version of: progetto-SNAPS MESSINFO.DAT.

12.14 13/10/2021: Aligned files to 0.236 version.
12.13 15/09/2021: Added 50 descriptions of previously absent machines.

- 4004clk: Fix 50hz setting [hap].
- a2diskiing: Added ROM parents [Vas Crabb].
- a800: Fixes writing antic DLISTL and DLISTH to only affect the high and low byte component that is spread between m_dpage and m_doffs [goldnchild].
- alphasma.cpp: Use finder array for LCDCs; use memory_share_creator instead of RAM device [AJR].
- amiga.cpp: Change machine configuration sequence so that the 68K CPU always comes first. This works around an issue with the debugger trying to focus first on a keyboard MCU being held in reset [AJR].
- apple2.cpp: Fixed one-shot paddle timers in Apple II and clones (#8504) [xotmatrix]. Support for the AppleIISD card [R. Belmont, Florian Reitz].
- apple2gs: Enable SHR linearization bit in NEWVIDEO by default, fixes Nucleus P8 1.0.1. Revert previous change, verified on hardware that bit 6 of NEWVIDEO is not set on power-up [R. Belmont].
- apxen: Default eeprom, fix floppy change detection, initial software list [Dirk Best].
- bigbord2.cpp: Hooked up floppy DRQ that had somehow got lost [Vas Crabb].
- coco3: Fix GIME master interrupt switches [Tim Lindner].
- concply8: Changed description to 'Conchess Plymate 8.0MHz'.
- db32016: Added cassette interface [Robbbert].
- es5503: Initialize variable properly; clean up code a little [AJR].
- fdc37c93x: Update to support PS/2 mouse [yz70s].
- gime_ntsc, gime_pal: Update interrupt outputs when master interrupt switches change. Fixed shape of £ and ƒ characters in the hand-built character data [Tim Lindner].
- harddisk_image: Allow specifying the desired block size for loose files / verifying a CHD's block size [R. Belmont].
- hbf9pr: BugFIX#08085 [Documentation] (msx.cpp) hbf9pr: The description says "Russion" instead of "Russian" [AntoPISA].
- hd6120: Fix effect of TAD on LINK flag [AJR].
- hh_sm510.cpp: Added cheat inputs for gnw_flagman, gnw_judge and gnw_lion [Milan G., algestam]. Add cheats for gnw_flagman, gnw_judge and gnw_lion [algestam].
- hh_tms1k.cpp: Correct ti5100 machine category [hap].
- i386: When DEBUG_MISSING_OPCODE is defined, log a small backtrace This way together with the full list of bytes that form the non recognized opcode there are the addresses of the previously executed instructions [yz70s].
- i8244: Use parent_rom_device_type for i8245 [hap].
- i8257: Fix it so tc can work with multiple devices [cracyc].
- jak_wall: Changed description to 'Wall-E (JAKKS Pacific TV Game) (Dec 18 2007 11:34:25)'.
- kbdc8042: Improve management of ps/2 mouse: Add mouse interrupt. Support more mouse commands. Use command byte to enable/disable mouse and keyboard interrupts. Now the ps/2 mouse works with Windows 98. Mouse reset answers at least one byte if mouse disabled. Makes nforcepc bios happy [yz70s].
- m68705u3: Added ROM parents [Vas Crabb].
- mac128.cpp: Force native aspect ratio for screen [AJR].
- mn1880: Use separate interrupt registers for each CPU [AJR].
- mpu_pc98: Changed description to 'Roland MPU-401 MIDI Interface (C-bus)'.
- nes.cpp: Added support for 820720C and JY820845C multi-game cartridges. Fixed graphical issues for BMC-20IN1, BMC-SUPER700IN1 and BMC-VT5201 cartridges. Improved emulation for 8237/8237A boards. Improved emulation for T-262 board and related multi-game cartridges. Improved interrupt emulation emulation for Kaiser KS202 and KS7032 boards. Reimplemented BMC-70IN1 and BMC-800IN1 board emulation and added iNES loader support for them. Simplified handling of SXROM and SOROM boards fitted with MMC1A chips [kmg].
- nes_bmc_yy841101c: Changed description to 'NES Cart BMC YY841101C PCB'.
- okim6295: Explicitly clamp output streams to within range [AJR].
- pc8001.cpp: Add DMA functions. Add extension setter for 24KHz mode (which will be used by PC-8801 once implementation is merged). Allow to enter into N80 BASIC mode for mk2 machines. Constexpr the XTALs. Fix machine configs inheritance. Move some shared functions to pc8001_base_state [Angelo Salese].
- pc8801.cpp: Inherit pc80s31k device and kill off FDC legacy code. Remove logging of High [TV]RAM [Angelo Salese].
- pc8801: Repair acrojet copy protection [cracyc].
- pc9801.cpp: Major state refactoring of pc98 based HW. First major step in splitting up machine classes in NEC PC98 family tree: Splits up derivative HWs into own state machine and files (pc98ha.cpp, pc9821.cpp and pc9801_epson.cpp); adds a preliminary uPD4991a parallel RTC, used by pc98ha; fix -26, -86, -118 C-bus sound board dips or jumper settings; fix default sound card for pc9821 (-86) and pc9821ce2 / pc9821cx3 (-118); adds preliminary MAD Factory Otomichan-kai C-bus sound board; adds boilerplate code for C-bus installing board I/Os, avoiding the possible inconvenience of board(s) getting silently unmapped by other installed boards; major refactoring of HW dip switches readouts, using required_ioports instead of scattering things around in PPI hooks; extensive QA rundown, including research on missing features and undumped machines. pc9801.cpp: Don't passthrough mouse irq frequency when cycle setting is setup too, fixes jastrike mouse input on options menu. pc9801.cpp: Fix kanji RAM w
- pc9801_118: Changed description to 'NEC PC-9801-118'.
- pc9801_26: Changed description to 'NEC PC-9801-26'.
- pc9801_86: Changed description to 'NEC PC-9801-86'.
- pc9801_amd98: Changed description to 'System Sacom AMD-98'.
- pc9801bx2: Changed description to 'PC-9801BX2/U2 (98 FELLOW)'.
- pc9821: Changed description to 'PC-9821 (98MULTi)'.
- pc9821as: Chaged description to 'PC-9821As (98MATE A)'.
- pc9821ce2: Changed description to 'PC-9821Ce2 (98MULTi CanBe)'.
- pc9821ne: Changed description to 'PC-9821Ne (98NOTE)'.
- pc9821v13: Changed description to 'PC-9821V13 (98MATE VALUESTAR)'.
- pc9821v20: Changed description to 'PC-9821V20 (98MATE VALUESTAR)'.
- pc9821xa16: Changed description to 'PC-9821Xa16 (98MATE X)'.
- pc9821xs: Changed description to 'PC-9821Xs (98MATE X)'.
- pcipc.cpp: Remove serial mouse and use virge instead of virge dx Because now the ps/2 mouse works and the virge dx is buggy during windows xp setup (then after it has installed you have to boot in vga mode) [yz70s].
- pss680: Bank some of the ROM space [AJR].
- saitek_stratos.cpp: Fix wrong ordering in set_cpu_freq [hap].
- saturn.cpp: Added placeholder system for Korean BIOS, and fixed some issues affecting various games. Add Korean BIOS placeholder. Add Korean BIOS placeholder, refactored init routines, add enumerator for regions. hash/saturn.xml: Marked all Korean set with NTSC-K, also part I of SW list QA overhaul [Angelo Salese].
- sc3000: Added TZX to the list of tape formats for the Sega SC-3000 [Fabio DL].
- tasc.cpp: Gideon engine version is 3.1 [hap].
- tx0.cpp: Add preliminary software list for both systems. Further fixes: Load typewriter input into correct bit positions of LR. Invert MSB of display coordinates (fixes tic-tac-toe grid) [AJR].
- tx0_64kw: Swap LR and MBR when MLR and LMB are specified together [AJR].
- tx0_8kw: Changed description to 'TX-0 upgraded system (8 kWords of RAM, new order code)'. Resolve confusion between SHR and CYR semantics (these were incorrectly swapped). Recognize a few more composite OPRs in disassembly [AJR].
- tx0_8kw_cpu: Changed description to 'MIT Lincoln Laboratory TX-0 8KW (new)'.
- upd3301: Consider an attribute end of 0 equal to max size, fixes starfire. Convert AT1/AT0/SC to an aggregate variable. Convert attribute fetch to be a client delegate. Fix last value of attribute row (7narabe), fix graphic mode when in width 40 (15puzzle). Fix scrolling glitch when unthrottled. Implement bulk of attribute fields. RVV is definitely a global reverse rather than acting on palette for PC8001, document flgworld attribute weirdness (double somersault). Fix olyboss compile and crashing, add rvv signal [Angelo Salese].
- upd7220: Don't run wdat if figd figure type is set and set the patter… (#8470). Ddon't run wdat if figd figure type is set, set the pattern in wdat and reset figure type [cracyc].
- votrax: Adjusted levels in Votrax SC-01 device and various drivers to avoid saturating outputs [David Haywood].
- wrinkles: Added most of the sensors [hap].
- Renamed (concply) to (concply8), (ibc) to (hexbus_ibc), (nes_bmc_841101c) to (nes_bmc_yy841101c).
- Removed (nes_bmc_gb63), (nes_bmc_gc6in1), (nes_bmc_super22), (nes_hosenkan), (nes_novel1), (nes_novel2), (nes_sorom_a) and (nes_sxrom_a) devices.
- Added Apple II SD Card, MAD Factory Otomi-chan Kai, MIT Lincoln Laboratory TX-0 8KW (old), NEC PC-80S31 Mini Disk Unit I/F, NEC PC-80S31K Mini Disk Unit I/F, NEC PC-9801-55L, NEC PC-9801-55U, NEC uPD4991a parallel RTC, NES Cart A-9746 PCB, NES Cart Batlab BATMAP-000 PCB, NES Cart Batlab BATMAP-SRR-X PCB, NES Cart BMC 00202650 PCB, NES Cart BMC 820720C PCB, NES Cart BMC 830928C PCB, NES Cart BMC A88S-1 PCB, NES Cart BMC HP-898F PCB, NES Cart BMC JY820845C PCB, NES Cart BMC RESET-SXROM PCB, NES Cart BMC YY841155C PCB, NES Cart L-001 PCB, NES Cart LH42 Pirate PCB, NES Cart N-32 4 in 1 PCB, NES Cart NTDEC 2746 PCB, NES Cart Shenzhen Jncota KT-1001 PCB, NES Cart Techline 9 in 1 PCB, NES Cart TXC 01-22110-000 PCB, NES Cart UNL-158B PCB, NES Cart UNL-8237A PCB, SDHC Card (SPI Interface), SDV2 Card (SPI Interface) devices.
- AJR added MIT TX-0 upgraded system (8 kWords of RAM, old order code) system.
- Angelo Salese added Samsung Saturn (Korea) system.
- anonymous added NEC PC-8001mkIISR, NEC PC-98HA (Handy98) and NEC PC-98LT systems.
- coolmod added NEC PC-9801US system.
- flyingharuka added NEC PC-9821Cx3 (98MULTi CanBe), NEC PC-9821Nr15 (98NOTE Lavie), NEC PC-9821Nr166 (98NOTE Lavie), NEC PC-9821Nw150 (98NOTE Lavie) and NEC PC-9821Ra266 (98MATE R) systems.
- hap, Berger added Systemhuset / Loproc Conchess Plymate 5.5MHz system.
- hap, Sean Riddle added Fidelity Electronics Checker Challenger (model CR, 2 levels) system.
- qazmko1029 added NEC PC-9801VX system.
- Sean Riddle, David Haywood added JAKKS Pacific Inc / HotGen Ltd SpongeBob SquarePants Jellyfish Dodge (JAKKS Pacific TV Game) (Apr 5 2007) system.
- Sean Riddle, TeamEurope added VTech Dora the Explorer - Doras Abenteuer-Globus (Germany) system.
- Angelo Salese added pc98ha.cpp driver.
- Angelo Salese, Carl added pc9801_epson.cpp and pc9821.cpp drivers.
- hap added fidel_checkc2.cpp driver.

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